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How to Market Your Unusual Photographs

By Katie Conroy


Perhaps you were inspired by architectural name art photography or you simply have friends trying to convince you that your subject of choice would sell. Whatever the reason, you’re thinking about turning your photography hobby into a business. Keep reading for a few quick tips on how to get started.


Understand your inspiration.


We are all inspired by something. For Frank Parisi, it’s sailboats. Other photographers might be fascinated by insects, cemeteries, or abandoned places. Before you decide to turn your photography into a business, you’ll want to understand your inspiration and how other people might also want to display the things you’ve seen on their walls.


Know the obligation. 


Something that many people don’t realize about turning a hobby into a business is that it’s no longer just a hobby. We usually make art as a respite from our professional or personal lives. But, be prepared to treat your passion as a business. Although you may still enjoy it, you must decide if you are willing to have to live up to expectations so that you can continue to make a living.


Get comfortable marketing yourself.


It’s one thing to show off our prized shots to our friends and family. Turning photography into a business is a whole other beast altogether. Get comfortable marketing yourself, which means acknowledging your strengths, having a website, pricing your services, and passing out business cards. For the business cards, customize these with your own images, and don’t forget to use a color scheme and font that best shows your logo and branding. Business cards are great for photographers because they offer a glimpse of your art and style.


Make time for yourself.


Even once you begin selling your talents to others, take some time to shoot just for you. This might mean blocking off one day a month just so you can enjoy the freedom to get creative without the pressures of knowing you have to later sell the end product. The Parsnips and Pastries blog suggests finding time by delegating tasks to others or simply giving yourself five minutes every day dedicated just to you.



Find a mentor.


Even if you’ve been a business professional for decades, look for a mentor that can help you get your new entrepreneurial endeavor off the ground. Foundr explains that a mentor is simply someone that has more experience in a particular industry than you. Ideally, you’ll also have some experience they can learn from, and the two of you can form a mutually beneficial relationship.


Get licensed, certified, and insured.


No matter what type of business you plan to run (even if it’s a side gig), do so professionally. This means getting licensed and, if applicable, gaining professional credentials, such as a certification or industry membership. You’ll also want to get business insurance, which Next Insurance explains might include general liability, commercial property, commercial auto, or other type of policy.


Turning your photography hobby into a business that helps pay the bills is a big step as an artist. You must keep in mind that your art is no longer simply yours but must meet the demands of others as well. To get started, first learn to appreciate how your subjects might be viewed by others, and don’t forget to continue to sneak a few snapshots just for you. Ultimately, becoming an entrepreneur is a great way to supplement your family’s income or to replace a 9-5 altogether. But, don’t get so involved with earning that you forget to enjoy yourself throughout the process.


Frank Parisi is a great example of how to turn your passion into a payday. By gaining a reputation in his niche, Frank’s customers trust his judgment, so he can still enjoy taking photographs of sailboats and the people on them.



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Are you talented or creative? What's the difference?          New and old at Steelstacks, PANew and old at Steelstacks, PA

    About a week ago, I posted on social media and this blog photos of drawings I made for a drawing class I have been taking.  The response from my "peeps" was surprising! So many people were very complementary and offered wonderful comments about how "talented" I am or how 'creative' my work was. One friend suggested I drop the "smudgy" pencil and concentrate on the camera as that is were my true talent lays.

     As pleased as I was with all of the nice things people had to say, it did get me to thinking: Is my drawing a manifestation of my talent or my creativity?

     It is clear to me that talent and creativity are two different things.  Talent is your ability to do something particularly well. Creativity is the ability to come up with an idea or a work that is original, different, appealing in such a way as to astonish or give pleasure to others. A person who is talented could sing a song like the original artist or copy a drawing exactly aside another artist. A person who is creative puts a spin of originality and imagination on what he or she does, perhaps in how a song is played or sung, or in making unexpected changes to a drawing or famous work of art (i.e, think of DuChamp drawing a mustache on a copy of the Mona Lisa).

     So which is it?  Is my work a manifestation of talent or of creativity? I must admit that my drawing to date--other than doodles--is evidence of my talent.  I have been a very good copier, but have not shown any originally or any spark of something different.  I may get there yet, but right now I am a living. breathing copying machine.

     My photography is another story, I believe.  I think I have a bit of creativity in what I pick to shoot and how I processes a photo once I have it on the computer. I actually rarely copy the work of another photographer. I have been inspired by many photographers, such as Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange, and Edward Weston, and the many photos I see on social media every day--but all artists have other artists who inspire their work.

     My drawing class will be ending soon and with the improving weather comes more opportunity to shoot what is really my passion--boats and scenes on the water. Whether I keep on drawing is an open question. But I do know that I would like to be able to transform my talent for drawing into something more creative, especially something that involves my photography.  How and when I do that only time will tell.

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Welcome to 2020.....

Happy New Year.

As noted on the landing pages, lots of changes are happening on this page.  I have revised several existing galleries and several new ones are in preparation for your viewing pleasure. I am planning to go to a few new locations and try a few different things, and if the results are good, they will be here to see.

Meantime, I will leave you with a note about the revised "Steelstacks" gallery, which is now live.  It contains a few images from my visit two years ago, and many new images from my visit last week.  It is a photographer's dream--lots of colors and clashing angles, and if your like me, old, a wonderful array of decaying buildings to enjoy in all of their glory.

More changes are coming every day, and there will also be news about upcoming shows, so check back soon!



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2019 is over already?  

                    Golden sunset over the Toms River.Golden sunset over the Toms River.FRANKPARISIPHOTOGRAPHY-FPARISI753@GM

Wow--where did the time go?

I can't believe I have not posted here since October and now it is time for a final 2019 note. 

It is customary for many photographers to pick and post their nine or so best photos of the year.  I have great difficulty with this.  I love so many of my photos--so much so that selection for any limiting event (such as an juried show) is always a difficult and disappointing task.  This year I have forgone the anguish by letting the viewers decide. The photo above was my most popular, based on Instagram likes, at least.  It is probably not my best, but such subjective tags are problematic at best.  I can't help but agree with the photographer Imogene Cunningham who, when asked which of her photographs were her favorite, replied "The one I am going to take tomorrow."

I did review many of my photos for the past 12 months and it gave me the chance to review my work with more experienced eyes.  Some were very good--especially those where I shot working outside the box, such as Asbury Park street photography and a model shoot earlier this month.  I am always interested in learning new things and these fit the bill perfectly--and I was thrilled to find I was good at them!

It is also traditional for a commentator/blogger to discuss plans for the coming year.  At this point I am still working on that.  Nothing grandiose or groundbreaking is planned, but that can change.  I am planning to do more outside shows, but they are getting physically more difficult every year and their returns in terms of sales have been slowing.  The why of that is the subject for another day.

Anyway, I wish all readers and photographers a great 2020. Stay tuned.  It should be a hellofa year.

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High School Sailing--A Two Season Sport....  


Readers of this blog know I post a lot of sailing photographs.  The reason is simple: I sail and I love the look of a sailboat in the water.

Sailing is a year-round sport.  Most people associate it with summer and bright sunny days.  But in truth real sailors practice their sport year round, even in winter.  

Sailboat racing is also a year-round sport.  For most of us, it is confined to summer and nice weather in the spring and fall.  

For students in a few high school in New Jersey however, sailing is a two season sport--spring and fall.  During the summers, true sailors may sail on their own, but during the school year, these schools have teams (technically clubs), where students practice and participate in regattas. They raise money for boats and equipment, get transported by parents, and accommodated by friendly yacht clubs.  I know this because I see the students sailing almost every day and both my children participated in sailing in high school. 

Given my interest in the sport, it is no surprise that I have photographed student sailors many times in spring and autumn.  I did so this past spring and most recently this past week.  To show some of these student sailors in action,  I have created gallery another for your viewing pleasure entitled "High School Sailing 2019."   

I hope you check it out and enjoy it just as much as the others!

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Its Harvest Festival Time (Part 2)!!      Purple sunset over the Toms River.Purple sunset over the Toms River.  

    The Ocean Grove Harvest Arts Festival last weekend was a big success--the weather was gorgeous, the crowds were large, the food was wonderful and the art was fabulous.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to buy a photograph or card, or just to say Hello.  It was great to see you!

      Next is an event closer to home:  The Downtown Toms River Harvest Arts Festival will be on Saturday, October 19th.  I have participated in this event for about four years and it is always a wonderful occasion--lots of people, nice Fall weather, great food and music, and outstanding art!  It is a juried event and in the past I have received several honorable mentions for my booth and art--thank you very much!!

      This year's event will be from 11 am to 5 pm, on Washington Street between Route 166 and Hooper Avenue, around the Main Branch of the Ocean County Library.  There will be a Scarecrow contest, face and pumpkin painting for the kids, food, music, and wonderful art.  

     Do yourself and the family a favor and plan to join me at this event--it is my last big outside event for the year, and it will feature some new work and lots of favorites.  Remember--its never to early to start shopping for the holidays, or just for yourself!

     I hope to see you October 19th!!


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It's Harvest Festival Time!!                GargoyleGargoyle      Purple sunset over the Toms River.Purple sunset over the Toms River.    

     Summer is over and it is now officially Autumn--the season for dead leaves, chilly morning, great sunsets, and Harvest Festivals!

     I will be at two upcoming ones.  The first will be the Ocean Grove Harvest Festival Arts and Craft Show on Saturday, October 5th between 10 and 4 pm.  It is a huge event, covering a large part of the center of town and it will feature over 200 artists. I will be there with my work, specifically in spot 312, in the square formed by Pitman Avenue and Pilgrim Pathway. The forecast is for great weather, so there is no reason not to be part of what promises to be a fun day!

      More about the second one, in downtown Toms River, in my next post!

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Sailfest 2019         Central Avenue, Island Heights.Central Avenue, Island Heights.   AJOEPARISI7818642392MARCOISLANDFL

    The traditional summer season at the Jersey Shore is drawing to a close and local's summer is just beginning--so it is time again for Sailfest.

    Because I live very near the festivities, I used to dread this event--so many people, too noisy!

    I have learned how to capitalize on a situation I was unhappy about and now I look forward to Sailfest because I am a vendor and it is one of my best shows!  I enjoy talking to the people and I enjoy the crowds and good food.  This year the long-range forecast is for good weather and art fairs in good weather are a joy to the stroller and the seller!

     All this said, please mark your calendar for September 7th, and join me at Sailfest!  I will be there between 10 am and 6 pm with many great photographs.  The live music will be between 6 pm and 10 pm.  As in past years, Sailfest will be on River Avenue in Island Heights, with the beautiful Toms River as a backdrop. There will be crafters, artists, fun food, and lots to see.  Bring the family, see the stuff, enjoy the food and grove on the tunes.  

     I hope to see you there!




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Put this on your agenda for this coming Saturday, August 17th!!                                                           

 Please join me this coming Saturday, August 17th, for TRAC's Annual Juried Summer Arts Fest!  It will be between 11 am and 5 pm on the lawn next the Ocean County Courthouse Garage, on Hadley Avenue, in Downtown Toms River (the same place as the weekly Farmer's Market). Admission and parking are free!

 In addition to the wonderful art of fantastic local artists, including me of course, there will be a DJ and live music, performances by extremely talented dancers--including student dancers from "Broadway on Main"-- and food trucks, including Mr. Softee, Caribbean Soul, and Debbie O's Concessions.

So plan to come and bring the family for a fun day of food, music, and art!  See you there!




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I'm Back! Where have I been?     The Peto Studio and Museum.The Peto Studio and Museum.         


Wow!  I just looked and was surprised to see that I have not contributed to this blog in almost two months!  Where have I been and what am I doing?

Well, as everyone knows, life has a way of getting away from us when we least expect it, even if we love what we do.

So, my time has been taken up with a large variety of things including long overdue home projects, sailing, dog-care responsibilities, and a bit of photography!

I am continuing to shoot, especially on weekends and especially sailing photos--that will never end. I have also been involved in several shows, including FUN TIME! in Red Bank and my solo show at the Grunin Foundation Corporate offices, and preparing for several shows, including the Summer Arts Festival, which will be in Toms River on August 17th (what happened to July?).

In addition I have agreed to serve on the board of trustees of the John F. Peto Studio Museum here in Island Heights.  I have long been associated with this institution, as a member, an exhibitor, and financial supporter (very modestly). I have also attended many of their excellent free summer concerts--which are always in the evening with wonderful music, great vibes, and a perfect picnic atmosphere.  

Peto was an oil painter and master of the still life genre known as tromp l'oeil, or fool the eye. In his paintings, he represented objects at their actual size.  He arranged his subject matter in shallow space, using the shadow of the objects to suggest depth without the eye seeing actual depth--so that what the viewer sees conveys a pleasant but disturbing sense of confusion.  Although he is not as famous as his contemporary William Harnett, Peto's painting hang in museums across the county, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

After his birth and training in Philadelphia, Peto settled with his family in Island Heights, then a small Methodist camp meeting community. He build his home there and it is a true Victorian gem and work of art.  It is a museum and contains many of the objects found in his paintings.  

The Board of Trustees oversees the museum, its collections and its exhibits.  I am on the finance, arts, and community relations committees.  There is much to be done, but I am looking forward to the challenges!

Anyway, that's it for now--got to get ready for a small show tomorrow.  Wish me luck!


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A Local's Perspective--         


I am pleased to note that five of my photographs are on display at the offices of the Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation in Toms River. The foundation is a charitable organization based in the area that has funded many excellent charitable activities and institutions, including those devoted to the arts. The curator of the office wall space at the foundation, Yvonne Yaar, asked me to display my work, and I am glad to be able to do so.

Although this is not a formal show (it is in a business office, after all), I have named it "A Local's Perspective."  I have tried to present photographs from the Toms River/Ocean County area that are not scenic or touristy or beachy, but instead offer a different perspective on some of the things often seen in this area.  None of the photographs are new--the newest dates to last September--and although they were taken a different times (one is about five years old), I think they work together well.  The photos include "Sailing at Odd Angles" (in black and white), "Fluttery Gull" (in color), "Reflection" (in color), "Quiet Swan" (in ball and white, and color), and "Tranquility" (in black and white).

The photographs will be up until mid-August.  If you have business with the foundation, I hope that you stop and give them a look!  Thanks!

(Frank Parisi Photography) A Local's Perspective black and white photography charitable organization charity color photography foundation Frank Parisi Photography Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation Monmouth County New Jersey Ocean county photography the arts Toms River Yaar Yvonne Tue, 18 Jun 2019 16:40:55 GMT
FUN TIME!                              


       Ah Summer!  A great time for easy living, the beach, friends, a cool drink, and a great art show!

       Please join me for the reception of FUN TIME!, an art exhibit celebrating the crazy and lazy days of summer.  It will be on Friday, July 12th from 6 to 8 pm at the Oyster Point Hotel Gallery in Red Bank. A total of nine artists will be presenting works that revolve around the season of sea and sun.  Four of my photographs will be part of the show, including "Dark Sails," which is the backdrop for the show's poster (thank you Ellen Martin, the curator, for the selection!).  Admission is free of course, and if you cannot make the official opening, the show will be up until Monday, September 3rd.  So plan a day in Red Bank and be certain to stop by to see this colorful celebration of Summer!


(Frank Parisi Photography) art artistic exhibit Dark Sails Frank Parisi Photography FUN TIME! New Jersey Oyster Point Hotel photography Red Bank summer Tue, 11 Jun 2019 14:02:35 GMT
Honoring Island Heights  



 About a week ago I was pleased to donate a framed color photograph of mine entitled "Boardwalk Sunset," which was taken in Island Heights, to Mayor Steve Doyle, the municipal council, and the people of this great town. The donation came about after a recent conversation I had with Mayor Doyle, who is a close personal friend, about the artwork held by the borough and the need for more of it.  The town has a very rich cultural and artistic heritage.  It is currently the site of the Ocean County Artists' Guild and was the home of the famous 19th century American trompe l'oeil (fool the eye) artist John F. Peto.  (His house is a museum in town and a very active center for the arts in New Jersey.)  That is a strength that should, in my view and the mayor's view, receive more attention and cheer.  Roads and clean water are certainly essential priorities for any town, but honoring a town's cultural history and vitality are also very important, in my opinion.  I am very honored that my work will now be added to the other wonderful art donated to the town by distinguished artists, including Peto and John A. English.

(Frank Parisi Photography) American artist artwork Boardwalk Sunset cultural and artistic heritage fool the eye Frank Parisi Photography Frank Parisi Island Heights John A. English John F. Peto John F. Peto Studio Museum Mayor Mayor Steve Doyle museum New Jersey Ocean County Artists' Guild photograph photography town trompe l'oei Wed, 20 Mar 2019 15:46:58 GMT
About Face Value--Opening Soon!                                                                                                                    

About Face Value is an art exhibit that explores the front of the skull--also known as the face.  It is the most expressive part of most animals, especially humans.  Philosophers and writers, especially Shakespeare, believed that the eyes in particular are the windows to the soul.  Of course, we know that we can get lots of non-verbal information about a person just by examining his or her face--it tells so much about a person, from their age, to their experiences, to their health, to their emotions and general outlook on life.  Faces are also unique to the individual--no two are alike, except for identical twins.

With this in mind, this new exhibit will be exploring how 19 artists in a wide variety mediums see faces, what they represent, and their value.

I am pleased and honored that Ellen Martin, the show's curator, selected one of my photographs, "Mariner," will be part of this collection.   A perusal of the poster displayed above gives tantalizing hints as to how the different artists conceive of faces, and the person or thoughts behind them.

The exhibit is currently open the public at a premier location in Monmouth County--the Oyster Point Hotel, in Red Bank, New Jersey, where Ellen is the Curator in Residence.  I hope you can join me and the other artists, plus Ellen, at the opening reception.  It's between 6 and 8 pm on Friday, March 29th.  The show will continue until May 5th if you can't make the opening.  It promises to be a rewarding experience at a prime location.  I hope to see you there! 


(Frank Parisi Photography) New Jersey About Face Value artists curator Ellen Martin Frank Parisi Photography human skull Mariner Monmouth County non-verbal information Oyster Point Hotel photography Red Bank Shakespeare twins Thu, 14 Mar 2019 14:07:43 GMT
"Footsteps of Time" A solo show of my photographs....  


      I am proud to announce that I have just mounted a new solo show entitled "Footsteps of Time." It is at the Upper Shores Branch of the Ocean County Library (112 Jersey City Avenue, Lavallette).  It features 12 works, representing a diverse collection of my non-sailing photos.  Many are in black and white, some are rather post-industrial, and several have received awards at recent gallery shows.  The show is on from now until February 26th, in the community meeting room. Please stop by if you get the chance. Thanks!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Abstract abstract photography Bethlehem black and white Florida footsteps Frank Parisi Photography Lavallette New Jersey photography Steel Stacks time Upper Shores branch of the Ocean County Library urban decay Fri, 04 Jan 2019 16:23:47 GMT
Crystal Ball Gazing for 2019:...I See.....  


    With 2018 almost gone, it's time to think about 2019.  Predictions are always chancy, and often wrong.  We may get somethings right, but usually many things incorrect. All we are left with are plans and a lot of hope.  So it goes.

    I hope that 2019 will be another good year for my photography, even better than the previous one.  By many measures, it just may be.  I have several very interesting shooting engagements planned, which I will talk about in time, and several prestigious annual shows that I plan to enter.  In addition in 2018 I was asked to participate in more upcoming shows than previously.  I was honored and happy to be asked and to accept.  One, at the Lavallette Branch of the Ocean County Library, will begin next week and two will occur in March, one entitled "About Face Value" at the Oyster Point Hotel in Red Bank, and the other with the Black Glass Gallery at the Middletown Arts Center.  More information about these will be provided here and by e-mail in the coming months. 

    Soon after these shows end, the art fair and outside show season will begin.  I will return to the Festival for Arts and Music in Lincroft in May and then I plan to participate in approximately one show a month until December.  Now that I am retired, I will have the time and energy to participate in more of these shows.  I am planning to increase the number that I have participated in in the past, perhaps adding the fabulous show held every Fall in Ocean Grove. This is hard, demanding work, but I do enjoy participating, meeting potential customers and, with luck, returning a profit.

    Next summer between shows, I plan to spend as much time on the water as possible.  My sailing photography is my most popular work, and I plan to devote as many Saturdays as I can capturing the glorious images of men and women in boats, capturing the wind and soaring through the waters of Barnegat Bay and the Toms River.  There is talk of using some of the images I capture for a charity project or calendar to benefit sailing education--I'll let you know how that turns out.

    In my spare time, what little of it remains, I will continue to improve my website, market my work to reach a wider audience, and perhaps even develop some different kind of images.  The world is my oyster.

    Whew--this is an ambitious list!  For now, I am going to wish you a Happy New Year, and perhaps take a nap.  I'm going to need to be ready for next year!




(Frank Parisi Photography) "About Face Value" "Frank Parisi Photography" Lavallette sailing "Sailing photography" Middletown "New Jersey" "Ocean County Library" "Red Bank" "Toms River " 2019 Barnegat Bay Black Glass Gallery Oyster Point Hotel Sun, 30 Dec 2018 16:19:39 GMT
Start the holiday season with cheer and great photography.                                                                       


            I am pleased to note that I will be returning to the Holiday Craft Boutique of the Island Heights House Tour this coming Saturday, December 1st.  The boutique will be held at the Island Heights Grade School, 115 Summit Avenue, from 10 am to 4 pm. Admission to the Craft Boutique is free.  

            There will a great number of artisans, crafters, and much holiday cheer--and me, of course.  I will be displaying for sale an array of amazing photographs of all sizes, and cards, to help you get your holiday shopping started--or finished.  

            So plan on stopping by and getting into the holiday spirit by saying hi and seeing the great work of all the crafters.  Tickets for the house tour, which is wonderful and raises money for the historic Island Heights United Methodist Church, will be available at the boutique as well.  I hope to see you Saturday!  

(Frank Parisi Photography) 2018 December 1 amazing artisans artists boutique Christmas crafters crafts Frank Parisi Frank Parisi Photography holiday holiday cheer Holiday season holiday shopping holiday spirit house tour Island Heights Island Heights Grade School Island Heights House Tour Island Heights United Methodist Church New Jersey photography Santa Saturday shopping Fri, 30 Nov 2018 01:45:56 GMT
"How does he do it?" The secrets of my photo magic revealed......!  


Have you ever looked at one of my photographs and wondered how I captured such an exceptional image?  Is it luck?  Is it skill? Is it the camera? Is it the lens?

I will be talking about what goes into making a memorable photograph on Monday, November 19th at the Fellowship Hall of the Island Heights Methodist Church.  There is a lot more going on behind the image than you might imagine.  I will be showing many examples of my work, answering any questions you might have, and offering a selection of my work for sale after the talk.

 I hope you can join me on November 19th.  This event is sponsored by the Island Heights Cultural and Heritage Association.  Please support their work.

Questions always welcome at [email protected].


(Frank Parisi Photography) photographs camera captures capturing exceptional moments Church exceptional Frank Parisi Photography images Island Heights Island Heights Cultural and Heritage Association luck memorable Methodist New Jersey November 19th pavilion photo magic photography skill sunrises sunsets talk United water waterfront what happens behind the camera Wed, 07 Nov 2018 16:19:42 GMT
Join me at the TR Harvest Arts Festival, October 20th!
             Kite Night, Seaside Park.Kite Night, Seaside Park.  

In addition to the show this coming Saturday, October 13th, from 11am  to 4 pm in Island Heights (see my last blog post for details),  I will be at another outside show on Saturday, October 20th.  

