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Shooting with Friends--Try it! You Might Like It!

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For many photographers, their craft is a solitary undertaking.  They enjoy the chance to get away from family, friends, or responsibilities for a morning or afternoon, and go and do something they love without interruption. Then there is also the time spent in post-processing images, a task that pretty much demands undivided attention for acceptable results to be achieved.

While I will admit to enjoying taking a stroll with just my camera and my creativity, I must admit that I get more enjoyment from going with another photographer or a group of photographers to shoot. I am fortunate to have stumbled across several such groups here in central New Jersey.  Of these, the best so far is a group out of Asbury Park named the Black Glass Gallery ( No, it is not really a gallery like we usually think of one-a building or studio—Rather it is a collection of very talented photographers with many different backgrounds, in a variety of stages in life and ages, united by a deep love of photography and friendship with each other.  

Since I joined the group last March, we have gone to a number of fascinating places, including the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, PA, Luna Parc in northern New Jersey, and Sandy Hook Lighthouse. There were many more meet ups, usually one a weekend I wish I could have joined in but could not due to prior commitments. The group is composed of approximately 150 photographers with all levels of proficiency, from rank beginner with a cell phone to professional with a Hassablad. Not everyone is on every trip, which is good, because that way one gets a chance to chat and swap camera info with different members. I am always picking up great shooting tips because everyone is eager to share their knowledge about and enthusiasm for photography.

One of the amazing things is how after a shoot, when images are posted on social media, how every photographer sees the same things a bit differently, either from angle, or color, or after post-processing.  Each photographer has his or her own style or approach to what they see, so there are almost no duplicates.  Some people like close-ups, some further-back shots. Some people concentrate on the details, some like to juice things up in post-processing. Amazing and invigorating! I am not hesitant to say I have been inspired and energized by the work I have seen and the people I have met. In fact, the experience has been one of the best, photographically speaking, of 2017! I can't wait for more meetups with the group this year and beyond!


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