The Downtown Toms River Harvest Arts Festival will take place on Washington Street, in Downtown Toms River, starting at 11:30 and running until 5 pm.  I will have a great selection of photo gifts to help with your holiday shopping list, including several all-new canvas wraps of some of my most memorable photographs.  The holiday season is fast approaching--get a jump on Santa!

The Harvest Fest is a very family-friendly event--lots of seasonal things for everyone to do, plus live music and best of all, great art!  Please stop by and say hi!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Art Autumn beaches Downtown Toms River Harvest Arts Festival Fall family event family-friendly festivals Frank Parisi Frank Parisi Photography New Jersey New Jersey downtowns outside shows Photography Pumpkins sailboats sailing Scarecrows seasonal seasonal things for the family small-town New Jersey Sunsets Toms River Washington Street Thu, 18 Oct 2018 21:11:42 GMT
Frank Parisi Photography at the OCAG Artisan's Market, October 13th     Reflection of pavilion.Reflection of pavilion.                Under the treeUnder the tree   


Start your Christmas shopping early!!

I will be displaying many of my great Shore photographs and a variety of great Holiday cards at the Ocean County Artists' Guilds Artisan's Market at the corner of Chestnut and Ocean Avenue, Island Heights. It will occur on Saturday, October 13th, 10-4 PM.

There will be a variety of vendors both inside and outside, including other photographers, sculptors, painters and glass artists.   Admission is FREE.

This is a Rain or Shine event.

Stop by and say hello and get a discount on your purchase!



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In Local Galleries....  



One of the new galleries on this website is "In Local Galleries..."  It is an online gallery of my work on display in different locations around Ocean and Monmouth Counties. This  gallery enables any viewer--or potential buyer--to know where to see my work in person.  The photographs range from 11 by 14 framed images to postcards--all of which are for sale! 

The locations include:

The Beach Home, Lavallette,,

The Guild of Creative Arts, Shrewsbury,,

The Ocean County Artists Guild,,

The Ocean County Library, Toms River Branch, Downtown Toms River,

ReFind, Bay Head,,

The TRAC Gallery, Downtown Toms River, www.downtowntomsriver/downtownshops/07shop7trac/php

These are all great places to see art and worth a visit--and your patronage.  Don't forget--the holidays will be here soon.  Please stop by today.



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Sunset on Summer--its a SALE, not sail!!  


The first sale of my work will happen very soon!!

 It is called "Sunset on Summer" and it begins on Friday, September 21 and ends Sunday, September 23.  Let's mark the official end of Summer 2018 with savings for all!  How much savings, you ask?--How about 20 percent on prints, and matted and framed photographs?!!!

 The sale will be on all photographs in the gallery "Sunset on Summer".  If you find one or two that you like, please use the special coupon provided at the time of checkout to save on your purchase.  If you have any questions, please shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. Thanks for looking!


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Thank you.                                                              

     A big thank you all who stopped by to say hello at Sailfest on Saturday.   Your visit, despite the wet weather ,was truly appreciated!   And a big, big thanks to every person who offered praise for my work or bought something for themselves, friends, or family!  Maybe it was the spontaneous "rainy day" sale on everything for sale--whatever, I sold many more photos than I expected and the buyers and I were both happy--a rare win/win!

      The forecast was for clearing by 11 am--but it kept raining until 2:30.  Still, there were a good number of people who came out despite the rain, and the numbers grew as the rain tapered off. This season has been a very tough one for outdoor festivals.   The Art Stroll, which I mentioned in my last post, was cancelled due to the dangerous heat and the threat of thunderstorms.  The storms never came but the heat was relentless!!  Let's hope Mother Nature gives us a break for the rest of the year!

     If you missed me at Sailfest or at the Art Stroll, do not worry.  I will be at other events in the coming months.  Next will be the Artists Mart on Saturday, October 13th, sponsored by the Ocean County Artists Guild at the Guild on the corner of Ocean Avenue and Chestnut Streets in Island Heights.  It will run from 10 am to 5 pm, with artists working in a variety of mediums displaying their work both inside and outside the Guild.

    The following week, on October 20th, will be the Toms River Harvest Arts Festival in Downtown Toms River, on Washington Street, by the Ocean County Library.  It also runs from 10 am to 5 pm.  More on this and other events in future blogs.

   Anyway, thanks again for stopping by yesterday.  If you were unable to do so, please come to one of my future events and say Hello!


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IS THE END NEAR??? For Summer???  

  Reflection of pavilion.Reflection of pavilion.   AJOEPARISI7818642392MARCOISLANDFL   

Yes,  the calendar says August is almost over and September is near. The days are getting shorter and sunset is earlier every day.  College kids are back in school, as are many high school students!  Does this mean that Summer is over?? How can that be??

Fear not.  By some measures, the summer 2018 is indeed nearing its end (See above).  By other measures, such as the weather, it sure feels like the dog days of August.

For us residents of the Jersey Shore, however, our summer, or local's summer, is just about to begin.  It starts the day after Labor Day and continues to about Columbus Day.  The weather is nicer, there are no crowds at the beaches and restaurants, and quiet slowly returns to the area.

For photographers, this extended summer is a godsend.  There is still plenty to shoot and for me, lots more sailboat races to shoot and enjoy.  For the photographers who exhibit their work at shows, as do I, this is a busy time of the year--there are lots of shows and harvestfests and its not as hard to spend 8 hours standing in the sun.

Which reminds me--I will be participating in two outside shows in the coming weeks.  The first will be the Downtown Toms River Art Stroll, on Thursday, September 6th, from 5 to 7 pm.  The forecast is for nice weather and its a good opportunity to see my work and the work of many other talented artists in all media.  The other event will be Sailfest, which will be held in historic Island Heights on Saturday, September 8th, from 10 to 5 PM. This is a day-long extravaganza of crafts, art and food, by the beautiful Toms River. I will be in space 23--right in front of the Island Heights Yacht Club. Please stop by and say hello!!  If you do and mention that you read about it here, I will give you a 15% discount on any item of item you purchase.  This discount is for return customers as well!

I will also be participating in several exciting gallery shows in the coming weeks as well.  I will talk about them to the next blog!

PS:  Allow me to thank everyone who stopped by and reviewed my revised website.  It was a lot of work, but worth it, because it will permit me to show you more great images, at competitive prices!!  You are totally awesome!   If you have not done so, please specially check out the new galleries, including "Just Captured...," New York," and Trenton." It will be worth you time.


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Frank Parisi Photography website: Exciting new things to see--      Reflection of pavilion.Reflection of pavilion.    AJOEPARISI7818642392MARCOISLANDFL


As promised, I have been very busy the last few weeks updating, revising, expanding, and improving this website for your viewing pleasure--in addition to shooting more great photographs!

The new items include:

- A new layout for the homepage, the blog and the "All Photos" page, with larger photographs and easier to use tabs to different galleries and different parts of the website;

- New galleries, including: "Beachy," "Great Faces," and "New York. " Also, two more timely galleries: "Works on Display", which show the works that are currently on exhibit at different shows in New Jersey, and "Just Captured," photographs that have been taken to date during the current month--some as recently as last night!  Both of these two galleries will be updated either daily or weekly, to allow you to see my latest work ASAP.

- More competitive pricing for all items, from photographic prints of all different sizes, to other items that feature my photographs, including mugs, playing cards, and shirts.

- Increased ease of order and purchase, to enable you to get any item more quickly and easily from the site and to be kept informed about the progress of your order.

- A "Photo Events Calendar" has been added (with a tab on the homepage) to let you know where me or my work will be available to see, as an exhibit, or to purchase, within the next few months.

    I hope that you like the changes and that they enhance your pleasure when visiting the website.  More changes will be come and there will always be updates about upcoming opportunities to see my work, so stay tuned.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please drop me a line.  I love to get real mail (not spam).


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It's the busy time of year again......        

Fire in the Sky-2.Fire in the Sky-2.   The Stone Pony.The Stone Pony.     SwanSwanAJOEPARISI7818642392MARCOISLANDFL


          Hey!  I missed a blogpost for May!  How did that happen?      

         Actually I know exactly how it happened--life has been very hectic and busy taking photographs and preping for the upcoming summer show and exhibit season.  It's now June and that time is here!  It will be a busy month--here's why:

        1) My photographs are on display at the Oceanic Free Library, on Two Rivers Road, in Rumson. The exhibit is open daily from 10 to 5 and 10 to 2 on Saturdays.  It runs until June 29th and it features some of my best Shore, beach, and bird photography, in a variety of formats and sizes. It is a very neat library--so stop in when you get the chance.

        2) I will again be participating in Art All Night, the art extravaganza in downtown Trenton, New Jersey, at the Roebling Wireworks building, off of Broad Street.  It is an amazing gathering of hundreds of artists of all genres from all over, also music and food trucks.  It runs continuously from 3 pm on June 16th to 3 pm on June 17th--yes, all night, like the name says.  I will also be attending at some point--there is no requirement that one stays for the whole thing, but you could if you have the stamina! 

         3) This will be my first time participating in Bay Head's Art in the Park, at the Municipal Complex in the tiny town of Bay Head.  It is a beautiful location and the organizer has put together an impressive array of venders--artists, musicians, crafters, food purveyors, you name it, it will be there!  Absolutely worth a trip to the Shore for this one.

      In between I plan to keep shooting and doing what needs to be done.  I hope you can make it to one of these events--or all!  Thanks in advance.

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The Show Season Begins....
    Convention Hall.Convention Hall.

Just a note to let you know that two show are coming up that will include works of mine.  

The first show, opening this Friday, April 6th, will be featuring the work of the very talent members of the #BlackGlassGallery.  It will be the first group show in which I will be participating and it will be at the Middletown Arts Center (MAC), in Middletown, New Jersey.  The photographs are from the group's many #meetups, taken a varied locations from Asbury Park, to Brooklyn, to the Philadelphia Navy Yard.  Each artist has his or her own unique perspective on the visual images they have encountered, and together the images make a very stunning collection. The center is open daily and the show runs until April 28th.

The other show is the 14th Annual Juried Art Show (JAS), hosted and sponsored by the Belmar Arts Center, in Belmar New Jersey.  This annual show features the work of some of the best visual artists at the Jersey Shore.  Photography is only one of the many arts that will be included.  There are also oils, watercolors, glasswork, pottery, drawing, sculpture, and mixed media.  This show is always spectacular and difficult to get into, so I am pleased that two of my works were accepted for display.  The show is on now, with the reception and awards this Saturday night, April 7th from 5 to 7. The show closes May 3rd. The Belmar Arts Center is open Tuesday through Saturday from 1 to 5 pm.

This is just the start of a very time of year for me.  Check in here for more information in the coming weeks.

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Growth as an artist   The Boardwalk, Asbury Park.The Boardwalk, Asbury Park.  

    I have been thinking a lot lately about how some artists change their styles and interests over time.  For example, Picasso did not paint the same way when he was in this 60s as when he was in his 20s. Giuseppe Verdi also changed and his music got richer between the time of his first hit opera "Nabucco" and his later works much as "Otello" and "Falstaff." Bob Dylan underwent several transformations, from a folksinger, to a rockstar, to a county music devotee. Growth as an artist is also as true for photographers as it is for writers or any other creative.

    There are probably many reasons for this.  Growing maturity and wisdom is part of it, as is greater mastery of one's craft, which comes with constant work and practice.  Also playing a part is more exposure to emerging artistic trends and techniques over time. Part of it also is, I think that the artist gets bored doing the same thing or addressing the same subject. This may not be true for every artist, but there are many who master one style and then move on to something new, something fresh to explore and master. The new work is always informed and shaped by the old, and the result can be something entirely new for the artist and for his or her genre. Many artists are restless by nature, never complexity happy with their work, always looking for a new way to express a thought or emotion in their soul, and changes of style are a way to satisfy this demon--at least for a while.

   I must admit that I sometimes have similar urges.  Believe me, I love the water, and photographing sailboats and sunsets.  Yet there are times when I am drawn to the work of other artists, work that looks at different subjects or approaches familiar subjects using new techniques or ways of seeing.  I don't often  display resultant photographs on social media or on this website, but they do satisfy a creative urge I sometimes feel.  

   After much thought, I have decided to offer the public more of these photographs, on this site and on FaceBook and Instagram.  I believe doing so will show more of my range and interests as an artist,  and be of interest to the viewer.  I will be putting up a new gallery on this site in a few weeks and offering more, different work on FaceBook and Instagram during the next few days.  I believe it will help to satisfy more of my creative urges and be informative and satisfying to you, my audience as well. Let me know what you think!  




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A Photographer's Dilemma   Black Eyed Susan.Black Eyed Susan.       Fire in the Sky-2.Fire in the Sky-2.


    I participated in an interesting discussion recently that I thought I would share.  It involved members of a photo group I am part of and almost every  person either voiced the opinion or agreed with the idea that they were rarely satisfied with their work as a photographer.  Mind you this is, in my opinion, an amazing group of artists--with a large range of skills, from amateur to professional, using equipment from cell phones to professional grade. Each one does excellent work, so it is a bit surprising that so many said they were dissatisfied with their work, regardless of their skill level.  As an example of this, the group has been invited to submit work for a joint show--which will not be judged--and many of the members either cannot decide what to submit or think their work is not good enough. I wish I could say I don't understand this--because I have felt the same way many, many times. I just cannot explain it and that baffles me. Apparently it is as true for professionals as it is for amateurs.

        There may be a number of factors at play.  Some photographers compare their work to that of others, and feel that their work does not measure up.  It is an example of the old saying--we are always our own worse critic.  Perhaps it is that each photographer sees the errors or defects in his or her work, little things that most people ignore or don't pickup, and magnify their significance.  Another factor, for those of us who offer our work for sale, is that our work does not sell.  We put a lot of time and effort into attracting a buyer, only to come up empty handed.  All of these factors can be very depressing and have a negative effect on an artist's work.  Perhaps it is just part of being an artist--struggling to express a feeling or emotion, or to express or to convey something the person feels but cannot articulate successfully.   Even a person who has a positive opinion of his or her work can feel defeated if no one "likes" their work on social media or they do not receive validation in some other way.

       I have no solution to this dilemma.  I am better at analyzing the problem than solving it. The only thing I can offer is what I follow myself:  Believe in yourself.  Take photographs because doing so gives you joy and you love the results. Keep your mind open to seeing things in a different way.  Don't obsess over the equipment you don't have--remember, its not the camera it is the photographer.  Always be open to learning a new--or old--technique or trick to get your photograph to say what you want it to say.  If you are not trying to say something, just enjoy the act of capturing an image that catches your eye.

      One final suggestion, perhaps the best one of all. Get involved with a group of photographers who you feel comfortable with.  Almost every community has a camera club associated with a local museum or artist league.  Go to meetings, make friends, go on shoots, keep your eyes and ears open.  If you find the right group, you will enjoy it. One of the things I love about the group I mentioned above is that it is a group of people I enjoy. We are all very supportive of each other's work in person and on social media, and encourage each other to learn new things and ways of seeing.  Photographers are often seen as lone wolves, people who go out on their own to capture their unique vision.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But for many of us, participation in a group, or even shooting with just a friend, brings companionship, encouragement, good suggestions, opportunities, and visions that make the experience worthwhile.



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It's a funny time of year....          

HollyHolly     Forsythia bud.Forsythia bud.   


       March is really a strange, transitional month.  One day is warm and sunny, and the crocuses and daffodils are blooming and the birds are chirping.  The next day is cold and rainy, unpleasant weather to be caught in and almost useless for the photographer. On Sunday, Optimist Dinghies were out gliding on the Toms River and an E-Scow was out practicing, getting really for the racing season.  Today, two days later, started out below freezing with wet, heavy snow blanketing the Jersey Shore.  Amazingly, Spring officially begins in one week!

       For a person like me who does not enjoy winter, these changes in the weather have a roller-coaster effect.  One day I am out enjoying a walk and shooting in the sunshine, the next I am home, hibernating like a bear.  I know that warm weather will be coming soon and during the hight of summer, I will look back longingly on these cool day--but for now I just grin and bear it.

       Still, I intend to make good use of the inclement weather.  I have been giving a lot of thought to the upcoming show season where almost every weekend I am out at a show or shooting.  After doing this for a while, I have finally come to realize that my customers really love my sunset shots--but most are not crazy about my sailing photos.  So for the next week or so I am going to go through my inventory of captures, identify some of my best sunsets and sunrises, print them, and get them ready for sale. The sailing shots will be tucked away until the right opportunity comes along which, with the return of summer, I am sure it will.



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March has arrived......  


....and with it comes nicer weather, longer days, and St. Patrick's Day. I am not much of a drinker, nor am I Irish, but St. Pat's Day is a favorite holiday of mine, probably because it is so festive, with good food and wonderful camaraderie. And the music is absolutely wonderful!! So lively and tuneful at times, and at times, so haunting, and at other times, so funny!  I was fortunately to be able to go on a photographic trip to western Ireland a few years ago, to county Mayo to be exact, and it was completely delightful.  I love the land, the people, and going to the pubs for a pint and listening to outstanding live music. I learned to love the smell of peat burning in a fireplace and the taste of real oatmeal simmered in a pot for hours, so different from the instant stuff cooked in minutes. I also came to appreciate the charms of a "gentle" day of rain or mist, and that sadly, there are no leprechauns, except for the replicas for tourists!  Preparing the Ireland Gallery here brought it all back--or almost.  Maybe I'll get lucky again and go back one of these days.

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Random thought for the day.....  


Exactly three weeks (21 days) from today, Tuesday March 20, will be the first day of Spring   Ahhh!....We are almost there!

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It's raining today. What's a photographer to do........?      

  Beach Glass.Beach Glass.      


       Rainy days can be hard on a photographer.  Our art depends on light, be it the light from the stars for astrophotography, to shadows, to the colors of a Barnegat Bay sunset (The Best, in my opinion). It is still winter, and although we have had some beautiful day and I have seen the shoots of spring flowers starting to pop, the weather is still cold and rainy. What are the options for a photographer who does not want to get his or her equipment wet and wants to capture something other than puddles and gray skies?  I offer the following:

     1) Catch up on photo editing.  There is always work to do in editing photos, including culling the bad ones, keeping and cataloguing the good ones, and setting aside the best for your website or to be printed to sell.  This can be an endless and boring job, but it is better to do it on a cold gray day, when your studio is warm and there is no rush, than on a beautiful day when you are pressed for time and the one thing you really want to do is go out and shoot!

      2) Review your website.  This is another job that can be tedious, but it is important.  For many of us, our website is our professional face to the world.  Just like our personal appearance, it needs tending to regularly so we don't look scruffy, messy, or out of date.  If you are like me, you website is your primary gallery.  You just never know when your next customer is going to happen across it and consider buying a photo or two of yours.  Even if selling your work is not that important to you, if you have a website it should be the best representation of you and your work possible.

      3) Practice your still-life photography.  Even with low light this is possible with a minimum amount of gear--just a flash, a tripod, and a reflector or a whiteboard.  The still-life can be of anything--fruit, the angle of furniture in your house, a house plant in a window, your pet or your spouse (with permission of course!). This is a good exercise to expand your range of competence, to try a new technique, to experiment with camera settings.  What you come up with may amaze you and may be useable for other kinds of work.

      4) Make lemons out of lemonade.  If you simply can't stand being in the house a minute longer, then go out and take your camera.  Even your cellphone will do.  Just made certain you protect it adequately with the appropriate rain gear.  There are very good products on the market, but even plastic bags will do, if used correctly. Once out, you may find good spots to shoot under overhangs, or you can experiment with slow speeds and high f-stops. Indeed, at night, moving vehicles on a busy road can produce some dramatic photographs!

      I hope these tips are useful.  There are certainly more that I did not include, such as checking out new software that you can get on a trial basis or, if all else fails, cleaning up your workspace and discarding old magazines and papers that accumulated for reasons that are no longer obvious. You could just stare out the window and wait for the sun to reappear, but that makes no sense--unless you have your camera with you and you are waiting for a bird or squirrel to come into your field of view!



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  Watching the sunset.Watching the sunset. Mirror image.Mirror image.


I never cease to be amazed at how many viewers like to look at my sunsets.  As you know, I have two gallery devoted to the beginning and the end of the day--one devoted to winter and the other more general.  Both attract more online visitors than just about all of my other galleries.  When I launched my latest sunset/sunrise gallery, I got more viewers thanI had in a long time.  I even made a few sales (thank you, wonderful people! know who you are). 

I guess it must be because the colors generated by the sun span the full range of the spectrum from black to white, from red to green, from blue to yellow, with an infinity of colors and hues in between. People also find that time of the day dramatic sometimes, peaceful sometimes, beautify and angry sometimes--in other words it generates as many emotions as it generates colors. 

I am very fortunate to live near the Toms River.  The sun setting or rising over the water always intensifies the colors and the depth of the event.  There is almost always a reflection and usually an additional point of visual interest, such as a boat, a tree, a bird, or a structure. The depth of the sun is also especially noticeable.  In mid-summer, the sun sets at the point furthest up the river (to the west) viewable from here in Island Heights, and the sun sets as close as possible to the middle of the eastern horizon, where it goes down behind Seaside Park (at least as seen from Island Heights). This provides a sunset where the sun seems to be going down into the river, and thus makes for glorious and memorable sunsets.  In winter, because the sun is always moving, it sets just to the west of the Island Heights Yacht Club and rises behind the highest hill in town.  The angle of the sun also varies due to the season, and that, of course, effects the light produced by a sunset or sunrise.

Whatever the reason, sunsets sunrises are the favorite time of day for many people.  Sunset certainly is one of my favorite times to pull out my camera and go for a walk near water! 

(Frank Parisi Photography) barnegat bay blues color dramatic frank parisi photography full spectrum gallery island heights island heights yacht club new jersey oranges reds sun sunrise sunset toms river viewers visual interest yellows Sun, 11 Feb 2018 20:06:18 GMT
Winter is the grayest time of the year, except that.....  

  Iceboats at dawnIceboats at dawn is also the time of year with some of the most brilliant sunsets and sunrises.  I am not certain why that is; perhaps it has to do with the clarity of the air, or the angle of the sun, or the position of the clouds.  As the photographs in my newest gallery show, the colors seem to be more intense in winter than any other time of the year--and there is a wider range of colors, some are subdued, some striking.  At least it seems so.  This may not be true, but it gives me something to like about winter--and lord know that #winterisnotmyfavoriteseason! At least February is short, then its March and Spring is almost here.....YES!!

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   Snow at the beach.Snow at the beach.   DN Ice Boat Under Sail.DN Ice Boat Under Sail.  

The title of today's blog says it all. It was -5 degrees when I rolled out of bed and it is now a blazing 20 degrees in the sun. I am a warm-weather summer person, which should be obvious from the photos on this site.  I usually endure Winter, at best, and this year has been a trial (weather-wise), to say the least.  I am counting down the days until Memorial Day Weekend (138 from today, FYI). I understand that there are many fans of Winter out there and I wish them well.  In the meantime, I am offering a few photos of mine taken this time of year in past years and enjoying the sun whenever I can.  How about you? How do you make it through the long cold days of Winter?

(Frank Parisi Photography) frank parisi photography freezing rain ice memorial day weekend 2018 new jersey not a fan of winter photography sleet snow summer weather-related winter Sun, 07 Jan 2018 17:36:21 GMT
Out with 2017, in with 2018.......      

     Cooper's HawkCooper's HawkAJOEPARISI7818642392MARCOISLANDFL     AJOEPARISI7818642392MARCOISLANDFL


 I have just looked over my blog posts from 2017, and it is hard to believe that a year has gone by so quickly!  As I anticipated, it was a busy year for my photography--one solo show, one show with my pal Karen Pomeroy, and curating two shows, one at the OCAG for the members of TRAC and one at the Grunin Center for the Arts, also for TRAC.  This is while also participating in several shows at Belmar Arts, the Guild of Creative Arts, the TRAC Gallery, and the Ocean County Artists Guild, plus posting regularly on Facebook and Instagram, and shooting whenever possible--Whew!  I am tired just thinking about all this!

      I anticipate that 2018 will be just as busy as 2017. Although I have no shows in the pipeline that are either solo or curated by me, I expect to take as many photographs as ever and I will be participating in the same number of shows, exhibits, events, etc., if not a few more. I know I will have more opportunities to go on shoots, thanks in large part to joining with a group of excellent, awesomely-talented photographers know as the Black Glass Gallery. The group is based in Asbury Park, but it is much more than folks from that location (indeed, the members are from all over Jersey)--it is a fantastic group of people who go to the most interesting places within 100 miles of the city and take the most amazing photographs.  According to several people, my work has gotten markedly  better since I joined the group--and I am deeply thankful for that.  Photographically and personally, my joining the group was one of the highlights of 2017 for me. I am greatly looking forward to the adventures that 2018 brings with the group, and the trips I undertake on my own.  My wife and I have a nice long trip planned for next Summer and my camera is certain to along for the ride. 

       Anyway, as 2017 winds down, let me wish all the happiest New Year and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2018.  Whatever your passion, I hope you are able to enjoy it and that it inspires and fulfills you during the coming months.  If you are a photographer, happy shooting!!


(Frank Parisi Photography) 2017 2018 asbury park bac belmar arts center black glass gallery frank parisi photography grunin center for the arts guild of creative arts karen pomeroy occ ocean county artists guild ocean county college toms river trac trac gallery Sun, 31 Dec 2017 21:16:31 GMT
Scenes from the Turkey Bowl, 2017  



       Anyone who has visited this site before knows that photographs of sailboats are among my favorite things.  So, I was glad to be invited to photograph the 2017 edition of the Turkey Bowl, hosted by Toms River Yacht Club and organized by my pal Billy Warner.  He did a fabulous job of organizing the event, the food provided by Past Commodore Art Bailey and his wife Tracey was great, and the weather was perfect. It was probably my last day of shooting sailboat races for 2017 and it could not have been more ideal.  The racing and the photographic conditions were pretty awesome as well!!

      To show the images from the day, I have tried something I hope that you like.  I have created a special gallery for the photographs and have featured them on the home page of my site, so that anyone looking for them can find them without difficulty.  If you or anyone wants to purchase a photo or two, which I would appreciate, you can buy it through the site or you can contact me directly at [email protected] for pricing and deliver options. Meantime, enjoy the show!!

(Frank Parisi Photography) 2017 fall sailing fall series food frank parisi photography jersey shore junior sailors new jersey ocean county nj photographic conditions racing recreation regatta sailboat racing sailing sports tech dinghies the toms river toms river yacht club turkey bowl weather women sailors yacht racing yachting Wed, 29 Nov 2017 01:20:57 GMT
Frank Parisi Photography and the BAC Winter Solstice  


Hard to believe, but it is time again for the holiday season and celebration of the new year.  Boy, did that year go by quickly!!

Like last year, my work will be included in the wonderful Belmar Arts Center "Winter Solstice, Fine Arts and Crafts Holiday Market."  There will be a wide variety of works from a variety of artists, including potters, basket weavers, sculpturs, jewelers, glass artists, painters, and photographers--of course.

The Market has everything you need for the special people on your holiday shopping list-relatives, friends, co-workers and everyone in-between!!

The Market is at the BAC building, at 608 River Road, Belmar, and open from 1 to 5 pm, Wednesday through Saturday, November 24 to January 12.

Please stop by and bring your holiday list--you will find great, unusual gifts and help an artist!

(Frank Parisi Photography) annual winter solstice fine arts and craft holiday market art arts and crafts basket basket weavers belmar belmar arts center crafts jewelers photographers weavers" Sat, 25 Nov 2017 02:27:52 GMT
Shooting with Friends--Try it! You Might Like It!  


For many photographers, their craft is a solitary undertaking.  They enjoy the chance to get away from family, friends, or responsibilities for a morning or afternoon, and go and do something they love without interruption. Then there is also the time spent in post-processing images, a task that pretty much demands undivided attention for acceptable results to be achieved.

While I will admit to enjoying taking a stroll with just my camera and my creativity, I must admit that I get more enjoyment from going with another photographer or a group of photographers to shoot. I am fortunate to have stumbled across several such groups here in central New Jersey.  Of these, the best so far is a group out of Asbury Park named the Black Glass Gallery ( No, it is not really a gallery like we usually think of one-a building or studio—Rather it is a collection of very talented photographers with many different backgrounds, in a variety of stages in life and ages, united by a deep love of photography and friendship with each other.  

Since I joined the group last March, we have gone to a number of fascinating places, including the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, PA, Luna Parc in northern New Jersey, and Sandy Hook Lighthouse. There were many more meet ups, usually one a weekend I wish I could have joined in but could not due to prior commitments. The group is composed of approximately 150 photographers with all levels of proficiency, from rank beginner with a cell phone to professional with a Hassablad. Not everyone is on every trip, which is good, because that way one gets a chance to chat and swap camera info with different members. I am always picking up great shooting tips because everyone is eager to share their knowledge about and enthusiasm for photography.

One of the amazing things is how after a shoot, when images are posted on social media, how every photographer sees the same things a bit differently, either from angle, or color, or after post-processing.  Each photographer has his or her own style or approach to what they see, so there are almost no duplicates.  Some people like close-ups, some further-back shots. Some people concentrate on the details, some like to juice things up in post-processing. Amazing and invigorating! I am not hesitant to say I have been inspired and energized by the work I have seen and the people I have met. In fact, the experience has been one of the best, photographically speaking, of 2017! I can't wait for more meetups with the group this year and beyond!

(Frank Parisi Photography) asbury park bethlehem black glass gallery close-ups details energized gallery inspiring invigorating luna parc meetup new jersey pennsylvania philadelphia navy yard photography photography with a group post-processing sandy hook lighthouse solitary steel stacks studio Thu, 02 Nov 2017 00:32:33 GMT
"TOGETHER" Reception this Saturday, October 28th, at Belmar Arts  

                      Into the sun, together.Into the sun, together.


        "TOGETHER", a show I have co-curated with Belmar Arts Trustee Jim Aberle, will have its reception at the Boat House this coming Saturday, October 28th, between 5 and 7 pm at the Belmar Arts Center.  The idea behind this show is to display the work of people working "together" on a common project, or to produce variations on the same image, or to present several items that go "together."  I may be biased because I am so involved, but I think this is a great show!  The ideas submitted are truly ingenious and clever--very imaginative--in short, excellent art.

    For example, there are several works that combine the words or poetry of one person and the visual art of another.  An example of this is the piece submitted by my good friend Bill Ross, which features a poem and his incredible, meticulous drawing.  A fun piece is composed of brightly-colored items found on the beach at Belmar and offer a sad commentary on our disposal society and the plastic items people leave on the beach in summer.  My work is included and it features the above photograph and two variations on the same subject in very different mediums--very inventive!

   The prizes will continue the theme of "together", as the audience will actually be asked to select the winners.  Ballots are now available for any visitor to the gallery to vote for their favorite piece.  There will be no cash awarded, just bragging rights. But in order to avoid ballot stuffing, only one ballot per visitor will be permitted.  The results will be tallied up on Saturday and the winners will be announced at the reception!  

   I hope to see you Saturday.  If you cannot make it, the show will continue until November 18th.  But voting ends on Saturday, so if you want to make your choice count, stop by the gallery by October 28th.  I hope to see you then!! 

(Frank Parisi Photography) ballot stuffing ballots beach belmar belmar arts center new jersey bill ross brightly-colored plastic clever color photography creative disposable society frank parisi photography imaginative ingenious new jersey new jersey is not boring photography plastic poetry poetry and visual art saturday october 28th summer the boat house together visionary vote winners Wed, 25 Oct 2017 00:44:09 GMT
Me and the Toms River Harvest Festival--This Saturday, October 21st!!  



       I will be participating in the Toms River Harvest Festival in Downtown Toms River again this year.  It will take place on Saturday, October 21st, between 11:30 am and 5 pm, on Washington Street, near the Toms River Branch of the Ocean County Library. I will be offering my fine art photographs in cards, matted prints and framed prints of all sizes--ready and priced right for you to get a jump on your holiday shopping (It is never too soon to start)!!  I hope to see you--yes, I mean YOU--there!

(Frank Parisi Photography) art central jersey central jersey exists downtown toms river fine art fine art photography frank parisi photography holiday shopping new jersey new jersey is not boring ocean county library photography river" toms toms river harvest fest washington street Tue, 17 Oct 2017 23:29:01 GMT
...and here is the amazing design with the designer and the photographer!  


I attended the reception today for the Floralia show at the Guild for Creative Art today and was very pleasantly surprised.  I was surprised and delighted when I received an e-mail informing me that one of my photographs, "Dark Sails," which is on display at the Guild, would be the subject of a floral interpretation.  I went to the show not knowing what to expect.  I was again surprised and delighted when I saw the results.  The designer, Marina Kerber, did an outstanding job--her design was very abstract and very clever.  She artistically combined metal sculpture, orchids and other flowers, and painted leafs in a piece that actually echoed my photograph!  It was a pleasure meeting her today and explaining how I made the image she used for her work. The floral show continues for a few more days, while the art will remain hung until the end of the month.  It is well worth your time to see my work, plus the six or eight other works that received a wonderfully inventive floral interpretation.  I am in awe of the creativity of Marina and all of the other designers!! Stop by and you will be too!

(Frank Parisi Photography) abstract clever colorful creative 'dark sails' delightful designers echo floral design flowers guild for creative arts in awe inventive marina kerber metal sculpture orchids painted leafs photography as an inspiration for floral design sculpture Mon, 16 Oct 2017 01:28:11 GMT
Sailfest 2017 and Frank Parisi Photography   


The great annual street fair know as Sailfest will be this coming Saturday, September 9th and I will, once again, be there will a great collection of photographs for your viewing and buying pleasure!  The action gets under way at 10 am and runs till 6 pm and, as in past years, it will be on River Avenue in beautiful Island Heights.  The long range forecast is for great weather, so plan on coming to town and enjoying the bands, the great food, and the crafts, of course!  I hope to see you then!!

(Frank Parisi Photography) artists bands beer crafts drinks food trucks frank parisi photography island heights jersey shore nj crafters and artisans photographs river avenue island heights sailfest sailfest 2017 sailing photography september 9 2017 street fair to do this weekend Tue, 05 Sep 2017 00:46:39 GMT
An opportunity to see what I have been up to....    


     I am pleased to announce that about a dozen of my photographs taken at a fabulous Black Glass Gallery Meet Up at Steel Stacks, in Bethlehem, PA (a few of which are presented here), will be part of the decor, and for sale at the newly expanded Sunrise Clothing Shop, in Downtown Toms River, run by my buddy the incredibly talented artist Travis Applegate. The shop features new, used, and vintage clothing, and lots of other cool stuff. The official re-opening, which will be at 53 Main Street, Toms River, is this coming Saturday, July 8th between 9 am and 9 pm. Travis has a full day of activities planned, including music, poetry, and wine after 6 pm. Please stop by and say hello and enjoy the show!! If you can't make the opening, don't worry.  The shop is open daily (except Sundays) and my photographs will be on display and for sale until after Labor Day.  I hope to see you on Saturday!!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Bethlehem, PA Black Glass Gallery Downtown Toms River Steel Stacks Sunrise Clothing Shop The Shops @ 52 Main Toms River Travis Applegate clothing decay deteriorating building industrial decay new and used clothing rust urban expedition vintage clothing Fri, 07 Jul 2017 01:00:00 GMT
Create vs. Capture    Perhaps more than any other artists, photographers have a clear choice on how to make their art.  Although there are obviously many ways to make art, here I want to look at two that are most applicable to photographers.


 One method is creative photography. Using this technique, a photographer can create the image that he or she whats to photograph, arranging the elements in a way that reflects a particular vision or to reproduce an image seen or imagined previously. Fashion, portrait, product, and especially food photographers, fall into this category.  The goal of the photographers engaged in these genres is to make their images as attractive, intriguing, and appealing as possible so as to get the viewer to love and want to purchase--or eat--what they see.

         Evening sail.Evening sail.     

   The other method is capture photography, in which the shooter has little or no idea what image they will see and find appealing before clicking the shutter.  This type of photography often waits for an image to present itself and the photographer seizes the opportunity to capture it forever.  Street, landscape and astrophotography, wildlife, and especially sports photographers fall into this category. Such photographers strive to be at the right place, at the right time, to "capture" an image that appeals to the photographer's inner sense of interest, beauty, harmony, or attractiveness.

   An exception to this dichotomy is wedding photography, because such photography combines elements of each method.  Indeed, at times the wedding photographer must direct the bride and groom and wedding party on where to stand, where to face, when to smile, and when to look serious.  Yet there are also times when a wedding photographer must be prepared to capture spontaneous action, and people and expressions that are fleeting, such as the scene at the reception after the ceremony.


 I am, without question, a capture photographer.  I like to take photographs of things as I see them, or objects or people that are in motion.  I will take a boat under full sail or in a race any day over a bowl of fruit or a portrait.  Although I have done some work as a creative photographer, I have to work to get a decent image.  It does not come naturally.  For me, capturing a moment in time, such as a bird in flight, is infinitely preferable to arranging the lighting on a plate of pasta or telling a person to look left or to stand one way or another.

     Although I am certain there are photographers who can use each method equally well, and a good photographer must try all methods and techniques, I would guess that ultimately every photographer finds the technique, either creative or capture, that enables their talents to shine!






(Frank Parisi Photography) attractiveness beauty capture photography creative photography fashion photography food photography harmony interest landscape and astrophotography portrait photography product photography sports photography street photography wedding photography Thu, 01 Jun 2017 01:42:06 GMT
Thank you for "Seeing Double"      


  Just a quick note to let you know that the opening for my joint show with Karen Pomeroy, entitled "Seeing Double," was a big success.  We had about 50 visitors between 1 and 3 pm at the Grunin Center of the Arts, at Ocean County College, and all seemed to enjoy the show.  Several people who I saw since then said they saw the show afterward and that they enjoyed it very much.  Karen and I even managed to sell a few pieces, which is always gratifying.

    The visitors seemed to be intrigued and amazed by the premise of the show and the result:  that two artists could work separately, but come up with works that address each other.  Several years ago, Karen asked me if I minded if she used some of my photos as models.  I said yes, of course.  Since then she has combed my website and picked photos that piqued her fancy and re-interpreted them in her own unique style, using oils, watercolors, or acrylics.  Some of the works are very close in tone and composition; some are very different from each other.  When it came time to hang the show, the similarities and differences became obvious--but the great thing is that they all seem to work together.  Some are abstractions from very realistic originals, but all are recognizable and enjoyable to the viewer--which is what an artist wants.

    If you missed the opening, you still have until the end of the month--Friday, May 26th to be exact--to take it.  We were asked if this will be a traveling show, but there is no plan to move it elsewhere at this time.  That said, I will be involved in curating a show based on this same idea at the Belmar Arts Center in October.  Stay tuned for details!!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Belmar Arts Center Karen Pomeroy New Jersey, Nikon Ocean County College Seeing Double The Grunin Center for the Arts Toms River, abstractions acrylics gratifying oils painting photography success watercolor Thu, 11 May 2017 00:36:24 GMT
Invitation to "Seeing Double" now at Ocean County College!    

      This is a reminder that my joint show with Karen Pomeroy, entitled "Seeing Double" is now on display at the Grunin Center for the Arts at Ocean County College, in Toms River.  The "official" opening and reception with Karen and I in attendance, will be this coming Sunday, May 7th, from 1 to 3 pm.  Tasty snacks and refreshments will be provided, together with some wonderful art!  Please join Karen and I if you can.  If you cannot, fret not!  The show continues until Friday, May 26th.  The Grunin Center is open from 10 to 5 pm every day and evenings when there are performances at the theater.  I hope to see you Sunday!



(Frank Parisi Photography) Art Frank Parisi Grunin Center for the Arts, Karen Pomeroy May 7, 2017 OCC Ocean County College Seeing Double Sunday Toms River drawing oils opening painting photography reception Wed, 03 May 2017 00:49:34 GMT
Birdland Cooper's HawkCooper's HawkAJOEPARISI7818642392MARCOISLANDFL   Gentoo PenguinGentoo Penguin   Titmouse.Titmouse.AJOEPARISI7818642392MARCOISLANDFL Canada GeeseCanada GeeseAJOEPARISI7818642392MARCOISLANDFL


   If you have gotten to this point on my site, you must have noticed my collection of bird photographs showing on the initial slideshow.

   Although I have taken many photographs of our feathered friends over the years, only recently have I collected the best of them into a gallery, now available for your enjoyment.  I don't consider myself a wildlife or bird photographer--that latter genre is my brother Joe's speciality. I have taken bird photographs once in a while, when I am visiting my brother in Florida (a great place for such photography) or in winter when photographic subjects are fewer.  It is a specialized area, with certain conventions (i.e., never clip a wing when cropping, make certain the eyes are sharp, get the birds in flight, not at a feeder, etc.). What I like is that you must also shoot very quickly and always be ready for a shot.  In this way, bird photography is a lot like sports photography--you must always be prepared to shoot at a moment's notice, or in anticipation of action, with all your settings and focus perfect and ready.  It is something I have come to appreciate more and enjoy more, but I still have much to learn. I plan to add more photos to the gallery as I take more and better shots.  

   Meantime, enjoy and please let me know if there are any photographs in particular that you enjoy.  

(Frank Parisi Photography) Antartica Canada Canada geese, Florida Jersey shore Ospreys Skuas bird in flight bird photography black birds cardinals gulls hawks mocking jays penguins rails robins sparrows spoon bills, sports photography swans titmouse wrens Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:27:36 GMT
Seeing Double!  

   Consider this an invitation!

    After much work, my joint show with Karen Pomeroy, entitled "Seeing Double: Two Visions, Many Expressions" will be opening on Sunday, May 7th.  The show will be at the Grunin Center for the Arts, which on the campus of Ocean County College.  The reception will be between 1 and 3 pm and it will feature a total of 35 works, with the theme being how my images have inspired Karen's creativity to create wonderful, unique depictions in oils, watercolors, and acrylics.   The show runs until May 26th.  All work at the show is for sail (er, sale), as will copies of this flyer signed by the artists.  I hope you can join us on May 7th!  

(Frank Parisi Photography) Frank Parisi Grunin Center for the Arts Karen Pomeroy Ocean County College Seeing Double: Two Visions, Many Expressions Toms River acrylics creativity images inspiration inspired invited oils photography reception watercolors Thu, 13 Apr 2017 00:47:14 GMT
An Update on "VISIONS: The Art of the Toms River Artists Community (TRAC)"                                               

        Just an update on the show....It opened as planed on Sunday, April 2nd at 1 pm, and we had a very good-sized crowd that seemed to enjoy the work!  A total of 21 artists are participating, and a total of 37 works are installed in Galleries 1 and 2.  It is a very eclectic collection of unique styles and mediums, all very well executed. The works include glass arts, digital renderings, paintings, pastels, watercolors, dioramas, and photographs, of course, including two of mine.  The show continues until April 30th, and admission is free, of course.  The Guild's hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 1 to 4 pm.  I hope you can stop by and see the show before it closes.


(Frank Parisi Photography) Ocean County Artists Guild TRAC Toms River Artist Community VISIONS art show digital renderings dioramas glass art paintings pastels photographs reception watercolors Wed, 05 Apr 2017 00:53:16 GMT
VISIONS: The Art of the Toms River Artists Community (TRAC) at OCAG              


              Mark April 2nd, 2017 on your calendar!  That is the date of the opening reception for "VISIONS: the Art of the Ocean County Artists Community (TRAC)" at the Ocean County Artists Guild in Island Heights. The show will feature the diverse works of the members of the community, of which I am a member.  It will include sculpture, paintings, drawings, digital art, watercolors, glass works, miniatures, and photography, of course!!

             The show runs from April 1st to April 30th.  The reception will be between 1 and 4 pm and will feature many TRAC members, members of the Guild, art lovers, and a nice spread of tasty snacks.  Those will be secondary to the art, however!  Please try to make it either to the reception or the show.  

             In addition to my participation in "VISIONS", my work continues to be featured elsewhere.  Three of my images are part of the prestigious Guild for Creative Art's "EYESIGHTS" show in Shrewsbury.  The quality of the work there is unbelievable and worth a trip from any place in the state!  I also have work featured at the Belmar Arts Center, specifically, the 13x19 Show, for which I received an award for "Sailor Dance."  It continues until this Saturday, March 18th. It will be followed by JAS 13, the BAC's most important annual show of art in a variety of mediums.  The reception for JAS 13 is April 1st from 5 to 7 pm.  This will be an outstanding show.  I proud to have one of my black and white images selected to participate in this fabulous exhibit.  Finally, as in the past few months, I will have an image at the nifty new TRAC gallery in Downtown Toms River.  Please stop by if you find yourself in the area.

            Needless to say, as the weather warms up, the opportunities to see wonderful art keeps getting better and better!!

(Frank Parisi Photography) BAC Belmar Arts Center EYESIGHTS Guild of Creative Art Island Heights JAS 13 Jersey Shore Sailor Dance TRAC TRAC Gallery Toms River Toms River Artist Community art drawing glass painting photography reception sculpture watercolor work Tue, 14 Mar 2017 17:09:50 GMT
March is here--Can Spring be far behind?  

Black Eyed Susan.Black Eyed Susan.   RoseRose      IrisIris

Today is March 1 and the weather, despite the rain and clouds, is warm and wonderful.  This has been a very mild winter so far, but that can change--quickly!  Indeed, the forecast for Friday, March 3rd, is snow showers!! That's March weather for you--Spring one day, Winter the next!  Glorious yellow daffodils are sprouting in the front yard, but the plane trees in the back yard are black and barren.

In honor of March and the coming of Spring, I have put my "Flowers and Plants" Gallery at center stage on this website.  It includes photographs of images I have captured in many different places, including Europe, the Caribbean, Florida, Cuba, South Carolina, and the Jersey Shore, of course.  If you get the chance, you should check it out.

This is also the start of a busy time for photographers, and I am no exception.  As noted in my last blogpost, I have work in three galleries at present (including "Sailor dance" at the BAC, for which I won a nice award--yea me!) and I am getting ready for a show next month and a busy selling season.  I have also been shooting (with a camera, of course) a lot of local winter wildlife.  I will be including these and shots I have taken in Antartica, the Caribbean, Florida, and elsewhere, in a new gallery I hope to have up within the next few days.

Meantime, I suggest you enjoy the nice weather while you can, because you can be sure that it will change dramatically by tomorrow!  

(Frank Parisi Photography) Belmar Arts Center Caribbean Carolina Cuba Europe Florida Frank Jersey March Parisi Photography Sailor dance Shore South Spring Winter beautiful blogpost daffodils flowers gallery glorious plants shooting the weather wildlife Wed, 01 Mar 2017 17:33:15 GMT
Dead of winter--but the photographer's work burns bright!  

Photo finishPhoto finish  


It may be the dead of winter, but this does not mean that things are standing still in my little corner of the photography world!!

Today was an unbelievable day here in the northeast, weather wise at least. It was 80 in my backyard--in February!!  Usually this weekend is the coldest and snowiest of the year--not this year-Thank you global warming!  Now, thus, is a great time to shake off the winter doldrums and get out--to a gallery and see my photographs!

My image, "Photo finish" continues to hang at the Monmouth Museum's prestigious Juried Art Show.  The show continues until March 13th and it contains much to fill the eye and delight the brain--pottery, drawings (especially by my pal Bill Ross), sculpture, paintings, and photographs, of course.  See it soon before it is gone forever!

One of my more tranquil works, "Quiet sunset," is now hanging at the TRAC members gallery in Downtown Toms River.  The gallery is new and it features the work of members of the Toms River Artist Community (TRAC), of which I am a member.  The items in the gallery change each month and it is a portal into the emerging art scene here in Ocean County.  There is a nice variety of works, including drawing, painting, and photography, of course. The gallery is part of the  "Shops on Main" in downtown on Main Street and it is certainly worth visiting!

Starting in less than a week, two of my works will be included in the Belmar Arts Center's Annual Photography show. The images are "Sailor dance" and "Boardwalk sunset", and both are in black and white. This year the show is entitled "13x19" and all of the submitted works must be that size and that size only. All will be for sale for $99.  I think the idea is a novel one--everyone starts out equal in size, and the quality emerges. The reception for the show is on Saturday, February 25, from 5 to 7, and it runs for about a month.

Finally, the always wonderful "Eyesights" annual photography show will be starting soon at the Guild of Creative Arts, in Shrewsbury.  The reception is on March 5th from 3 to 5 pm. Three of my images will be included--seems like yesterday that none were accepted, so I must be making progress.  The works are "Shy pelican," "Alcatraz," and "Into the mist."  All are black and white, and each is totally different from the other. If you are on Route 35 in Shrewsbury, you should stop by and see the show.

Well, that takes me though the next month.  There are more shows after these, including the one I wrote about last time with Karen Pomeroy, and then pretty soon the art festivals--and the more active shoot season will begin.  Oh boy!!  Wish me luck!!


(Frank Parisi Photography) Arts Belmar Bill Ross Center" Guild of Creative Arts" "Shy pelican" Alcatraz, "Sailor dance" "Quiet sunset" sunset, "Ocean County" "Karen Pomeroy" "13x19 show" New Jersey, Photofinisher TRAC, Toms River Mon, 20 Feb 2017 16:16:22 GMT
Photography at the root of other arts--come see for yourself!  



    Although photography is, I believe, an art form in its own right, there are times when it is the basis, or parent, of other forms of artistic expression.  

   During photography's infancy, artists used photographs to only record a scene, which was later drawn or painted by an artist. There are many people who I know who do that now because they want to capture a particular scene and cannot do so quickly enough using pen and ink or paint. This method allows the artist to compose or stage a scene carefully then record it and work on the finished product at their leisure.

    There are also paint and pen and ink artists who are inspired by photographs and use the composition and the color of a particular rendering, or several renderings, as the basis for a finished painting.

     This coming spring, I will be participating in a show in which a well-known paint and pen and ink artist who is a friend of mine will be featuring about a dozen works that have as their basis my photographs.  The show will also feature a few works where I give my interpretation of works that she has done.  The works will be hung together, so that the viewer can see where the idea for the final work came from and the difference between the original and the interpreted work.

     The name of the show is "Seeing Double:  Two Visions, Many Expression.  Art work by Frank Parisi and Karen Pomeroy." The show will be at the Grunin Center for the Arts at Ocean County College in Toms River, New Jersey, and it will run from May 1st to May 26th.  There will be a reception on Sunday, May 7th, from 1 to 3 pm, to which you and all members of the public are invited.

    Allow me to add that at the same time I will be working with another artist on a similar project.  Jean Wetta, a very accomplished and well-regarded artist, will be using several of my photographs of A-Cat sailboats as the basis for an oil painting she has been commission to paint by a patron to serve as a auction item to raise money for the John F. Peto Studio and Museum here in Island Heights.  The auction has been held the last few years on July 3th in conjunction with a regatta of competing A-Cats.  It is always a fun occasion and I'm certain that the finished work will be centerpiece of the auction.  Jean has promised me a sneak preview of the work, which I am looking forward to.  I will pass along more details about the auction as I hear about them.

    I like the idea of artists working together on a project.  I think there can be a creative synergy, where each feeds off the ideas of and gets energy from the other. If you agree or are just curious about the results, please mark on your calendar the dates of my joint show with Karen and plan on coming to the reception on May 7th.  You will not be disappointed!




(Frank Parisi Photography) 'Seeing Double: Two Visions, Many Expressions' A-Cats Grunin Center for the Arts Heights Island John F. Peto Studio Museum Karen Pomeroy Mary 7th Ocean County College Toms River auction oil paint photographs reception regatta sailboat synergy Wed, 08 Feb 2017 02:59:23 GMT
Goodbye 2016--2017 is fast approaching!          

AJOEPARISI7818642392MARCOISLANDFL     WHAT IS THAT!!WHAT IS THAT!! Black Eyed Susan.Black Eyed Susan.

     We are in the last few days of what everyone would admit has been quite a year.  For some, 2016 brought great happiness and for some 2016 brought great disappointment--and that goes for more than just sports and the Olympics! Many outstanding people passed away this year, people who were notable in their lives and professions, including photographer Bill Cunningham, the iconic street/fashion photographer for the New York Times. His work was amazing and will likely never be replaced adequately.

          As I look back on 2016, I can also say that it has been quite a year, one with its share of successes and disappointments, both personally and photographically.  I like to look on the bright side of things, so from that perspective, things have been very good.  I was fortunate to get into many shows and received many wonderful accolades, including my first monetary prize. I also participated in more fairs and exhibitions than ever before and significantly expanded my name and brand recognition--at least I think so (one never really knows).  I acquired new photographic equipment--a Nikon d4, and more recently, a Nikon 200-500 telephoto lens and both have kicked my work up a significant notch.  Although I did not go on any major photographic expeditions in 2016 as in past years, my recent rip to Southwest Florida did help me to hone my skills as a nature photographer and give me a great appreciation of the skillset one needs to excel in that discipline. Perhaps most important, I am moving closer to deciding on my niche in photography--it is definitely black and white and it has to do with everything touched by water, but most especially sailboats (not a big surprise, I know).

           Looking ahead in 2017 I see, or at least I hope to see, a modest expansion of my photographic activities during 2016.  I will probably enter more shows than before and I already have a number lined up.  First, I will be participating in the annual juried show at the Monmouth Museum--which is a very prestigious exhibition and one very hard to get into.  I will be curating two shows--one at the Ocean County Artists Guild in April, made up of the work of members of the Toms River Artists Community (TRAC), and one at the Grunin Center for the Arts at Ocean County College in September, also with TRAC.  In between, I will be doing a joint show with my good friend Karen Pomeroy entitled "Seeing Double: Two Visions, Many Expressions," where many of the works she is showing in different mediums are based on my photographs, which will be on display, and a few of my other photographs are based on work she has done.  More on this, as well as the other shows, as we get closer to the events.

            In addition to these special events, I will again enter most of the shows I have entered before at the Ocean County Artists Guild, the Guild for Creative Art, the Belmar Arts Center, and the TRAC Gallery (Did I mention that TRAC now has a small gallery in downtown Toms River?  No?  You should stop and see it--it is a great space with wonderful work on the walls and more to come.) I am also planning to do the art fairs I did last year, including Art in the Park in August, Sailfest in September, the Harvest Art Festival in October, plus one or two others--depending on scheduling and my energy levels!

           I think that is all for now--I've worn myself out just thinking about and listing many of the things on my plate.  A busy year is forecast and I will be keeping up this blog to let you, the reader, know what I am up to and where my work will be.  I hope that your 2016 was a good one, despite any disappointments, and that your 2017 is as good, if not better than you hoped it would be!



(Frank Parisi Photography) Artists BAC Belmar Arts Center Bill Cunningham Community" County Grunin Center for the Arts Guild Guild of Creative Arts Karen Pomeroy Nikon d4 Ocean Ocean County College Olympics River Seeing Double TRAC Toms the New York Times Wed, 28 Dec 2016 21:47:58 GMT
Happy Holidays!!

       Wishing everyone a wonderful 2016 holiday!!

    Frank Parisi

    Frank Parisi Photography


(Frank Parisi Photography) 2016 Christmas Festivus Frank Parisi Frank Parisi Photography Hanukkah Happy Holidays Kwanza photography Fri, 23 Dec 2016 03:11:42 GMT
My Christmas Wish List...          

                     White and pink poinsettiaWhite and pink poinsettia


       As noted last week, I have already received my gift from Santa. Still, the little boy in me still has a wish list for the holidays.  Among photographers, this is often a common syndrome and it is known as GAS--no, not the stuff you get after eating certain foods--it stands for Gear Acquisition Syndrome.  Photography can be a very gear/gadget intensive occupation--there is always a new lens, piece of equipment, or program to buy that a photographer may think will make his work better, no matter what time of year it may be. Sometimes it becomes an obsession until the itch is satisfied....or until the next shinny object comes along!

          I do have a few such items on my list.  These include: 1) a Gary Fong Lightsphere--a great flash diffuser for use when you need to enhance interior light or for fill outside, and for portraits and candids; 2) a "nifty-fifty", that is a 50 mm 1.8 Nikkor lens, which is great for all kinds of shots, especially portraits and closer work; and 3) a larger vehicle for toting my stuff to the art shows and fairs I attend.  I am not sure which one yet, though I have a few in mind.  I am still looking and doing research, but I have some time so that item may be on next year's list as well.  Other than these things, I am happy to say that I pretty much have all the gear I really need to do the work I do.  

           If I really had to list the things I wish for, they would, in reality, not be such tangible items. I would be more interested in experiences and opportunities than more material object.  First, and foremost, I wish for continued good health.  Without it, photography would be difficult at best and not occurring at worst.  Next, I wish for opportunities to travel, to photograph new places and things.  A trip to Iceland or Morocco or Asia, especially China,  would be very cool, as would a trip west to see places I may have visited before, but without my camera.  Next, I would wish for more opportunities to show my work in galleries and other tangible venues, other than online.  These opportunities are definitely out there--it is just finding the time and finding the energy to make the effort that is necessary. Last but not least, more people to appreciate my work. I like it when people like my work.  I also like it when they purchase some of it for their home or office.  I have been very fortunate in this respect, so far, and I hope it continues.  I must say that although I have not added up all the numbers,  I do believe that 2016 will be my best sales year yet.  I hope 2017 is just as good, if not better.

        That's all for now--holiday chores call.  Hope you, dear reader, get at least a few things on your list as well!  Cheers!




(Frank Parisi Photography) 2016 2017 50 mm lens Asia China Christmas GAS Gary Fong Gear Acquisition Syndrome Iceland Morocco Nikkor camera good health niffy-fifty photographers Sat, 17 Dec 2016 15:56:32 GMT
Christmas came early for at least one photographer.......    



      When we are children, our hoilday wish list is often simple and sometimes inexpensive, such as the little boy who wanted only his "two front teeth" for Christmas.

   For photographers, it can be more complicated--and expensive.  I will get into my personal wish list in my next post, but for now let me note that the photographer in me already got a big present--a Nikon 200 to 500mm zoom lens.

  As you know, I take lots of sailing and action shots.  I have been using my Nikon 70 to 200mm zoom, with a  Nikon 1.4 teleconverter.  The results have been good, but I was just not getting the reach I wanted.  My best shots were taken on the water, with the closer to the subject the better.  Getting close is, however, not always possible without interfearing with a race--which is not a good idea as it gets you yelled at by skippers and possibly banned by race officials!

   I knew I needed more reach a while ago and this spring, when I booked a place on a boat watching the America's Cup races in New York harbor, I decided to rent the 200-500mm lens.  The day had horrid weather, but the lens was great. I was not overwhelmed by its weight, but I was impressed by its phenomenal clarity and image quality (iq).  

   By this past autumn I decided it was time to get the lens.  I looked at other manufacturers and models, but I still liked my original choice best. After watching a lot of fall sailing and getting mediocre results because of lack of reach, I decided to take the plunge.  In this I was aided by Nikon's refurbishment program, where one can get a practically new lens at a significant discount.  Then Black Friday sales were announced with a 10% savings offered and a lens was available. I made the purchase.

     Although I used the lens only a few times, I am very pleased with results. It is tack sharp, fast, with superfast autofocus--perfect for catching that speeding sailboat and the occasional bird. The aperture is fixed at 5.6, but that doesn't seem to matter.  It is also comparable with my teleconverter, but I have yet to use that combination for more than a few shots.  The results, shown above, of the Turkey Bowl Regatta held at Toms River Yacht Club a few weeks ago, speak for themselves.

   With this lens, I should have all the glass I need for a while---at least until a periodic episode of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) kicks in.  Well, there is always next year's holidays....!

(Frank Parisi Photography) 200-500mm zoom Black Friday Christmas New York harbor Nikkor Nikon Toms River Yacht Club Turkey Bowl Regatta gear holidays photographer refurbished sailing and action shots teleconverter telephoto zoom Fri, 09 Dec 2016 00:47:18 GMT
The holiday season has begun!      


        As hard as it is for me to believe, the holiday season has begun!!  The Santas and trees, and all the trimmings are in the stores, from big box to grocery and ads about the "specials" are filling the radio and TV airwaves!  Social media will follow soon, I'm sure.

      For me it began in ernest yesterday as I set up my display at the Winter Solstice being hosted by the #belmarartscenter, in Belmar, NJ.  it is a wonderful marketplace, which has the work of more than 20 great artists for sale just in time for the holidays.  Just so the guys don't feel left out, there is included the work of a craftsman who has an nice assortment of beautiful leather goods (i.e., wallets, belts, etc.) just for men. 

      The Winter Solstice at the #belmarartscenter runs from now until December 22. The hours are Wednesday through Sunday, from 1 to 5 pm.  The wonderful lady who really runs the center, Rebecca, will be there to help you with any question you might have and to ring up your sale.  Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted. If you go and see her, please tell her you heard about the marketplace from me! 

      Of course, the official beginning of the holiday season is Thanksgiving, which is now just a few days away.  With that in mind, I hope you and your family have a wonderful, peaceful and delicious holiday. 


(Frank Parisi Photography) Belmar Belmar Arts Center December Frank Parisi Photography New Jersey Santa Thanksgiving Winter Solstice delicious fine art photography holiday season leather marketplace tis the season trees Sun, 20 Nov 2016 16:44:00 GMT
Florida is a photographer's Paradise! Young spoonbill having shrimp for breakfast   Cape Romano, late afternoon   White pelican   Sanibel Island Lighthouse


Florida is a photographer's paradise!

After being there for less than a week, I can assure you that the state offers a variety of locals and scenes to suit the interests of a photographer working in just about any genre (except perhaps polar photography!).  If you want birds, there are hundreds of them through out the state.  Is street photography your thing?  Then any big city would be great, but especially Miami, with the section known as "Little Havana" a great place to capture local color.  Sailing photography?  There are yacht clubs and basins all around the state--it is a peninsula after all.  Landscapes or beachscapes the thing that appeals to you? Yes, there are plenty of those as well.

I was also interested, but not surprised, to learn that there is a thriving photography scene in the state.  Perhaps it is because there are so many retirees with time on their hands, or perhaps it is just the climate an the many things to photograph, but there are PSA photography clubs all around the state.

Yes, I had a great time visiting the "Sunshine" state, but I was also impressed by the opportunities for photographers to practice their craft, have it reviewed, and appreciated.  What more can one ask for?



(Frank Parisi Photography) Cape Romano Florida Little Havana Marco Island Miami PSA photography clubs Sanibel Island Sunshine State beachscapes landscapes photographer's paradise spoonbills street photography wildlife Fri, 11 Nov 2016 16:26:15 GMT
Off to Florida to shoot.....photographs that is!      

      As I did last year, I am soon off to South West Florida for several days to shoot a few pictures and visit my big brother, Joe Parisi, who is also a photographer (see his work at  He is mostly a wildlife photographer, so we will be looking for lots of birds, especially herons, cranes, spoonbills,  other wading birds, and maybe a gator or two. I would also like to get a few snaps of pelicans.  I really get a kick out of pelicans--and I also have a customer who wants a nice shot of one--and I always try to be accommodating!

       We are also supposed to go to a few coastal, non-bird places such as Cape Romano and the Naples pier.  I plan to shoot in color, of course, but I will also be keeping a look out for some images that will make good black and white shots. (As you may know I am really into black and white these days.)

         Rest assured that if I get anything good, I will be sharing them with you.  Meantime, you can check out here on the website a few of the photographs I took last time I was in the Sunshine State.  Cheers!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Cape Romano Florida Frank Parisi Photography Frank Parisi, Joe Parisi Naples pier South West Florida Sunshine State alligators cranes gators herons pelicans spoonbills wading birds Fri, 04 Nov 2016 00:06:36 GMT
The Holidays are coming...FAST!!! Christmas at the ShoreChristmas at the Shore Under the treeUnder the tree Christmas seahorseChristmas seahorse


It may be hard to believe, but Christmas is just two months from TODAY!  

If you are just starting to think about that perfect present for a loved one--or yourself--keep in mind great images from Frank Parisi Photography! If you have seen something on my FaceBook page or on this site, please send me a message and I will be happy to fulfill your order.  I suggest you do it soon and avoid the rush.  

A wide selection of your favorite shore, sailing, and travel photos are available in black and white and in color, and in a wide variety of sizes.  Beautiful art, from a local artist, is always a welcomed present!!  

Thanks in advance!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Beautiful art Christmas FaceBook Frank Parisi Photography Frank Parisi, black and white color holiday season local artists sailing the Shore travel Wed, 26 Oct 2016 00:28:57 GMT
My move to more black and white photography                 

          After giving it much thought, I have decided to feature more black and white photography here and when I exhibit. My reasons are the same ones cited when I wrote a few weeks ago about about creating a gallery here of sailing images in black and white--and more. Black and white photography today harkens back to many of the greatest practioners of the art--from Ansel Adams, to Edward Weston, to Dorothea Lange, to Dianne Arbus, to Henry Cartier-Bresson. At the same time, as spectacular as color photography can be, black and white is elemental, stark at times, rich at times, but almost always more artistically  expressive and layered.

         In thinking about it, I realized that many of the photographs that my viewers like and purchase the most are in black and white. The most popular is my shot of the Island Heights Yacht Club partially submerged after "Superstorm Sandy."  It is actually a simple shot, originally taken in color.  But only when converted to black and white does the image "pop." In black and white the image has an emotional punch that is not conveyed by the original color image.  My image of a Cuban Butcher that received special recognition at the recent Guild of Creative Art juried show in Shrewsbury has a similar impact not matched by the color original.

         i am not alone in my feelings toward black and white images.  I have several hanging at my office at work. Most of the people who comment on them, or I ask say, they prefer the black and white to color for many of the same reasons as I have mentioned. 

         Aside from two upcoming shows that I will write about soon, my "show" season of outdoor art exhibits is almost over for the year. Next year when I resume showing at least a third of my images will be in black and white. I'm still thinking about which images to show and how I would display them, but the more I think about this, the more excited about it I become.  I believe there is a big market for superior, fine art black and white photography, and I intend to see if I am correct. Stay tuned!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Ansel Adams Club" Cuban Butcher Dianne Arbus Dorothea Lange Edward Weston Frank Parisi Photography Frank Parisi, Guild of Creative Art Heights Henry Cartier-Bresson Island Shrewsbury, New Jersey Superstorm Sandy Yacht art black and white black and white photography fine art black and white photography Fri, 21 Oct 2016 00:47:17 GMT
Yea Me!....and don't forget the Toms River Harvest Art Festival this weekend....    

       Fire in the Sky.Fire in the Sky.

   I am very pleased to announce that my photograph "Cuban Butcher," received a Bronze Achievement Award on Sunday at the Guild of Creative Art's October Open Juried Art Show for 2016.  It is an excellent, multimedia show with a large number of artists working in a great number of different mediums.  There is a wonderful variety of work from many very talented artists and I am honored to have my work recognized. The show is at 620 Broad Street (Route 35) in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, and it runs until October 28th.  Stop by if you get a chance.  It will be well worth your time and effort!

     Also, just a reminder that the Toms River Downtown Harvest Art Festival will take place this coming Saturday, October 15, between 11 am and 5 pm on Washington Street in Toms River, near the Ocean County Library.  I will be there with some of my best work, together with a number of excellent artists from TRAC and other organizations, and vendors of all kinds.  The weather forecast is for a great day, so grab the children and head on down for a fun day.  Please stop by, and if you mention you read about the show here, I will give you a 10 percent discount on any of your purchases of my fine art photography.



(Frank Parisi Photography) 10 percent discount Bronze Achievement Award Cuban Cuban butcher Downtown Toms River Guild of Creative Art Ocean County Library Open Juried Art Show Saturday Shrewsbury TRAC Toms River Harvest Arts Fest butcher discount fine art photography multi-media talented artists Thu, 13 Oct 2016 01:26:58 GMT
Sailing in Black and White--A Preview.....  


As the long-time readers of this blog know, I like black and white photography.  On occasion I have been known to get into a black and white phase in my work where many of my photographs use that mode.  There is just something about it I find so compelling, so dramatic, and so artistic.  I have long liked it for portraits, where the distraction of color is eliminated and the concentration is on the composition and the person.  I saw a quote recently on this that I really like: "Color photographs show the colors of the clothing a person is wearing. Black and white shows the soul of the person."  I agree.

I have decided recently to use black and white more for my sailing photographs.  Yes, I already have many such photos on this site, but I am going to give black and white a greater emphasis and concentration.  There are many photographers who capture images of sailboats in color--and some are really excellent.  Far fewer do it in black and white consistently, unless they are looking for a special effect or to evoke a special mood. I am going to do it more consistently and see what happens--whether I continue to enjoy it, whether it captures what I want to capture, and whether people are interested in purchasing it.   

In this change of focus, I am guided by some of the masters of sailing photography. Perhaps the greatest is Stanley Rosenfeld.  He started capturing images of great sailing yachts with his dad Morris in the great age of sail, when yacht were huge with great expanses of canvas and gargantuan crews. The work that Morris and Stanley did capturing America's Cup yachts up to the 1980s is truly outstanding.  Very few photographers have followed in their wake. I intend to do so.

 Attached are a few of my recent works.  A gallery on this site entitled "Sailing in Black and White" is in progress with more great images. Your views, reviews, and thoughts are welcomed and appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Frank Parisi Morris Rosenfeld Stanley Rosenfeld The America's Cup black and white photography crew portraits portraits in black and white racing regatta sailboat racing sailing sailing photography the golden age of sailing Sun, 09 Oct 2016 16:08:16 GMT
October, 2016, will be a busy month for Frank Parisi Photography    


      During this month, several of my photographs will be on display for your viewing pleasure at a venue near you. 
     I am pleased to note that two of my photographs, "Cuban Butcher," and "Golden Sails," have been accepted to hang in the Guild of Creative Arts' prestigious 24th Annual Open Juried Show. The show runs from October 1-28, at 620 Broad Street (Route 35) in Shrewsbury, NJ.  It is always an excellent show and it includes the work of many visual artists, not just photographers.  My fellow shutter nuts Marc F, Angela Previte, and Ben DeMarco to name a few, will be displaying great examples of their excellent work.
    Two of my portraits, "Southern Lady," and "Irish Shopkeeper," are currently part of the annual exhibit of the Ocean County Artists Guild member show at the Toms River Branch of the Ocean County Library. It is open Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 9 pm, Friday and Saturday 9 am to 5 pm, and closed Sunday. This show features a large variety of work by very talented local artists using a large variety of mediums. It is not to be missed!
    My work will also be part of a big event in Toms River this month. The Downtown Toms River Harvest Arts Festival, 2016, will take place on Saturday, October 15 in downtown Toms River, NJ, specifically on Washington Street.  It runs from 10 am to 5 pm.  This is always a wonderful event, with lots to do and see, and is enjoyable by the entire family. 
    I hope you enjoy the shows!

PS: I have made several tweeks to my website recently.  Please let me know what you think about the changes.  Thanks!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Angela Previte Ben DeMarco Cuba Downtown Toms River Harvest Arts Festival, Frank Parisi Photography Frank Parisi, Guild of Creative Arts Ireland Marc F New Jersey, Ocean County Artists Guild, Ocean County Library, Southern Lady Toms River, butcher lady member photographers sails shutter shutter nuts southern tweeks website Sun, 02 Oct 2016 16:12:34 GMT
Yea me!! The results of a recent juried show are in and....     of my photos, entitled "Abandoned stairs," received FIRST place honors in the Photography category of the Annual Member's Show of the Ocean County Artists Guild.  I was surprised, but delighted, and the prize money that went along with it was certainly a nice dividend!! The show is currently open to the public for free at the Guild, which is at Chestnut and Ocean Avenues in Island Heights.  The show features a great collection of work in watercolor, pen and ink, oil, and photography, of course.  It continues until the end of the month.  Stop by if you are in the area!

   This brings to three the number of exhibits where my work is currently on exhibit.  In addition to the member's show at the Guild, I have two photographs at the Toms River Artist Community's (TRAC) show at the Toms River Branch of the Ocean County Library.  This show, entitled "Visions," also features a wide variety of different art styles and mediums, including oil, watercolor, drawing, glass and photography and it continues until the end of the month.  As noted in my last blog post, I also have two pictures at the show curated by Nancy Ori entitled "Cuba: watching and working,"  which is at the Watchung Arts Center, in Watching, New Jersey.  As with the two other shows noted, this one continues until the end of the month.

   Next month, I will not be taking a break, but instead participating at the upcoming member show at the Guild of Creative Art in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.  That show will also feature a variety of works and styles--all of it exceptional! 

    So, if you have been wondering where I have been and why I have not been posting regularly, that's my excuse.  I am also getting ready for a few more shows where the focus will be on selling rather than showing.  Christmas is coming, quickly, and fine photographs always make a nice present!  More about those shows in a future post.  Meantime, I hope you can stop in to see my work in at least one location!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Cuba Island Heights Nancy Ori New Jersey, Nikon Ocean County Artists Guild TRAC Toms River Artist Community Toms River Branch of the Ocean County Library Toms River, Visions Watching Arts Center oil photography watercolor Mon, 19 Sep 2016 23:42:41 GMT
More shows--i.e., more chances to see my work!  

  Running the line.Running the line.  


As mentioned in an earlier post, this is my busiest time of the year for shows, exhibits, and craft fairs.

Indeed, within the next two weeks my work will be part of or featured at a total of four venues!  

Now there is no excuse for anyone to miss my work--it seems to be everywhere!  

So where, specifically, is it, you ask?  I thought you would never ask-----

1) The Toms River Branch of the Ocean County Library will have two of my works, "5...4...3...2...," and "Peaceful Sunset" as part of the annual Toms River Artists Community (TRAC) show.  It is on the second floor of the library and it features great work by a number of talent TRAC members.  The show runs until the end of the month and is available to view during regular library hours.  The library is on Washington street in downtown Toms River.

2) The Ocean County Artists Guild Annual Juried Member's Show.  This features the work of Guild members in several categories, including watercolor, oils and photography.  The show starts this week (the day after Labor Day) and runs until the end of the month. The opening reception is Sunday, September 18th and I plan to be there. The Guild is located in Island Heights and is opening every day except Mondays. My work "Abandoned Stairs" will be vying for a prize.  Wish me luck!!

3) Sailfest 2016, on River Avenue in Island Heights.  This is an all-day street fair on Saturday, September 10th, and it features a variety of items from clothing, accessories, household collectables, comestibles, yard art, classic old cars, and art, of course.  I will be there with my canopy and banner sign (saying Frank Parisi Photography), starting at about 7 am to 8 pm.  I will have an assortment of items for sale, including cards, small and medium sized matted photographs, and a few framed photographs. If you see me, please stop by and say hello!

4) "Cuba: Waiting and Working," will be at the Watchung Arts Center in Watchung, New Jersey, starting next Sunday, September 11th at 1 pm. The show is being curated by my teacher, the noted photographer Nancy Ori and it features the work of 14 of her students who accompanied her to Cuba during the last two years.  It features works in black and white, and in color, and it shows the life and living conditions of people on that colorful and controversial Caribbean island. The show has my pieces entitled "Curing tobacco" and "Santeria Priestess," both in color.  The show runs until September 30th.

Whew!  That's certainly enough for one month! I think everyone will find at least one piece to their liking at one of these shows.  If not, I have a few more exhibit opportunities in the planning stages that I will be discussing in future posts.  Until then....Ciao!


(Frank Parisi Photography) 2016" Cuba Frank Parisi Photography Frank Parisi, Island Heights Ocean County Artists Guild, Ocean County Library Sailfest Santeria Toms River, Watchung Arts Center,' Watchung, sunsets tobacco Sun, 04 Sep 2016 20:30:30 GMT
REMINDER!! "Art in the Park" is this Saturday, August 20th, from 11 to 5 pm  

This is to remind you that I will be at the annual "Art in the Park" exhibition this Saturday, August 20th, from 11am to 5 pm. The event is at 26 Hadley Avenue, Toms River, which is the park adjacent to the county courthouse parking garage. There will be over 40 artists in at tendency, include sculptors, glass artists, painters and water colorists, fabric artist, and, of course photographers!!

There will also be food trucks and musical acts--something to appeal to every member of the family!

The forecast is for great weather--so come down and support your local artists.

if you see me (I'll be under a canopy that says Frank Parisi Photography), please stop and say hello.

if you mention that you saw this blog, I will give you a 20% discount on any item not discounted already!

See you there!


(Frank Parisi Photography) Art in the Park Frank Parisi Photography Frank Parisi, Toms River Toms River's premier art show art show family food trucks glass artists musicians photographers sculptors visual artists Tue, 16 Aug 2016 18:57:31 GMT
The little guys vs. the big guns, while on vacation....

A have recently returned from a vacation charter cruise in the British Virgin Islands and, uncharacteristically, I did not bring one of my big Nikon cameras.  I decided long before I went that my wife and I were going to travel light--no checked luggage--and no heavy cameras.  I was really concerned about lugging them around airports, but more importantly, have them exposed to a marine environment for seven days.  This did not mean that I did not take a camera, however.

I do not regret my decision because, In fact, I had two cameras at my disposal and I used them all the time.  Just because I did not bring my big guns, this did not mean that I did not take any photographs. I had my wife's Nikon Coolpix, which was great on the water and under, and I had my iPhone SE.  Both took very good pictures--within limits.  The setting on the Coolpix were difficult to adjust, especially while underwater.  The iPhone was great, except for when I want to use the telephoto zoom.  That's when the low pixel count really showed. The Coolpix had limited photo editing tools, while the iPhone had great ones I used all the time. I did see a number of people carrying DSLRs--in situations which I though exposed them to harm or seawater.  When I did I was certain I made the right choice.

 There other thing was that this was, to my mind, more of a vacation than a photographic expedition.  When I went to Ireland, Cuba, or Antartica, I was there to take pictures first and enjoy the views second.  This time, I was there to enjoy the sailing and the scenery first, and take pictures secondarily.  Still, I did take a lot of shots--a few hundred at least. Some of these were more "arty" and expressionistic.  But most of these are what you would call vacation shots--pictures of people we went with, the boat we were on, what we ate (the food was fabulous), and where we went.  Few of these pictures are, to my mind, pictures I would print and offer for sale.  Granted, there were times I wish I had one of my Nikons.  The textures and scenes were  fabulous, the colors amazing and the places we stopped were clearly memorable.  The images of food on the boat was also worth capturing. Still, I am not sorry to have left the big boys home--this time.  

There may be a time, perhaps soon, when we do the trip again and I bring out the big guns.  If so, I'm sure it will be just a beautiful then and it was last week.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Antartica British Virgin Islands Caribbean vacation Cuba DSLR Ireland Nikon Nikon Coolpix Vacation iPhone marine environment nature pixel scenery telephone zoom Sun, 24 Jul 2016 17:06:51 GMT
"What the Fluke??" Join me for Seagon treats and my food photography.  
Please join me and several other other well-known Jersey Shore artists at a book signing of "Seagan Eating," a delightful new seafood and vegan resource cookbook by acclaimed food authors Lisa McComsey and Amy Cramer.  The event will be on Friday, July 29 2016, between 6 and 9 pm at the Virginia Perle Art Gallery on Water Street in Toms River, New Jersey.  Seagan treats will be served and sea-inspired artwork will be featured.  Many pieces will be for sale, including food and fish photographs by me, and multi-media works by Beverly Golembeski, Dr. Ed. McComsey, DDS, Virginia Perle, and Yvonne Yaar-Sharley.  The exhibit of art works (but not the food) continues until Saturday, September 10th.  I hope to see you on the 29th.  
(Frank Parisi Photography) Amy Cramer Beverly Golembeski Frank Parisi Photography Lisa McComsey Seagan Seagan Eating Toms River, New Jersey Vegan Virginia Perle Art Gallery, Yvonne Yaar-Sharkey art work, book signing fish food authors seafood Sun, 17 Jul 2016 14:42:18 GMT
Summer Solstice at the BAC....and other news   Central Avenue, Island Heights.Central Avenue, Island Heights. Preparing to race.Preparing to race. Black Eyed Susan.Black Eyed Susan.

I am pleased to announce that I will be participating in the Belmar Arts Center's show  "Summer Solstice: A Seasonal Artisan Craft Market".  It runs for about six weeks, starting Saturday,  June 25th and lasting until Saturday, August 6th.  I will have an assortment of my shore and flower photographs for sale, with framed and matted images in sizes 5 x 7 and 8 x 10, and also a large variety of my very popular cards. There will be a nice assortment of work by other artists for sale, including jewelry, glassware, basketworks, and watercolor and oil paintings and drawings. If you in the area, please stop and check it out!! 

Belmar is a great place to visit any time of year, but especially in the summer, and the BAC Center, on 608 River Road, is a wonderful place to stop and get the perfect keepsake or hanging for your home.  The center is open every day, except Mondays, from 10 am to 5 pm. 

Speaking of selling, I am pleased to note that the photograph I submitted to Art All Night 2016 (AAN) has sold! It is titled "Mariana" (pictured above).  AAN is a wild, huge exhibit that just celebrated its 10th year at the historic Roebling Center in the heart of Trenton, New Jersey.  It started at 3 pm on Saturday, July 18th and ran until 3 pm on Sunday, June 19--without stop!   Every type of art imaginable  was on display inside the center and much of it was for sale.  Some was conventional, but much of it was more edgy and contemporary. Outside there were a succession of rock bands, and a nice variety of food trucks.  There were also artisans in abundance, including glass artists, graffiti artists, and circus performers to name a few. The height of the night was the metal poor, where iron ore was melted and poured in to small molds to create keepsakes. It was an extremely vivid scene after the sun went down, which is when the show really got cranking!  The show is over now, but if you get the chance to go next year, you should go.  You might even see one of my pieces!



(Frank Parisi Photography) ANN Art All Night Belmar Arts Jersey" New Roebling Center, Summer Solstice: A Seasonal Craft Market Trenton shore photographs Sun, 19 Jun 2016 19:10:45 GMT
Got GAS or flagging inspiration? How I managed to avoid the inevitable.... AJOEPARISI7818642392MARCOISLANDFL AJOEPARISI7818642392MARCOISLANDFL

A problem some photographers face at times is flagging inspiration.  Taking similar photographs of the same subject or in the same area can get dull.  A good photographer should be able to make every shot interesting, but at times that can be difficult or too much of a bother. As a result, that expensive camera gear may just sit while your skills erode.

The suggestion that one often hears on the blogs is to either find a new place to shoot, which is obvious, or to get a new piece of equipment, which may not be obvious.  This seems to work for many people--until, after a while, the enthusiasm begins to lag once again.

I have found this to be a bit of a problem, but I manage to get around it, mostly by taking the occasional trip or changing what I photograph.  Thus, in the past year, I have branched out into food photography, copying paintings, and more photography of birds.

This last interest has led me to evaluate my existing equipment and, after some consideration and checking on my bank account, I decided to upgrade my Nikon d7000 DX, which I used for action photography, to a camera that is perfectly suited for bird photography and sports--a Nikon d4.  This is a professional camera in every sense, it is built to last and perform under the harshest conditions, and not surprisingly, it one of Nikon's flagships.  I got it refurbished at an outstanding price. It is a 16 mp full frame, so the images have a lot of detail and they can be cropped and keep the detail. It also shoots at 11 frames per second (fps)--so on burst mode it sounds like a machine gun!!  You can see the results for yourself.  All of the images displayed here today were taken recently with the d4.  It is a very versatile machine--but its greatness lay in its ability to stop action.  It is perfect for birds in flight, but can also capture the occasional sunset  quite nicely.  I am looking forward to using it soon for capturing sailing shots.

I don't believe I have succumbed to a GAS attack (i.e., gear acquisition syndrome), which often plagues photographers and others too.  I am happy with what I have.  But I do admit I now have my eye on a few telephotos--like the 1.4 teleconverter and the 200-500 Nikon telephoto, which I used to shoot the America's Cup yachts...hmmm....maybe there is something to this GAS problem after all.....

(Frank Parisi Photography) 11 fps 16 mp GAS Nikon d4 Nikon d7000 action photography bird in flight burst mode flagging gear acquisition syndrome inspiration sailing sports teleconverter telephoto Tue, 14 Jun 2016 01:39:17 GMT
A box of old photographs

Most people have them, especially photographers.  They are tucked away on a shelf in your closet, forgotten, gathering dust and fading.  They are a box of old photographs.  Some are funny, many embarrassing, some even revealing.  They are captures of happy times, family vacations, or perhaps feeble attempts to be an artist.

I had an encounter with just such a box last week when I went looking for an old film camera to use as a prop at a party.  I never found the camera (a Pentax film camera--it must be in the house someplace!), but I did find about two dozen envelopes of old photos, some black and white, some very faded color, some dating back to when I was in high school or college in the later 1960s and early 1970s.

As might be expected, the photos made me wistful and laugh or marvel at the changes in the craft of photography and developing.  The camera was a good one at the time I bought it (my first camera purchase!), but it is a relic by current standards (if I ever find it).

But it was the photographs that fascinated me.  Yes, many are faded or the colors are garish--consumer chemical processing was so poor back then.  The content and the composition really intrigued me. That is to say, I was amazed at how much my technique has changed and how much the subject matter has remained the same.  My technique has certainly improved.  Then I was too far away from many things I photographed or many of the pictures were very crooked or out of focus. Now that is not as much of a problem.  I use excellent equipment (Nikons) and my ability to frame an image is very good--or so I am told---and I have PhotoShop to fix the mistakes!

What has remained is my inclusion of water in many of my images.  There are many pictures taken here at the Jersey Shore, and many taken around New York (not surprising, since I split my time between both areas).  There are also lots of images of sunsets, and boats, and buildings, and people.  All things I enjoy taking pictures of today.

When I took these images I had thoughts that photography may be a good profession to go into--lots of travel and adventures, doing something I loved. But then practicality took over and I went in a completely different direction.  I left photography in the background for more than 30 years and by the time I returned, the world had changed profoundly. It has been an interesting and at times infuriating return trip.  Still, I find it amazing that the subjects I found fascinating more than 40 years ago are still those I am attracted to today. I guess it shows that in some ways I have changed completely and in others, I have remained the same.


(Frank Parisi Photography) Frank Parisi Photography Jersey Shore New York Nikon Pentax Photoshop a box of old photographs craft of photography film film camera photographers Sun, 05 Jun 2016 16:05:37 GMT
"Unusual Aperture"--Check it out! A crack in the riverA crack in the river Bally's, Atlantic CityBally's, Atlantic City Dolls in a box, Alameda, August 2015Dolls in a box, Alameda, August 2015 Ghostly gullGhostly gull Symphony in blue and goldSymphony in blue and gold SpecterSpecter


A week ago I created a new page on my regular Facebook site called Unusual Aperture. You can find it on Google, but the address is:  On it I will be presenting images that are a bit different than my customary work, images that have an unusual mood,  color, or angle.  Some will be straight images that I captured and post with little enhancement, some will be converted to black and white, or more heavily manipulated.

 When I told my daughter, who is a talented graphic designer, about my idea for the page, she said: "Feeling a bit schizophrenic dad?"  The answer is no, of course.  I just want to explore a different side of the photographic art. I think every artist, if I may call myself that, has a side that is just beneath the surface of their usual work that they find appealing.  Without question,  I love the color and sharpness of photography.  It marks my best work, IMHO. Still, I appreciate different images, images that are mysterious, strange and a bit eerie. I see these when I take my more popular and commercial work, but I rarely post them.  Now, with the page I will post on a regular basis, some in color, some in black and white.

If you get the chance and have the inclination, please stop by my page at: and let me know what you think.

I don't have a separate website yet, though I have the domain names. Whether this expands depends on the reaction I get to it and the press of other photographic business. In other words, stay tuned!    

(Frank Parisi Photography) A crack in the river Bally's, Atlantic City Facebook Ghostly gull Unusual Aperture black and white color manipulated the photographic art website Sun, 29 May 2016 14:53:08 GMT
Two sides of Ellis Island--festivities and restorations

Last Sunday I missed posting on this blog because I spent the day on Ellis Island, the National Historic Site in New York Harbor that welcomed immigrants to America between the 1880s and 1920s--including all four of my grandparents. It is an amazing and fascinating place for all current Americans to visit to remind them of their roots, to see fabulous views of the New York skyline and, for those interested, to see parts of the island that are being restored.  

I went specifically for this latter part, and it was excellent. But before I mention that, let me note that my visit coincided with the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Festival.  It was an exciting mix of colorful and talent dancers, performers and musicians, welcomed by great dancing dragons and lions. The festival took part on the part of the island that has been restored, mostly in the Great Hall, which was the main processing area for most immigrants.  It was wonderful to experience that notable space filled with beautiful color and performances, all taking place before the backdrop of the iconic New York skyline.

The part of the island I came to see was the other part, where the hospital and outbuildings are in the process of a slow restoration.  I was on a special photographer's tour, with only a few people, so there was plenty of time of socialize and take pictures.  The opportunities for capturing images were memorable, especially if you like the genre of photographing old rundown and corroding rooms and furniture. The tour was only two hours, but a photographer could have easily spent many more hours wandering and capturing images.  Perhaps I will have to plan to go back soon.

In the meantime, I do not have any more great photographic expeditions planned, but I will be offering something new and very different on my FaceBook page and perhaps on this site, starting very soon.  More about that next time......


(Frank Parisi Photography) 1880s-1920s Asian American and Pacific Island Heritage Festival Ellis Island New York Harbor New York Skyline dragons grandparents immigrants lions restoration the Great Hall Sun, 22 May 2016 15:07:08 GMT
Photography and the America's Cup Regatta in New York  

Yesterday I participated in an event for which I had waited a long time--the opportunity to see the America's Cup sailboats race in New York harbor.  The competition is the oldest in sports, dating to the mid-19th century.  The event marks the first time in 96 years that the competition was in New York. The boats have evolved, from schooners, to huge J Boats, to 12 Meters, to now high-tech racing catamarans, but the one thing that has remanded is the excitement the racing and the equipment generates in true sailors.

I won't bore you with the sailing details, since this is a photography blog, but I will note that the conditions were much less than ideal--for the racers and the photographers.  The weather was very overcast and the light was very defuse.  The wind was very light--so the normally speedy boats (which can fly at 50 mph!), were barely moving much of the time.  Getting good, clear exciting shots were almost impossible, but I did my best.  I rented a super telephoto for the occasion  (a Nikon 200-500) and it is a beautiful lens--perfects, for the most part, for the occasion.  I used my full frame d800e, but I shot jpeg instead of my usual raw to try to maximum the action shots, and create smaller resolution images.  I also changed the number of focus points from one to nine and shot shutter priority, adjusting the exposure compensation often. I was in a very good place from which to shoot--a large ocean-going commuter motorized catamaran--with a skipper who did his best to get close to the action. The results were only ok.  It was not until I loaded the images on the computer and applied a bit of Photoshop magic did I get the decent images you see above.  Thanks goodness for post-processing!

Today, the last day of the regatta, the condition were almost perfect--lots of sunshine and wind. So it goes, I guess.  I just hope the racers come back in four years and the shooting and sailing conditions are better. I'll be ready.

(Frank Parisi Photography) 12 Meters America's Cup J Boats New York Harbor Nikon telephoto 200-300 d800e photographic conditions racing catamarans sailing the oldest competition in sports Sun, 08 May 2016 21:46:38 GMT
Art All Night, Belmar Art Walk, etc...T'is the season for art shows!!  

May brings not only nicer weather--but it also brings more outside art shows and fairs!

Yesterday I was at a great one in Belmar--the Belmar Art Walk, sponsored by the businesses along Main Street in Belmar and the Belmar Arts Center (BAC),  which I joined recently.  Although yesterday was not May yet (ok, a day off), it was a beautiful Spring day, cool with lots of sunshine. I got to the art walk about noon after first stopping by the Spring Fair at Cargo Gardens.  There the vibe was definitely Spring, with lots of flowers, bushes and shrubs for sale together with some wonderful art, including metal yard art, photography, sculpture, glass, and painting.  In Belmar, the focus was on a variety of artistic mediums and a good number of photographers were present. A number of live bands were also present. As you might expect, there were many beach and ocean-oriented art works, together with images captured in New Jersey and nearby. There were a number of large and canvas works--more so than I see in the Toms River area.  I will be giving serious consideration to joining the fun at Belmar next year.

One show I will be entering after thinking about for several years is Art All Night in Trenton.  It is a 24-hour art extravaganza, now in its 10th year, which is free to enter and free for all to visit.  It is at the historic Roebling Wire Works exhibition space in downtown Trenton, near the Sun Bank Arena (the same place where the popular Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market occurs). It will feature all kinds of art, from painting to sculpture, to music, to preference art--you name it, its there.  The show runs from 3 pm on Saturday, June 18 to 3 pm on Sunday, June 19. I will will be entering one image, "Mariana," featured above because artists are allowed only one entry each.  Exhibitors do not need to be there for the entire evening, but the place really gets going after dark, when the most performances and music starts really cranking--or so I am told. There are also many food trucks--a big thing now in New Jersey.  Attendees are of all ages and from all walks of life, so it certainly sounds interesting to me, to say the least!!  Everyone who I know who has attended AAN in the past has loved exhibiting and attending. I will offer my take in a future blog post.

I'll close here by noting that today, May 1st, marks the beginning of a busy photography month for me, with several shows and trips planned. I am looking forward to getting out more and giving my shutter finger more exercise than usual!  Stay tuned.


(Frank Parisi Photography) AAN Art All Night Belmar Belmar Art Walk Belmar Arts Center Calgo Gardens Roebling Wire Works Trenton Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market Sun, 01 May 2016 17:19:35 GMT
The amazing world of social media and photography.

I may be old enough to qualify for a few senior citizen discounts, but I am not too old to learn a new trick or two, especially when it comes to photography.

This past week, I took a class on social media marketing from my friend Julie Kiss-Harms, a very talent glass artist and owner of "Designs with Juls" who really knows the ins and outs of getting one's name and one's art out before the public--especially the public involved with social media.  For people older than 50, that means the Internet, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Flicker, Twitter, etc. Those younger than 50 know a lot about this area already. Apparently, for an artist, it is all about images and getting images of one's art before as many eyes as possible. People no longer read--they only want to see images.  That fact may be lamentable to some, but I get it.  As the saying goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!!

Facebook is the biggest and most famous social media site in the world, so I don't need to say much by way of introduction.  I have been on it for years and have kept touch with a lot of current friends and acquaintances and accumulated many, many more.  It has many different parts, so it is possible to have a personal page, a business page, and to be involved in forums in areas of particular personal interest.  I do that, and all of the forums I am a member of have to do with either photography or sailing. If you are also on FaceBook, please stop by my page, checkout my entries and say "hi!"

I have had an Instagram account since August, and I must say it is a fascinating and a bit bewildering. I get likes from all over the world for the images I post--which I find both odd and cool at the same time.  If you would like to see my images and sign up for my feed, you can find me at FRANKPPHOTO. I also use the hashtags #frankpphoto and #frankparisiphotography.  Hashtags are interesting.  They are an indexing system, so every photograph taken by anyone on a particular subject--let's say #sunsets--are put under that hashtag for others on Instagram to view and enjoy.  Amazing, really!

There are thousands of other sites, but I will mention just two others.  One is LinkedIn.  It is really a professional and business networking site that offers the ability to network online with people that you know or that are in your area of interest. You list your interests and accomplishments, and the feed contains articles on business and of interest to people in your network. I have been on that for a few years and have a few hundred connections.  Does it help my business?  I have no idea, but I don't think it hurts.  The other one, also mentioned by Julie, is Google Plus.  Like Facebook, it has personal pages and business pages and it has a feed of images and articles on topics that you indicate you are interested in.  It has the work of a lot of excellent photographers, and some articles I find interesting.  I signed up yesterday to have my own page for Frank Parisi Photography.  Stay tuned.

Anyway, I have written more than enough about a medium based on images.  Now it is your turn to check out the "brave new world" of social media that is out there, if you have not done so already.



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Here, there, seemingly everywhere!!       

Ah Spring!!

With the nicer weather, my creative instincts are starting to gin up to full throttle and I am getting involved in a bunch of new projects and making plans to visit a bunch of places close to home that I have not visited before.

Of the former, somethings have been noted already and more will be forthcoming. Promise.

Of the latter, there are several of note.  Yesterday I went to the ArtExpo New York 2016 with several friends from TRAC.  It is a huge international exposition of contemporary art held at Pier 93 in Manhattan (see images above).  The place is huge, and full of an fascinating array of visual arts of all kinds, from photography, to sculpture, to glass art, to painting and drawing, of course.  Individuals with incredible talent had their art for display and sale and all of the major galleries were present.  It was a feast for the senses.  The photography was unbelievable.  Much of it was printed on glass, metal or acrylic, and all of it was HUGE!! I got a bunch of ideas for more abstract treatments that I will be trying out as time permits in the months ahead.  Stay tuned. 

Within the next month I will be undertaking many more experiences with my camera--or at least photography related.  In addition to the Artists and Azeleas here in Island Heights and the Market Fair at the Ocean County Artists Guild in May, I will be checking out the Market Fair at Calgo Garden in Howell, New Jersey, and the Belmar Art Walk the same day (April 30th).  The week after that I am going on a special charter cruise to watch the America's Cup Regatta on the Hudson River in New York City. It will be my first viewing of an America's Cup race--very exciting.  I am even renting a special telephoto lens to make sure I get good shots of the action.  Then on May 15, I am going on a special photographer's tour of the unrenovated part of Ellis Island that is not usually open to the public.  It is of the hospital and its grounds and it covers about half of the island.  The tour is small--20 people--and it will proceed with hardhats, rain or shine.  I am looking forward to some truly outstanding images from that trip as well.

As always, I will keep you posted on my travels, so stop back to my blog again soon!!


(Frank Parisi Photography) America's Cup Regatta ArtExpo New York, Artist Artists and Azaleas Belmar Art Walk Cargo Gardens County Ellis Island Guild" Manhattan Ocean Pier 93 TRAC photography, abstract, Sun, 17 Apr 2016 15:56:54 GMT
Save the Date(s)!       Black Eyed Susan.Black Eyed Susan. Central Avenue Dock.Central Avenue Dock. OCAG at Christmas.OCAG at Christmas.

       Not only does Spring usher in Summer, but it also means the beginning of the busiest time of my year.  I am really a nice-weather photographer, notwithstanding my trip to Antarctica (it was Summer there when I was there), so as the weather gets nicer, my shutter finger gets itchier!

     Nicer weather also ushers in my appearance at more marketplaces, both out of doors and inside, offering the best of my work to all.  I have been busy during the winter refining and printing many new works, so I will have a varied collection of outstanding cards, and matted and framed works for your enjoyment and possible purchase.

        So, grab that pencil and mark the following dates on your calendar.

     "Artists and Azaleas" will occur on May 14th, between 10 am and 3 pm in Island Heights.  It is being sponsored by the Island Heights Cultural and Heritage Association, a preservation group based here in IH dedicated to preserving the Victorian heritage of this beautiful little town I call home.  It is being held as part of the organization's ever-popular annual garden tour, with the theme this year artists and their work.  Every house on the tour will have an artist in residence discussing and showing their work. There will be visual artists of all types from oil painters, to watercolorists, to photographers like me.  I am not certain of my location yet, but I will pass it along when I know.  It will be a beautiful way to spend an afternoon!

     Several weeks later, on June 5th, the Ocean County Artist Guild will be hosting its Annual "Artisans' River Market" at its headquarters on Ocean Avenue and Chestnut Street in Island Heights.  Artists working in many different types of media will be displaying their work and offering it for sale.  The event is being held the same day as the Annual Barnegat Bay Festival in Island Heights.  So if you come to town that day, there will be lots of interesting things for you and the family to do and see--from demonstrations discussing the flora and fauna of Barnegat Bay, to the finest art of people who live and work in the area.

     I hope to see you on May 14th and June 5th!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Artisans' River Market Artists and Azaleas Barnegat Bay Festival Island Heights Cultural and Heritage Association Island Heights, Ocean County Artists Guild, Victorian heritage preservation Sat, 02 Apr 2016 15:25:11 GMT
Spring at last!! Tiger LilyTiger Lily  


Ah, Spring!  After summer, this is my favorite time of the year.  I guess I love it because it means winter is done and summer is to follow.  How can you not like longer days and warmer weather? I also love what it does to the earth, loosening the grip of winter's chill and allowing the flowers and trees to bud and blossom.

Not surprisingly, my love of all things green and growing is reflected in my photography.  As you must have noticed to get to this blog, I have my flower photos featured on the welcome screen.  These were actually taken in many different places, including Cuba, Bolivia and the Caribbean, but most are taken here at the Jersey Shore.  Take a minute to smell the roses...I mean look at the flowers!!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Bolivia Caribbean Cuba Jersey Shore New Jersey, Spring flowers longer days warmer weather Sun, 27 Mar 2016 14:58:00 GMT
Frank Parisi Photography and the New Jersey State Capital Complex


As some of you may know, I work in Trenton and thus travel there on a regular basis--sometimes with my camera.  I have captured many images over the years of the grand buildings on the grounds of the State House Complex, including the Statehouse with its majestic Golden Dome. 

Recently I received the opportunity to offer some of those images for sale at the Gift Shop of the New Jersey State Museum.  That institution is part of the complex and itself is worth a trip to Trenton.  It has a great collection of art in different mediums from artists with a connection to New Jersey (i.e. Dorothea Lang), plus a marvelous collection of pottery, for which Trenton used to be famous, plus dinosaur bones.  Spring time is an outstanding time to visit the complex, take a tour of the Statehouse and State Museum.  And if you do, please stop by the gift shop and check out my collection of note cards and framed photographs.  They make a great keepsake and it will be helping to maintain a great institution (the museum, not me!).

(Frank Parisi Photography) Frank Parisi Photography New Jersey New Jersey State Capital New Jersey Statehouse State Museum Gift Shop Statehouse Complex Trenton dinosaur bones pottery the Golden Dome Wed, 23 Mar 2016 01:04:34 GMT
An Image of mine will be at the BAC's 12th Annual Juried Art Show!!  


I am pleased to announce that one of my images has been accepted to hang at the Belmar Arts Council's 12th Annual Art Show (AKA JAS 12).  The image, entitled "Somber," is a manipulated black and white image taken at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia a few years ago.  It depicts the hellish--and oddly attractive--ambiance of the place (a great place to photograph or just visit--but go with a friend!).

The Belmar Arts Council has a very cool exhibit space with their headquarters at 609 River Road in Belmar, NJ (It has a yellow robot outside named Robie--can't miss the place!!).  The JAS is their premier arts show of the year for which they accept only the best work offered, so I am very honored to have my work accepted.  The opening reception is Saturday, April 2nd from 5 to 7 PM, and the show runs from Wednesday, March 23rd to Friday, May 6th.  The building is open from 1 to 5 PM, so if you are in Belmar (a very cool place with lots of great arts exhibits all over town) during that time, please be certain to stop by and taken in the exhibit! 

(Frank Parisi Photography) 12th Annual Juried Show Belmar Belmar Arts Council Black and White Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia I am very honored JAS 12 Monmouth County Somber exhibit manipulated oddly attractive yellow robot Wed, 16 Mar 2016 00:15:11 GMT
"Great Faces" closing February 28th; "Eyesights 2016" opening March 6th Just a reminder that my show "Great Faces: Informal Portraits from Near and Far," now at the Ocean County Artists Guild, will be closing at the end of next week. Actually, it will be closing a day earlier than scheduled--on Saturday February 27 instead of the next day Sunday February 28--due to a change in my schedule.

The show has been something of a popular success, according to the members of the Guild who keep an eye on those who come and go.  I know that between 50 and 60 people came to the opening and that during the subsequent times I visited the exhibit, there were a number of people who stopped in. I have also heard from several other friends who plan to stop by before the show closes on the 27th.  I hope that includes YOU!!

On a different note, I am pleased to announce that one of my images have been accepted for display at the prestigious "Eyesights" photography show of the Guild for Creative Art in Shrewsbury.  The opening reception is on Sunday, March 6th at 3 pm, and the show runs to the end of the month.  It is always an excellent show, featuring the work of some amazing artists.  Admission is always free and it is well worth the drive from anywhere.  I hope to see you on the 6th!!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Eyesights Far" February 27 Frank Parisi Photography Great Faces Guild for Creative Arts Informal March 6, 2016 Near Ocean County Artists Guild Portraits Shrewsbury, New Jersey and from portraits Sat, 20 Feb 2016 01:22:31 GMT
My "Great Faces" show at the Ocean County Artist Guild....  

Permit me to say "Thank You" to everyone who attended the opening of my show "Great Faces" on Sunday at the Ocean County Artist Guild, here in Island Heights.  I was very happy to see so many friends in attendance.  I am guessing we had between 50 and 60 people come through.  It was certainly a lot of work to put it all together, but I am very pleased with the results.  Your nice and insightful comments were greatly appreciated!

I asked a number of people which was their favorite image and most people picked different images--so I must have done something right!!

Fran Van Ostrand and the other members of the Guild did a wonderful job of helping me getting the show up and welcoming all the guests. The snacks and goodies they provided were great!!

If any of you missed it, the show continues through the end of the month.  

Once again, thank you to everyone who attended!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Frank Parisi Photography Great Faces Island Heights Ocean County Artist Guild Thank You Wed, 10 Feb 2016 01:22:11 GMT
Sunsets, sunrises, and afterglows....

If you have not visited my sunset gallery recently, you should do so now.  I have totally revamped it, added new images, replaced a few klunkers, and rearranged everything.  It also has a new name, to better reflect its content.  It is now called "Sunsets, sunrises and afterglows."

It is no secret that I love the colors at the beginning and the end of the day.  In fact, I have more images in this gallery than any other! Visitors must like them too because it has the second highest number of visitors.  The images are from sunsets, sunrises and afterglows captured at the different places I have visited in recent years, including Antartica, Ireland, Bolivia, San Francisco, and Cuba. 

Dawn at the beach, Seaside Park.Dawn at the beach, Seaside Park.

Most of the images are from the Jersey Shore, including my hometown of Island Heights.  There are several reasons for this.  First, because this is where I live and the Toms River is steps from my house.  Second, because I am situated on the north shore of a wide river that flows from west to east, I have ample opportunities to capture sunsets throughout the year.  The sun is, of course, always moving, being higher and lower in the sky depending on the time of year.  I am also not far from the Atlantic Ocean--maybe five miles as the crow flies and that has a decisive effect on the weather.

I think that the result is that every sunset and sunrise is unique.  The colors are different from one day to the next, perhaps because of the cloud patterns, the amount of moisture in the air, the angle of the sun, and the temperature of the air.  

Fire in the Sky-2.Fire in the Sky-2. Red sky in morning, sailor take warning...Red sky in morning, sailor take warning...

So if you are as much of a fan of sunsets and sunrises as I am, please stop by soon. You will enjoy the show!!


PS:  Just a reminder:  My solo show "Great Faces: Informal Portraits from Near and Far" ones up at the Ocean County Artists Guild next Sunday.  The reception is from 1 to 4, but the show continues for the rest of the month.  There are no sunsets or sunrises, but 30 great portraits for your enjoyment.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Antartica Bolivia Cuba Great Faces: Informal Portraits from Near and Far, Ireland Island Heights, Jersey Shore, San Francisco, Sunset Toms River, afterglow sunrise Sun, 31 Jan 2016 02:21:30 GMT
Out with the old, in with the new......welcome 2016!

The tree is down, the garland is put away, and the holidays are just a nice but receding memory.  We are now in the depths of winter, with little more than memories of past summers to keep us warm and buoyed up until the days get long enough for an evening walk in sunshine.

If you are looking for something to do to break the monotony of winter cold, come see my solo show, "Great Faces: Informal Portraits from Near and Far," at the Ocean County Artists Guild here in Island Heights.  The theme will be informal portraits of people of all ages doing all sorts of things, a few of which are looking at the camera, many of which have their attention focused elsewhere. These will not my usual great images of the shore but pictures, some in color some in black and white, of people from all walks of life from here, there and all over, including Cuba, Ireland, Bolivia, Pennsylvania, Florida and the Jersey Shore.

The opening reception is Sunday, February 7th from 1 to 4 pm--You are cordially invited, so please come and bring a friend or two.  There will be refreshments, munchies, and great photography.  I know it will be Super Bowl Sunday---so come and have a drink before you move on to your favorite chair to watch the big game.  If you can't make the reception, fear not.  The show will be on until February 28th. The Guild is open Tuesday-Sunday, from 1-45 pm and admission is free.  I am certain you will find the show worth a look.  Thanks in advance for stopping by!!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Bolivia Cuba Frank Parisi Frank Parisi Photography Great Faces: Informal Portraits from Near and Far Ireland Jersey Shore Ocean County Artists Guild Pennsylvania Super Bowl Sunday refreshments solo show Thu, 14 Jan 2016 01:39:21 GMT
Happy Holidays!                                                                  


Just a note to wish all my friends on the net the happiest of holidays and a wonderful new year.  In 2016, I do not expect to be traveling anywhere as much as I did this past year.  In fact, I have only one trip planed and it will be long on pleasure and short, probably, on photo opportunities. I expect to be taking lots of photos during the year, but most will be close to home here at the Jersey Shore. I will have my work featured in several shows and I will enter a few photo competitions.  I have already mentioned my show in February, "Great Faces," which will be at the Ocean County Artists Guild for the month.  I will note others as they come closer.

In the meantime, I hope you have time to relax and enjoy your family during this holiday season.  Thank you for checking in on my blog this past year.  I hope you continue to do so!


(Frank Parisi Photography) 2016 Frank Parisi Photography Great Faces, Jersey Shore, Ocean County Artists Guild, happy holidays, happy new year, photo opportunities traveling Wed, 23 Dec 2015 02:35:04 GMT
If you missed me last Saturday.....                                                

..or if just want to see more Frank, and many other great artists, please join us in Downtown Toms River this coming Saturday, between 12 noon and 4 PM. Lots of excellent art, live music, and FREE refreshments and snacks, though modest donations are gratefully accepted. Finish your holiday shopping all in one stop!  I hope to see you then!

(Frank Parisi Photography) December 12, Downtown Toms River, Frank Parisi Photography, Frank Parisi, New Jersey, TRAC Toms River, great art, holiday shopping, holiday show, live music, Tue, 08 Dec 2015 02:04:31 GMT
13 days to go and getting closer......And more thing....


Christmas is less than three weeks away.  Hanukkah is even closer.  Are you getting ready?  Thinking of a nice photo from Frank Parisi Photography? Good idea!  Also a good idea--contact me ASAP.  As noted a few weeks ago, the deadline for me getting photos to you by 12/25/15 is Tuesday, December 14th--less than two weeks away!   For Hanukkah, its ever closer--like tomorrow!! So shoot me an e-mail today with your order. You will be pleased with the results. Promise.

BTW....just to remind you, I will be at the Island Heights House Tour Craft Fair this Saturday, December 5th, from 9 to 4. I will have lots of great photos for sale, with matting and framing available. Please stop by if you get the chance. Thanks!


(Frank Parisi Photography) 2015 ASAP Christmas Frank Parisi Frank Parisi Photography, Hanukkah deadline photo photography presents shopping yourself Wed, 02 Dec 2015 15:07:17 GMT
Great holiday shopping at the Island Heights Craft Fair--with photos by Frank Parisi! Christmas at the ShoreChristmas at the Shore White and pink poinsettiaWhite and pink poinsettia Seastars and shellsSeastars and shells


If you have not started your holiday shopping yet, but would like to get a few pieces of fine photography--namely mine--your chance is coming soon!!

I will be at the Craft Fair, which is part of the annual Island Heights House Tour, on Saturday December 5th, from 9 am to 5 pm.  It is sponsored by the Island Heights United Methodist Church and will be held at the Island Heights Grade School, 115 Summit Avenue, but use the Lake Avenue entrance. I will be offering matted and framed copies of my work, with lots of Shore scenes, sunsets and images taken on the waters of Toms River and Barnegat Bay--plus penguins!  A variety of sizes will be available and orders can be placed for guaranteed delivery before the holidays.

The House Tour and Craft Fair are in their 32nd year. Tickets to see several of the historic Victorian homes of Island Heights will also be available at the Fair, as will a large variety of vendors of beautiful handmade items of all types, from wreaths, to jewelry, to clothing, to holiday decorations. Their will be enough choices to satisfy just about everyone on your list.

I hope to see you there. If you see me, please be certain to stop by and say hello. I always enjoy meeting people who enjoy my work!!


(Frank Parisi Photography) Christmas Frank Parisi photography, Toms River annual house tour craft fair holidays island heights United Methodist church penguin the Jersey Shore Sun, 22 Nov 2015 02:03:42 GMT
Planing ahead--Very far ahead! Mark you calendar for.... Sunsets over the Island Heights Yacht Club are among the best in the world.Sunset over the Island Heights Yacht Club.Sunsets at the Jersey Shore are among the best in the world.

As you may have noticed, I'm the type of person who plans ahead.  I hate getting caught short, so I schedule things way in advance, so I can prepare. I also do this so I have something to look forward to.  Inevitably something happens at the last minute, but most of the time I have thought of almost everything.

A few weeks ago I may have outdone myself.   While removing my show "Here at the Shore," from the Jay and Linda Grunin Center for the Arts at Ocean County College in Toms River, I got into a conversation with the event scheduler for the gallery.  I thanked her for allowing me to exhibit and during the conversation mentioned that I had discussed with a colleague having a joint show mixing different mediums. The scheduler thought it was a great fit for the Grunin Center, as she knew the other artist and liked her work.  Before I knew it I was in the scheduler's office and committed to another show--in May of 2017!!

To me that seems like forever far away, but I know how quickly things can creep up!

Karen Pomeroy, the other artist, and I have talked many times about doing a show that would combine her dazzling watercolors with my colorful photographs. Karen and I share a love of the water and all things Jersey Shore. In fact, she really loves my sunsets and often uses an image of mine as the basis for a one of her watercolors. The results are stunning, though we have yet to display the two separate works together.  Now we will get the chance and you will get to see the results.

So, take a minute and mark May 1, 2017 as the day for my next show at the Grunin Center.  I can't tell you much about it quite yet, except that there will be lots of colors--especially blues and oranges.   Karen and I still have a ton of details to work out.  But now at least you, too, now have something to look forward to in 2017.......!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Jay and Linda Grunin Center for the Arts, Jersey Shore, Karen Pomeroy, May of 2017 New Jersey, Ocean County College, Toms River, blues oranges photographs water watercolors Tue, 17 Nov 2015 02:22:22 GMT
Don't look now, but Christmas is gaining on us....! Christmas at the ShoreChristmas at the Shore Under the treeUnder the tree Central Avenue, Island Heights.Central Avenue, Island Heights.


I know It may be hard to think of Christmas while its early November and there are still leaves on the trees--but its coming up fast!!

If you are thinking about a unique present for a loved one--and yourself--consider a great heirloom photograph from Frank Parisi Photography!

As you know, I have a wide range of award-winning images--one is certain to appeal to even the most discriminating gift recipient on your list.  The photographs come in a wide variety of subjects and sizes, and if you love sunsets or are from the Jersey Shore, there are many to choose from.  There is also a great selection of pictures from my travels this past year, include cute penguins from Antarctica!  If you don't see exactly what you want, let me know--I may have it in another library.

If you do see something you want on this site you can order it from here or, if you are in Central New Jersey, e-mail or call me and I can get whatever you want to you quickly. I can print a wide range of sizes and also provide photographs that are matted and framed.

The only thing I cannot do is promise to provide you with a great photograph immediately before the big day, so please order by Monday, December 14, to guarantee I can get your order to you by the 25th.

Thanks for considering a gift of fine art from my studio and Merry Christmas--when it is appropriate!!


(Frank Parisi Photography) 25th Christmas December 14th Frank Parisi Photography Holiday season Merry Christmas Noel November presents the big day Wed, 11 Nov 2015 02:52:57 GMT
Where are all the birds?    

Cats Island County Park, Barnegat Bay, Ocean County,The lonely heron....A lone heron looks out over Cattus Island County Park and Barnegat Bay, where there were few other birds in residence this morning.


   After voting this morning, I went to Cattus Island County Park in Toms River with the thought of getting a few good bird shots.  My visit to Florida and my brother gave me the idea to try more bird photography up here--there is certainly lots of waterways and marshland here at the Jersey Shore.  The park is a true county gem--many people don't realize it exists--but it is big (hundreds of acres) and not crowded in the least, with a variety of excellent trails.  It is on upper Barnegat Bay and its museum and administrative buildings were badly damaged by Sandy and still in disrepair.  I went early hoping to catch a few egrets or other wading birds before they flew south, plus it was an extraordinary day--with temperatures in the high 60s.

    But there was, except for the rather lonely heron pictured above, egrets, no swans, no gulls, no ducks, not even any squirrels!!  Was there a wildlife convention that no one told me about?  I was very disappointed, to say the least.  I know it is a bit late in the season, but still I figured there would be a few birds around.....I had my Nikon telephoto zoom with teleconverter all ready to shoot away...but almost nothing was there to be seen......

     Next week is Veteran's Day.  I will have that day off from work also and I am thinking of returning to Cattus Island or traveling over to Island Beach State Park, which in my opinion has the best beach in the State.  If I do, I hope to have better luck and not be left asking--Where are the birds?

(Frank Parisi Photography) Barnegat Bay, Cattus Island County Park, Election Day, New Jersey, Ocean County, Toms River, birds heron teleconverter vote Wed, 04 Nov 2015 02:43:11 GMT
Southwest Florida--land of birds and swamps     As promised, this blog is about my recent trip to the Naples area, specifically Marco Island, and the area known as Southwest Florida. If you look at Florida on a map, it is that part on the left hand side of the bottom of the peninsula.  South of Marco Island, the land is almost entirely devoid of cities and people. There are more trees, swamps, gators, and birds at the right time of year, than anything else.

     October is not the right time of year for shooting birds, but the weather was nice--not too hot, certainly not as bad a mid-summer--with little rain. My brother did a great job of showing me the local sights, from a photographer's point of view.  We visited the Great Cypress Swamp, the studio of Clyde Butcher--the successor to Ansel Adams, and the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.  We did not see many birds, but the walkways through the swamps gave us an opportunity to see a great variety of trees, airplants, orchids, meadows, and gators--lots of gators. Although Marco Island is on the Gulf of Mexico, we did not get there. Instead we went to an estuary near the gulf, Tiger Tail Beach, that had a fair number of birds, including herons and roseate spoonbills. 

  Shooting birds is its own art, and I will be the first to admit that it is not my forte--except for seagulls--there are lots of those at the Jersey Shore. Bird photography requires lots of big lens (which can be very heavy and expensive) and lots of patience--neither of which I have much of.  My brother has captured some great images of birds, but that is his forte.  He is also a Nikon shooter, and uses a D4--which has a very high burst rate. He shoots very fast--always over 1/1000 with a shallow depth of field. As a result he takes hundreds of images at any given outing, but keeps very few.

    We also visited several small towns in the area. This was more to my liking, as I enjoy seeing local architecture, homesteads, eateries and small stores.  I enjoying seeing how people decorate there dwellings, because so many are owned by snowbirds from all over the country. There is usually a cheap imitation fish or gator plastered someplace on a house or double-wide trailor, something to reflect local tastes or interests.

  Another thing we did while I was there was watch a ballroom dancing competition.  It was my first visit to such a venue. I found it fascinating for many reasons, but I will just comment on the photographic aspects. It was held in the ballroom of a large chain hotel in Naples and was well attended, with approximately a dozen couples dancing.  The lighting conditions were a challenge, especially as I did not have an external flash.  I handheld most of my shots. I was captivated by the fast pace of the dances, the vibrant colors and sequins and the swirls of the gowns, and the expressions on the faces of the dancers, both male and female. It was a lot like shoot the start of a sailboat race--you have to be ready and quick.  I captured a number of keepers and learned a lot. I'd welcome the chance to shot another competition.

   Anyway, my brother and I discussed doing the visit again next year, perhaps a month later in the season when there are more birds. I may even get another shot at the ballroom dancers! Stay tuned.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Clyde Butcher, D4 Dancing Florida Great Cypress Swamp, Gulf of Mexico, Marco Island, Nikon Southwest Florida, ballroom dancing, birds herons spoonbills Thu, 29 Oct 2015 01:27:32 GMT
Save the Date for "Great Faces: Informal Portraits from Near and Far."      


Before I post about my trip to Florida, which was great, go to your calendar and circle February 7th, 2016.  That's the date for my next show "Great Faces: Informal Portraits from Near and Far."  It will be a display of personality in color and black and white photographs that I have taken over several years in New Jersey, Cuba, Bolivia, Ireland, and elsewhere.  The show will be at the Ocean County Artists Guild, on 22 Chestnut Street, Island Heights, New Jersey, starting February 1st and running until February 28th.  The opening reception will be at the Guild on Sunday, February 7th between 1 and 4 PM.  If you are in the area--even if you don't know me personally but like my work-please stop by to say hello and enjoy a few refreshments. After the reception, the Guild will be open to the public from 1 to 4 on Tuesdays through Sundays. Be prepared to enjoy the show!! 

(Frank Parisi Photography) Bolivia Cuba February 7, 2016, Great Faces, Ireland Island Heights, New Jersey, Ocean County Artists Guild, calendar informal portraits, near and far, personality portraits Sun, 18 Oct 2015 20:54:07 GMT
Final trip of the year     


Later this week, I will be taking my last big trip of the year.  This time I will be traveling to Marco Island, Florida, to visit my brother and sister-in-law for a few days. The last time my brother and I were together was the trip to Antartica late last year.  This is going to be a guys get together--with an emphasis on shooting...photographic shooting, of course!  We have similar styles and almost identical equipment (Nikons), though slightly different interests.  He is more into birds and wildlife than I am, and I do more people and sailboats.  He does, however, have many more years experience than I do and a better technical grasp of the craft--so I plan to pick his brain and look for tips while shooting.  It is always fun to shoot in a new place and to shoot with someone--especially someone who has scouted out the locations and can offer useful suggestions on technique.  When I get back early next week, I will share some of my best work from the trip.  Meantime, have a great Columbus Day weekend and happy shooting!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Antarctica Columbus Day Weekend, Florida Marco Island, Nikon Ushuaia birds guys sailboats shooting technique tips wildlife Mon, 05 Oct 2015 23:28:07 GMT
"Here at the Shore:" My upcoming show at Ocean County College Running the line.Running the line.The classic Barnegat Bay A-Cats at the start of a race.

Just a quick note to let you know that starting on Sunday, October 4th, I will be hosting a solo show at the Jay and Linda Grunin Center for the Arts at Ocean County College, in Toms River.  The show is entitled "Here at the Shore," and it will be an exhibit of photographs taken at the Jersey Shore. Admission is free, as always, and the show runs until Saturday, October 31st.  It is my attempt to capture some of the more colorful and iconic images at the Shore--from birds to boats, and the many aspects of bay and ocean we live with and love. All images are for sale.  

Fire in the Sky.Fire in the Sky.A stunning late November sunset, as seen from the top deck of the Pavilion in Island Heights. This image has not been Photoshopped and is presented as shot.

Please stop by and enjoy the show.  If you have any questions, please shoot me an e-mail at frankparisiphotography@gmail.  

Thanks in advance for looking.

Fourth of July Fireworks.Fourth of July Fireworks.


(Frank Parisi Photography) Grunin Center for the Arts, Here at the Shore, Jersey Shore, New Jersey, Ocean County College, Toms River, birds boats Mon, 28 Sep 2015 17:29:13 GMT
It's never too early......... start thinking about gifts for the holidays!!

                       Under the treeUnder the tree                               Christmas at the ShoreChristmas at the Shore

      The big chains are getting ready for the season, the department stores are starting to hire more staff, and the days are getting shorter.  Sure, it's only the first day of Fall; still, the holidays are coming!


                           Running the line.Running the line.                                      

       Seriously, if you are starting to think about gifts for friends and family, and you know they would like some great photographs, consider buying one or more of the photos on this site.  There is certainly a variety of subjects here to pick from, taken all over the world, including New Jersey.

    If you would like to seea few of these in person, many are available at the gift shop of the Ocean County Artists Guild. It is locatedon Ocean Avenue in Island Heights and open most afternoons and weekends.  I have about a dozen works on display, many  5 x 7 matted to 8 x 10, and a few framed.  If you like photos of the Jersey Shore, you are guaranteed to find something you like.

    My photos will also be available closer to the holidays at the crafts fair sponsored the Island Heights United Methodist Church held at the Island Heights Grade School on Saturday, December 5. It is open between 9 and 4 and it features a great variety of wonderful crafts that make great gifts. It is held in conjunction with the annual house tour in town, which raises money to support the church--a wonderful institution and a great cause.

     As noted in an earlier blog post, my photos will also be up for display--and sale--at the Jay and Linda Grunin Center for the Arts at Ocean County College in Toms River. The name of the show is "Here at the Shore," and it features great photos of the people and places at the Jersey Shore.  Don't miss it!!

     Finally, if you see anything you would like to purchase, or if you have seen some of my work at one of the many venues in Ocean county, or if you have a question, please just shoot me an e-mail at [email protected].  I am always glad to help!

     As always, thanks for looking!




(Frank Parisi Photography) Holidays Island Heights Grade School, Island Heights United Methodists Church Annual House Tour, Ocean County Artist' Guild, Ocean County College, Toms River, craft fair, gift gifts Wed, 23 Sep 2015 01:51:21 GMT
Scenes from a visit to Northern California As some of you may know, I spent a week in Northern California late last month.  Specifically, I was in the Bay area to visit family.  It was a wonderful trip, in part because California is a wonderful place--except for the hellacious traffic!!

Coit Tower and Knob Hill in North Beach--a icon of the city.Coit Tower, Knob Hill, San FranciscoOne of the most iconic places in San Francisco and the Bay area--San Francisco. A fine example of a Victoria home, beautifully maintained in Alameda, across from San Francisco.Victorian home in Alameda.This is one of many beautiful Victorian-style homes in Alameda, a small city in the East Bay across from San Francisco.

As you might expect, I brought my camera along and tried to capture the essence of the places we visited.  These included part of San Francisco, Alameda, Oakland, the Sonoma Valley, Carmel, and Monterey.  The landscape in each area is unbelievable, so it is no wonder people love to live there.  For the photographer there is an overwhelming number of varied and vivid images to capture.  It's not an exaggeration to say it is probably one of the most photographed areas of the country, if not the world, and with good reason.  

I liked every place we visited, for different reasons:  San Francisco for the sights and smells of the Embarcadero Center and Fisherman's Wharf; Sonoma for the mile after mile of grape vines growing in the blazing sun (and the wine was pretty good too); Alameda for the outstanding and unique collection of Victorian homes (far better than I have ever seen anywhere--and that's saying something); and Carmel for Point Lobos State Park. At the last, I paid homage to two of the titans of American photography:  Edward Weston and Ansel Adams.  They photographed that area repeatedly during the 1930s and 1940s and now I see why.  The shapes and sights of the natural landscape are unique and absolutely beautiful.  I grew up as a photographer loving images from that area and in this trip I had the chance to see it for myself.  I was in heaven!!

Texture, composition, natural beauty--on the beach at Carmel.An ancient California live oak on the beach in Carmel.Gnarled is beautiful. An ancient live oak on the beach in Carmel.


Before I left for California, I planned to create a gallery here of images from California, like I did for images from Cuba, Santa Fe and Bolivia.  I am still planning to do so, but while in California I decided to do something slightly different.  All the images are going to be in black and white.  Not because California is not colorful--that it certainly is.  But for two reasons: 1) as something different, so as no not be too touristy and the same as other images of the area; and 2) as my small homage to Weston and Adams.  I can only hope that some of my work approaches the quality and genius of the work of these two American icons of photography.  

In this edition of the blog, I have included a few of the first images I have edited.  I hope you like them.  More will be coming soon.

Sun set over San Francisco, as seen from Alameda.San Francisco skyline at sunset.The city where people leave their heart--the iconic skyline of San Francisco, as seen at sunset.



(Frank Parisi Photography) Alameda Ansel Adams, Bay Area, California Carmel Coit Tower, Edward Weston, Embarcadero Center, North Beach, Oakland Point Lobos State Park San Francisco, Sonoma Valley, Victorian homes, wine Sat, 12 Sep 2015 01:31:57 GMT
September--somethings down, somethings up, summer ending, fall beginning... It is the beginning of a new month. Summer is quickly waning and the focus is starting to be on the Fall--the most delightful time of the year here at the Jersey Shore.

Like the seasons, the art I have on display is also changing. Somethings will soon be taken down and put away, while new works will be available for your viewing pleasure.  Make certain you see them before it is too late!

This week, my pieces in the "Rock, Paper, Chisel" show at the Toms River branch of the Ocean County Library will be taken down with the rest of the exhibit. Next week, Friday September 11, specifically, is the last day that my three pieces and the rest of the show at Torche Galerie will be on display. One week after that my pieces at the show "Suddenly Summer," will come down with the rest of the great work on the walls. Where did the Summer go? (I know--I was away for most of it, so I am not really complaining....)

If you are worried that I am withdrawing from photography, or you need a fix of my work, fear not.  In addition to this website and my Facebook page, my work is still accessible and new exhibits are in the wings.

Starting today, one of my award-winning pieces will be at the Annual September TRAC Arts exhibit at the Toms River Branch of the Ocean County Library.  It is an open exhibit with a variety of works in many different mediums offered by members of the Toms River Artists Community.  It has lots of neat items and displays tons of talent.

The fall colors on display in County Mayo Ireland.Autumn leaves, IrelandThis was shot several years ago when I visited county Mayo Ireland in September. Spring snow fence, Island Beach State Park.Spring snow fence, Island Beach State Park, New JerseyLooking like the spine of an enormous dinosaur, this image of a spring snow sense was taken in Island Beach State Park last spring.

I also have several works on view and for sale at the gift shop of the Ocean County Artists' Guild in Island Heights.  These are smaller works, very appropriate for the upcoming holiday season.  It is never too soon to start shopping for the big day!

I will also be mounting two solo shows in the coming months.  One will be at the Grunin Center for the Arts at Ocean County College in Toms River starting in October.  It will feature shore scenes, my favorite subject, with lots of action and sailing shots.  It is not to be missed.  When I have the exact date it starts I will let you know.  The other will be at the Artists' Guild starting in February. This one will be very different. Though I have not finalized a title for it yet, it will have people and portraits from many different countries as its main subject. Stay tuned for more details on that one too.

Cuban tobacco farmer, near Vinales, Cuba, February, 2015.Portrait of a Cuban tobacco farmer, near Vinales, Cuba, February, 2015.

A few other opportunities to see my work are in the consideration stage and may come to fruition.  If so, I will let you know.  Meantime, enjoy the changing of the seasons and check out my work online or in person if you can.  I always appreciate hearing that people have enjoyed seeing my photographs!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Fall Ocean County Artists Guild Ocean County College Ocean County Library TRAC Toms River, Torche Galerie Virginia Perle Art Gallery, Wed, 02 Sep 2015 01:22:29 GMT
I'm back........From Bolivia! i

I'm back.  From Bolivia.  And I have the pictures to prove it.  Bolivia is an amazing country, and it was an amazing wedding with the wildest party I have ever been to (and I have been to a lot of parties.)   La Paz (pictured above) was an interesting city--very hilly and crowded.  The people were an interesting mix, with a majority native indian population. The wedding was in a suburb of Cochabamba, in a beautiful resort with snow-covered mountains as a backdrop.  We also made it to Lake Titicaca--certainly one of the world's natural wonders. The blue of the lake is not believable, nor is the clarity of the water.  Overall, it was a great trip, with lots of photo opportunities, and llamas (pronounced "yamas"), and its even better once you get used to the altitude (the elevation of the lake is 12,800 feet), the walk up hills, and the cool weather (in the 30s in the morning). More photos soon!


(Frank Parisi Photography) Bolivia Lake Titicaca, amazing llamas parties wedding Tue, 28 Jul 2015 01:23:35 GMT
"On the road again.." this time of Cochabamba, Bolivia!


In a few days my bride and I will be on our way to South America--specifically the city of Cochabamba in the country of Bolivia.  We are going to attend the wedding of the son of a good friend of ours.  The bride-to-be has family and roots in the city, so off we go on a destination wedding, in every sense of the phrase.  The city is one of the larger ones and high in the mountains (about 8,000 feet), and has a reputation of being prosperous and "hipper" than most of the rest of the country.

I am bringing my camera, of course, but I will not be the "wedding photographer," perhaps not even the second shooter. I am not certain I will bring my camera to the wedding, as I don't want to be accused of being "Uncle Fred" who gets in the way of the pro..... I am thinking that when I do shoot I will concentrate on people, architecture, and scenery--in other words the usual things.  I won't know until I get there. I have done some research on what there is to see and the climate, so I have a few ideas. We may be spending a few days in LaPaz and do a few excursions.  We will see what happens.

For photography equipment, I will take pretty much the same gear I took to Cuba: my d800e and d7000, a dozen high speed SD cards, four batteries and charger, my Trinity of Nikon Lens (14-24, 24-70, 70-200), a portable external hard drive, thumb drive, an assortment of cleaning instruments, flashlight, paper for notes, business cards, rain poncho for the camera, two camera bags (big and small), extra eye glasses, an assortment of filters, and a few other items. No tripod. Oh, yes, most importantly, my iPhone--its great for all kinds of shots, including "selfies."

We will be gone about two weeks.  Once I get back, with lots of great images, I hope, I will do some editing and get them out to you for a look.  Meantime, enjoy your summer and wish me luck!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Bolivia Cochabamba LaPaz Trinity of Nikon lens, destination wedding, iPhone photography equipment, selfies summer Thu, 09 Jul 2015 02:11:11 GMT
It's REALLY showtime for me....! Dawn, beach, kayaks, CubaKayaksColorful kayaks on a beach in Cuba, just after dawn.

I want to thank all of my friends who stopped by the "Suddenly Summer!!" show at the Virginia Perle Art Gallery last week in Toms River.  We had a very nice turnout, with lots of lookers and nice comments for all the artists.  The art was varied and amazing--from my colorful stuff, to Marc F.'s animals, to Virginia Perle's watercolors, to Barbara Warner's amazing jewelry (even my wife bought a neckless).  If you were not able to make it, the show continues until September, so you have no excuse not to come for a visit--even if you don't live in New Jersey!!

Island Heights, pier, foggy, photogenicInto the fog.A foggy morning in Island Heights, as seen with a twisted, photogenic pier.

I also wanted to give you some more info about two other shows I will be involved in.  The Annual Photography show at the Ocean County Artists' Guild in Island Heights is accepting submissions tomorrow from 10 am to 3 pm.  I will be helping out for a while, so if you do come, please say hello.  The opening for that show is Sunday, July 5th, at 1 pm and continuing until 4 p.m.  The show continues until July 29th, so if you are in the area to see the work at the Virginia Perle Art gallery, you can stop at the Artists' Guild too.  There are four categories at the photo show--nature, manipulated, color, and black and white.  The work presented is always spectacular and very memorable.  I will have submissions in three of the four categories, so wish me luck!!  The winners will be announced on July 5th, starting at about 2 pm.  There is always a wonderful reception to go along with the opening--certainly worth a visit.

The third show I will be involved with will be at the Torche Galerie in Belmar. This is a great, New York-like gallery located at 500 Main Street in Belmar, which is a town which has one of the best, most vibrant arts scenes on the Jersey Shore (and that's saying something). The work there is contemporary, and different and in all mediums--drawing, watercolors, sculpture, metal, wood, plastic resin and photography, of course. Much of the work is abstract, but all of it is awesome and outstanding and it is by some of the finest contemporary artists working at the Shore. The gallery is run by woodworker Roddy Wildeman, who started as a carpenter and branched into being an artist, using lumber salvaged from the debris of Superstore Sandy.  His creations alone are amazing. So what is my work doing there?  Well, actually, some of my work is abstract and my pieces in the show (entitled "The Summer Exhibition"), capture the abstract designs in the objects we see around us every day.

Epiphany--a sudden realizationEpiphanyThere is a sudden realization one gets when viewing this image. Can you figure out what it is?

 But don't take my word for it. Stop at the gallery.  The show starts on Saturday, July at 7 pm, and runs until the end of August. The gallery is open every day. The place is truly an amazing treat for the eyes.   


(Frank Parisi Photography) Barbara Warner, Belmar Marc F., Ocean County Artists' Guild, Roddy Wildeman, Suddenly Summer!!, Toms River Torche Galerie, Virginia Perle Art Gallery, the Jersey Shore, Sat, 27 Jun 2015 00:57:59 GMT
Suddenly Summer!!! The Art Show.....  


To follow up on a blog of a few weeks ago, the next show in which my work will be featured is entitled "Suddenly Summer!!!'  It will be at the Virginia Perle Art Gallery, in Toms River.  The opening reception is Friday, June 19th, from 6:30 pm- to 9:30 pm, and light refreshments will be available.  Besides me, the show will include works by Virginia Perle, Marc F., Eileen Van Duyne, Barbara Warner and many others. The show will feature paintings, photography, sculpture, and Jewelry and it will run till September you have plenty of time to get there--no excuses!!  I hope to see you on the 19th!





(Frank Parisi Photography) Barbara Warner, Eileen Van Duyne, Marc F., New Jersey, Suddenly Summer!!!, Toms River, Virginia Perle Art Gallery, gala opening, many others, Tue, 16 Jun 2015 22:00:00 GMT
The delights of Santa Fe Santa Fe and Adobe go together.The adobe of Santa FeA typical adobe structure in Santa Fe.

I am back from Santa Fe and I can say, without qualification, that it was an absolute delight!  I was there for a work-related conference, which was excellent and informative, but that's another story.  What I want to talk about is Santa Fe, the city.  It is relatively small and picturesque, much more so than I expected.  I see now why "Popular Photography" has it listed as the best city in the world for photography--there is a picture around every corner!  Whether you like street photography, landscape, candids, nature, or architecture, Santa Fe is a feast for the eye. 




The eye is also overwhelmed by the art you see everywhere, all over the city.  There must be more galleries per square mile than any place else on earth--metal sculpture, wind chimes, monumental glassworks, paintings of every style and description, and in many different themes, with southwestern motifs predominating. There is one street that is very well known to art collectors and gazers--Canyon Road.  There the galleries are stacked up one after the other, each a bit different.  I asked a local how they all stay in business and he confided that they don't--there is a pretty big annual turnover, especially when the economy is bad.  I guess its the old story--you get lots of foot traffic, but not a lot of sales.  Chelsea in New York City is like that--lots of galleries and traffic, but not a lot of sales, but just enough to keep it all going.




The one thing I did not see much of however, was fine art photography. This was strange as I was told by my brother, who visited the city a few years ago, to check out several galleries that had excellent work,  In fact, I found only two, both were small and neither were on Canyon Road. In trying to figure out why, I came to a rather disturbing conclusion--there are few people interested in purchasing photographs. This is not a surprise and, unfortunately, part of a national trend.  Many non-photographers do not appreciate the work it takes to create great photographs and are instead happy with the snaps they take with their smart phone. There may always be a need and appreciation for great photography, but the art is becoming so ubiquitous, its value is crashing.....hmm.



Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed taking photographs in the city, especially of the southwestern architecture and the adobe structures in particular.  It is amazing to me how much the color of the adobe buildings change with the changing light.  A building can be dark brown one minute, brick red the next, and then a pale ocher after that.  The other notable component is the light. Everyone who has been to Santa Fe remarks on the stunning blues of the sky.  Unfortunately, I only saw glimpses of that famous sky as the weather was often overcast.  It even rained briefly--and I thought we were in a desert!!


The last notable thing about Santa Fe I will mention is the food.  It is simply amazing!! Every restaurant I went to was excellent, and as usual, some were pricier than others.  They even had a chocolate bar--where all that was served were various mixtures of European and Mezo-American chocolate.  Each was unique and delicious--especially the one based on an Aztec recipie.  The taste was like nothing I had ever tried!!


Anyway, that's all for now.  I have illustrated this post with a few images from the trip.  I will post a gallery of them when I finish going through my 400+ shots. All I can say is that any place with great photo opportunities, great food, and great chocolate can't be at all bad....and Santa Fe is much better than not bad!!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Aztec Canyon Road, Santa Fe, adobe architecture art chocolate desert fine art photography food kokopelli monumental glass works, sculpture southwestern art, Thu, 11 Jun 2015 02:12:08 GMT
On the road to Santa Fe, New Mexico....  


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will be traveling on Wednesday of this week to Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a few days for work.  I hope to use what little time I have outside of conference participation to roam the city. I plan to get up early, walk for a while, and then freshen up for the conference.  If I am lucky I may do a bit more wandering in the late afternoon before dinner.  I also plan to spend time after the conference ends on Friday to shoot some more.  I would love to get out to Georgia O'Keefe's ranch in Abiquiu for a few hours.  I hear it is not far from the city and the light there is incredible! I will be taking my trinity of Nikon lens (14-24, 24-70, and 70-200), but my guess is I will mostly use the 24-70.  In any event, I will be certain to post a few of the best images here when I get back.  Adios amigos! 

(Frank Parisi Photography) Abiquiu Georgia O'Keefe, New Mexico, Santa Fe, conference images work-related, Tue, 02 Jun 2015 01:25:06 GMT
It's not as easy as it looks...... Lady Liberty salutes "Adirondack" in New York harbor.Lady Liberty Salutes "Adirondack" in New York harborAn image of mine that I selected for a show. It got an honorable mention ribbon.    


Picking images for a photo competition is not easy, not for me at least. There is, in fact, a lot more work involved that people think (just like photography in general is not as easy as it looks, but that's another story...). 

    According to the experts, an artist should present a coherent body of work, with pieces that are similar in style and feel, though not all of the same subject.  This may be easy for some, but for me it is a struggle because I am a very eclectic, opportunistic photographer.  I rarely go out with a particular shot in mind;  I usually grab what catches my eye.

    Selecting three images for a show that you love best out of all the ones you have can be like picking your favorite child--difficult at best, with a potential for lasting damage and disaster! To help them, photographers I know ask others for their opinions--sometimes fellow artists, or their family, or if the image has been posted on Facebook, deciding on the number of "likes" it has received.

    Once an images has been picked, the next challenge is preparing it for submission.  The printing and framing are relatively easy.  The hard and fun part, in my opinion, is tweaking an image to make it the best it can possibly be.  But what is "the best" ?  If an image is converted to black and white, are the whites white and the blacks black, or do you want shades of gray?  Do you want the image sharp or with a bit of blur?  If you cropped it, did you capture the essence of the image, or did you just miss it?  And after all that, is the image stylistically consistent with the other works you are presenting? Answering these questions and countless others are among the judgement calls the photographer must make--and then pray that it looks right to his or her own inner eye--and to the person who makes the selections for the show!

Regattas on the Toms River and Barnegat Bay.Waiting to begin the regatta.Optimist Dinghies in Island Heights for the 2014 Junior Olympics.

   I hope you keep these factors in mind the next time you see a work online or in a gallery. Someone struggled, at least a bit, to get your attention and approval.  Like I said, it's not as easy as it looks.



(Frank Parisi Photography) Facebook, It's not as easy as it looks, gallery judgement likes photo competition, photographer photography sharper Thu, 28 May 2015 00:18:27 GMT
Going Places....with YOU    The summer travel season is upon us and I will be joining the hordes--well, tourists anyway. I will be taking you along, in a way.  I have three trips planned--each one very different from the other.

   During the first week of June I will be in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a few days for business. Though most of my time will be taken up with work-related activities, I plan to use whatever free time I have to get some great images from that enchanted city.  I was there in 1989, but that was before I had a recurrence of the photography disease. Now I will go equipped with Nikon cameras and a better trained-eye. I promise to share my best results, as always.


    In mid-July, my wife and I will be headed to a land not visited by many American tourists--the country of Bolivia.  We are going for the wedding of a friend and have been assured it will be an adventure with lots of amazing photo opportunities.  The wedding will be in the city of Cocibamba, which is on a plain, high in central Bolivia.  I am planning on concentrating on getting shots of people and scenery, so the 14 to 24 mm wide angle and the rest of the Nikon Trinity lens will be in full use. We will certainly go to La Paz, the capital, so I may also get some cool architecture shots.  But we will probably not make to the desert and salt flats in the south of the country, which are supposed to be spectactular. You will just have to wait until I get back to see where I ended up.

        Speaking of getting back, we are home from Boliva for about three weeks and then we are off to the most beautiful city in America, that great city by the bay, San Francisco. I will finally get to see water again!  We have been there several times before, but now my oldest daughter lives in Alameda, near Oakland, so I guess we just have to go again.....( can be so tough sometimes!!!) We are planning on renting a car and doing some day trips while the kid is working, perhaps to Berkeley,  Muir Woods, Point Reyes, etc. I'll be in the land of my idol, Ansel Adams, and will try to take advantage of it as time permits. I'm open to suggestions from any readers. 

   That should be enough traveling for a while. I am thinking about one final trip this year in the fall to visit my brother in Florida. Lots of great birding picture await.  I'll keep you posted on that one.

   If everything goes as planned, during the course of one year, I will have taken seven long distance trips!  Whew, that's a lot of miles and lots of pictures to share with you all.  I think for 2016, I'll stay home because I will be broke and I need to process the images from this year.  It well may take me a year (ahemm...I'm still working on Cuba!).

      Thanks for stopping by and please keep checking in!





(Frank Parisi Photography) Ansel Adams, Berkeley Bolivia California Cocibamba Cuba La Paz, Muir Woods, Point Reyes, San Francisco, Santa, Fe, enchantment Wed, 20 May 2015 01:15:12 GMT
Second installment of my images from Cuba, taken in February 2015.

I have added to my galleries on this site a second installment of photographs from Cuba. Most, but not all, of these are of the interesting people and faces I captured while on the island.  I had planned to do a lot of portrait photography while in Cuba and I did.  I think it worked out very well--at least that's my opinion.  You can decide for yourself based on these images.

I am planning to add a final installment of images from Cuba, specifically ones that center on my time in Havana. It is an amazing place. I suggest you see it soon, before it changes forever. Please keep in touch and stop back often!


(Frank Parisi Photography) Bay of Pigs invasion, Cuba February February 2015, dance images interpretive dance, Wed, 13 May 2015 02:00:20 GMT
Save these Dates in June and July!!   The vivid colors on display at E-scow regattas on the Toms River and Barnegat BaySky and sailsThe flash of color seen when class E-Scows are racing on the Toms River and Barnegat Bay.   

    Mark your calendars--Selections of my work will be in two shows during the coming months.
    Starting on June 19th, seven of my large, most colorful, never before displayed, photographs will be part of a special show at the Virginia Perle Art Gallery at 96 East Water Street, in Toms River, New Jersey. The show will be a celebration of the return of great weather and dazzling colors. It will feature the work of several well-know artists, including me and Virginia Perle. You will not want to miss it!!
    The other show will be something entirely different--for me at least! Entitled Rock, Paper, Chisel: Sculpture by New Jersey Artists, it will be a display of a variety of pieces by local artists to coincide with the displaying of 20 Seward Johnson sculptures on loan to the Toms River Business Improvement District (BID) from the Seward Johnson Atelier. The show will be at the Toms River Branch of the Ocean County Library starting July 30th and running until September 8th. It is being curated by noted local artist extraordinaire Yvonne Yaar-Sharkey. My contributions are.....well, hard to describe..... You will just have to stop by and see the show for yourself and let me know what you think!

     More details about each show will be posted closer to their opening.
     See you at the shows!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Atelier August BID Johnson July June Rock, Paper, Chisel: Sculpture by New Jersey Artists, Sculpture September Seward Johnson, Toms River, Virginia Perle Art Gallery, Wed, 06 May 2015 00:16:54 GMT
Thoughts on the photographer's "eye." Many visual artists, especially photographers, are familiar with the statement "You have a great eye." It is usually meant as a complement, and is the reaction of a viewer to an image that is especially pleasing, surprising or awe-inspiring. If this viewer only knew how meaningful that compliment is to a visual artist!

It is easy to fool the eye on the water....what looks like one is really two!Wing on wingTwo Sandpiper sailboats look like one on blustery Barnegat Bay.

Many beginning visual artists, I would guess, worry from time to time whether they, do in fact have "the eye." Most, I would guess, decide that they do or they would not continue doing what they are doing!

But my question is, where does the ability and talent behind "the eye" come from? Is this something you are born with, or something you develop? And if it is something that you learn, how do you do so?

i have asked a number of artists this question and received a variety of answers. Some say it is just a way you see, something that you cannot define. Others insist that it is learned, and is the product of exposure to many different kinds of art or expressions, and of many different ways of seeing. Dorothea Lange, one of the greatest American photographers of the early 20th century certainly believed it was something you learned over time.

One could say it is, in essence, a difference in opinion as to how one sees or understands the world. When I was in college, I minored in philosophy and one of the big issues we discussed was that there are two main branches of epistemology (i.e., the theory of knowledge). The Platonist believed all knowledge is re-learning, that we are born knowing everything there is to know, but that we forget most of it because of the birth trauma. For a Platonist, everything  exists already, but we just get glimpses of it, mostly through self-examination--in other words, we are born with it.  The Aristotelians, on the other hand believed that we learn by accumulating information and experiences.  There is no preformed idea of what truth or beauty is, but that we develop a conception of it based on what we have experienced in life. Nothing is innate.


A study of shapes and grays, as expressed in boats on land in a marina.BoatsBoats on shore in a marina, as rendered in black and white.

As attractive as the Platonic model is, I agree with Aristotle on this one. We learn by doing, seeing, experiencing. I also believe this is true with photography. We get better at seeing, that is our "eye" gets better the more we see. We get better at knowing what makes a great image through exposure, practice, and experience. It's not all in the genes. Life, the world, everything we do and see, makes us the artist we are as evidenced by what we "see" as experienced by others. I know it certainly is true for me--the more I "see" the better my "eye" gets.

If you have a different vision, please drop me at note and I will be happy to share it with everyone who reads this bog.

A capture of the ordinary that becomes extraordinary upon close inspection.Boatyard reedsSimple shoreline reeds at the boatyard, as captured in black and white.


(Frank Parisi Photography) Aristotelians Aristotle Dorothea Lang, Plato Platonist The Eye, epistemology philosophy seeing visual artist, Wed, 29 Apr 2015 18:16:41 GMT
On seeing things differently--Diane Arbus As a photographer, your eyes are your most important asset.  That may seem obvious, since photography is a visual medium, but often photographers and photographer wannabes get caught up in arguments about equipment, lighting, technique, etc., and forget that it is the eye of the person behind the lens that makes the most difference.

This idea was highlighted for me as I read the biography of Diane Arbus by Patricia Bosworth.  For those who do not know her work, Arbus was a photographer of tremendous talent and influence who chose to photograph the other world which exists and at the time was often unseen.  She was fascinated by prostitutes, pimps, gays, nudists, giants, people with deformities, dwarfs, freaks of nature, people today we would call mentally and physically challenged--populations then shunned by most of society.  She found them to be fascinating and ultimately more honest and true to life than most "normal" people. Even today, forty to fifty years after she worked, her images still have the power to shock and startle. She was criticized  by some contemporaries for working to strip all pretense from a person until their true self was revealed--not an easy task. Hers was a difficult life and she was not happy person.  Sadly, at the end of her life, she no longer found satisfaction or meaning in her work. By the time she died by suicide, she could barely pay her bills.  Now each of her original prints are worth thousands of dollars.

My point in bringing up Diane Arbus is that she had a particular vision, a special way of seeing. She felt it her calling, and I am paraphrasing here, to photograph the people and things no one else photographed because if she did not do so, no one else would. She had a strong art background and had worked for many years as a fashion photographer, so she knew how to take a photograph most people would consider beautiful. Yet she wanted to do more, to see something else. I think that whether you like her work or hate it, you must acknowledge her extraordinary ability to see things differently. It was her eye that made it possible for other photographers to expand their own artistic visions. This may be her most enduring legacy.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Diane Arbus, addicts drug dwarfs enduring legacy, eyes gays giants nudists seeing things differently, vision your most important asset, Wed, 22 Apr 2015 23:42:26 GMT
The story behind the image is sometimes as good as the image itself! As much as a viewer may enjoy a photograph at first glance, sometimes the story behind the photo is just as interesting. Sometimes, too, the story behind the photo adds to the viewer's understanding of what was in the photographer's head when he or she captured the image.

This image is an example of one with a story behind the photo.

Lady Libert Salutes "Adirondack."Lady Liberty salutes "Adirondack."On my way out of New York harbor, I saw the Statute of Liberty saluting "Adirondack."

This image has received a few awards and many people ask me the same question: how did you get that shot? It is not every day that the photographer is eye to eye with the Statue of Liberty!  I get a kick out of replying, how do you think I got it? Some people ask if I used a super telephoto or I was in a helicopter or small plane. I smile and tell them no, and the answer is more simple: I was on the top deck of a huge cruise ship as it sailed. I was lucky the sailboat was nearby and the weather was somewhat clear. Bottom line was that I was in the right place at exactly the right time and I took the shot knowing it would be good.  I am not that lucky all the time.

The next image is an other example of being at the right place at the right time, and also of visualizing the final outcome.

Red VespaRed VespaRed Vespa in TriBeCa, in New York City.

 Visualizing is something of a holy grail for photographers--we all search for it or hope it happens, but for some, like me, it is rare. In theory, at least, it is simple--it is seeing the final product before the shutter is clicked.  Sometimes photographers can work to make this happen before that moment, sometimes it emerges only after a long time in post processing.  This image was one I knew what I wanted as soon as I saw it.  But I had a bit of a problem--my only camera was my iPhone. But, as photographers say, your best camera is the one you have with you when you want to take a shot, so I used it.  The results were good, but I knew there would be much post processing to do because we may see in color, but we have to work to create a black and white image.  Indeed, there is more work when you want part of that black and white image to be in color. It took some doing, but I finally got the image I wanted. While it hung in my show at the Virginia Perle Art Gallery, several people asked me where it was taken. Had I shot it in Europe? London or Amsterdam perhaps?  No, I replied, New York, in TriBeCa to be specific.  Afterwards, I was gratified because I sold quite a few copies of that print and my older daughter actually like it so much she asked for the large copy of it I made for the show.

Well, like I said, sometimes story behind the image is as enjoyable as the image itself!


(Frank Parisi Photography) Adirondack" Amsterdam Lady Liberty, London New York City, New York harbor, New York, Statute of Liberty, TriBeCa iPhone visualization Fri, 17 Apr 2015 00:28:34 GMT
Places my work is on display and for sale--please stop by! In my last post I wrote about places where my work is on exhibit.  Indeed,  Photo finish of four Optimist dinghies racing on the Toms River.Photo finishThis in an amazing shot of four Optimist dinghies sailing along in perfect symmetry during a race on the Toms River in October, 2013. there are several galleries in the Toms River/Jersey Shore area when my work is on display and for sale.  These include The Virginia Perle Art Gallery in Toms River, Picture Perfect Gallery and Framing, also in Toms River, and Ideosyncrazies, in Point Pleasant Beach.  These stores are unique, interesting small businesses with a wonderful variety of colorful art and other things to look at and buy.  Remember to support small business, especially those in your community!!


Permit me to note that there are other places, away from the Shore, where my work is also on display and for sale. These include the New Jersey State Museum, in Trenton, and the Quartermaster's  Store in the Old Barracks  Museum, also in Trenton.  These are great places to spend an afternoon looking at the collections and learning about New Jersey's rich history. They are Near the historic Statehouse, which is always worth a visit. If you do stop by, please tell the nice people who work at the shops that I sent you! They like to hear that!!

Barnegat Bay A-cat racing, with a bow wave.A-cat, with bow wave.A-cat racing, with a bow wave.




(Frank Parisi Photography) Ideosyncrazies, New Jersey State Museum Gift Shop, New Jersey's rich history, New Jersey, Picture Perfect Gallery and framing, Quartermaster's Store, Old Barracks Museum, Trenton small business, Fri, 10 Apr 2015 17:45:30 GMT
A nice profile of me by The Old Barracks Museum in Trenton, New Jersey I heard about this very nice profile of me just yesterday and wanted to share it with you. It was featured on the February page of the website of the Old Barracks Museum in Trenton, New Jersey.  The museum is a wonderful historic site, the location of the decisive Battle of Trenton during the Revolutionary War that turned the tide of the war in our favor. It is a great place to visit, full of color and history, and the gift shop (aka The Quartermaster's Store) contains one of my images in the form of postcards and matted prints. It is worth a visit no matter where you are coming from! A special thanks to Victoria Bell of The Old Barracks Museum for the kind and wonderful write up on me!


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The Quartermaster's Store is proud to feature Frank Parisi, of Frank Parisi Photography, as Artist of the Month for February. A photographer for over 40 years, he has photographed a wide variety of subjects in locations such as New York, Europe, the Caribbean, the Southwestern United States, and the New Jersey Shore. An avid sailor, Mr. Parisi draws much of his inspiration from scenes on the water. "The sparkle of light on the water in the morning or late afternoon, the dynamic contrast between taught white sails and blue sky, and the inspiring serenity of a brilliant sunset are all subjects captured in my best photographs," Parisi writes. "I also frequently photograph the awesome serenity and drama of clouds and colors at sunset and sunrise." And though his first passion is the sea, he has recently focused his lens on New Jersey's capitol city of Trenton, in particular The Old Barracks Museum.  

 "...textures and contrasts are, to me, endless sources of fascination. I am excited by the ...effects of light and circumstances on that object. Simultaneously, I am fascinated by the clash of opposites, such as smooth against rough, or randomness against pattern. I am pleased by the dissonance created by contrasts, such as calm against movement, dark against light, radiant illumination against silhouette, and by the quiet grace of more delicate contrasts. For me, the best images have a rhythm, a pulse, which is that image's distinguishing style."

This statement rings true in the beautifully vivid image that he has captured of our French and Indian War-era barracks. He is a self proclaimed "collector of moments", and is very aware of the fleeting nature of time. Through his art, we have the opportunity to capture our lovely building as it stands in this moment. We are happy to work with Mr. Parisi in creating a beautiful line of notecards and matted prints which feature this gorgeous photograph, available for sale here at the shop. 

A collection of his other work is viewable at

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Old Barracks Museum | 101 Barrack Street | Trenton | NJ | 08608


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Find the Light, then compose the shot! Although the purpose of my trip to Cuba was to experience and photograph the country, the trip was also an extended photographic seminar with my friend and mentor Nancy Ori. During the trip she offered tips on how to frame a shot, what exposure to use in a given situation, and when to use a smalll reflector to get more soft light on a subject. (She did this last with a farm worker in a tobacco barn as we all clicked away--as seen here:)

Portrait of a Cuba tobacco farm worker.Cuban tobacco farm workerThis young man worked on the tobacco farm we visited. He was extremely polite and a very patient subject.

One of her frequently repeated dictums is "find the light, then compose the shot." This may seem obvious and something that a good photographer should do instinctively. The truth is we do not always do this, so it is worth discussing for a minute.

In reviewing some of my photographs recently, the truth of Nancy's dictum became clear. My best images where those where the light zeroed in on or called attention to part of that image, making it the undisputed center of attention. This is also true when the photograph is mostly light and the subject is dark. This no doubt holds true for all kinds of photography, from sunsets, to landscapes, to street. Indeed, in a show I recently visited, the images where something in the light-- such as a cat, or a face, or a spoon--was mostly clearly the center of attention were the images that received the top prizes.

The eye of God appears over the New Jersey Meadowlands.The eye of God.This image was captured while on the New Jersey Turnpike heading south. It is of a sunset over the Meadowlands.

It never ceases to amaze me how the eye instinctively is attracted to the greatest contrast between light and darkness. This is something the brain finds interesting. For most people, it takes a conscious reminder--in my case Nancy--to force a person to realize and understand what they are attracted to and actually see. This, it seems to me, proves the point made by Henry Cartier-Bresson when he said about photography that  "the art is in the seeing." In other words, when when we see the subject in the light in an image, we are really seeing the art in that image.

Bay reeds, in black and white and light and darkness..Bay reeds.The reeds near a marina, highlighted and make the center of attention by the afternoon sun.

Finding just the right light in an image, the light that grabs the eye, and tickles the brain, and makes the viewer go  "WOW"  is certainly a goal I will continue pursue in all of my photographic work!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Cuba Henry Cartier Bresson, Light Maryland State House, Nancy Ori, WOW conscious contrast between light and darkness, image instinctively memorable photographic seminar, reeds reflector soft light, tobacco barn, Thu, 12 Mar 2015 00:22:53 GMT
Cars, glorious vintage cars!! Gotta love those old American cars.Wow! Look at that Olds!A vintage 1950s Oldsmobile on the streets is a real headturner--for Americans at least. And now for a few images of one of the things Cuba is most famous for--no not cigars--vintage Amercan cars!  Cars are the one thing I have been asked about more than anything else--especially by American males of a certain age.

I am old enough to remember the great American cars of the 1950s and early 1960s, especially the Chevys with fins, the two-tone roadsters, and the DeSotos with grills that looked like the mustached face of a 1940s male film star. Like most people in the states, I have seen these more recently in movies like "American Grafitti," and at car shows and local rallys.  Current cars certainly have more bells and whistles than the older cars, but the cars of the 1950s and early 1960s were creations that captured the heart of many a young man, including me.

A Cadillac to remember.Cadi-Taxi!!This vintage green Cadillac looks like it has its original paint, and is still going strong as a taxi. What a tribute to both American and Cuban ingenuity

Thus seeing them driving around in Cuba was a shocker, even though I was expecting them. Perhaps was really surprised me was 1) seeing so many of them every place I went, because for some strange reason I thought I would only see them in Havana; 2) seeing so many that looked like clunkers, but they are still on the road, working as taxis, or are personal vehicles, in people's yard or garage being work on, painted, or modified.

I have to give the Cubans credit. They have a genius for keeping these cars going. They scavenge or make the parts they need, use whatever paint they can get (sky blue is very popular), and even switch out old gasoline engines for more-available diesel engines.  The Cuban are very proud of their cars--and they deserve to be. It was a strange--but pleasureable--sensation for me to ride around for two hours in a brick red Chevy convertible roadster that was built a year before I was born. Close inspection of the car by an expert would no doubt reveal many inaccurate details on trim, etc.--the radio was, in fact, replaced by a digital one with a thumb drive--but so what? At least it was on the road.

You would think that these cars would be sold off for a fortune to the US, but apparently the Cuban government has declared them to be part of the nation's heritage and not eligible for sale off the island. I do not agree with the Cuban government on much, but I can see their point on this one. If they allowed people to sell their cars to rich Americans and Europeans, they would lose a major tourist attraction at a time when the government is strongly encouraging tourists to visit Cuba. Perhaps the Cuban government has decided that capitalism is not necessarily a bad thing after all.....!   Seeing vintage American cars is one of the greateast things about visiting Cuba!Love that Chevy!!A vintage purple and white Chevrolet captured near the Malecon in Havana, with a lime green Fod next to it.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Americans Chevys Cuba DeSoto Europeans Ford Havana Mercury Oldsmobile a certain age, cars diesel fins gasoline roadsters Thu, 05 Mar 2015 20:23:23 GMT
Cuba's buildings--varied, historical, beautiful, dilapidated, elegant, and changing rapidly     As noted before, one of my goals in visiting Cuba was to see some great old buildings.  I was not disappointed in the least.  In fact, the buildings were absolutely amazing!  The range of structures was astonishing and their condition varied from grandly dilapidated, to characistically Caribbean, to beautifully restored. It was one of the most astonishing things I saw on my trip. 

B & B in Vinales, CubaLa Anabel, VinalesA typical B & B in Vinales      The image above shows a typical B & B in Vinales, which is in the north-western part of the country.  These are residences that have rooms that are rented to visitors, just like in the US.  The ones I saw was beautifully maintained, with wonderfully friendly proprietors, and great food.  They are very confortable places to stay.  Its obvious that the owners take great pride in their residences and work hard to keep them beautiful.  Many are painted complementary colors, and reminded me, at least, of the type of residence you see in many Caribbean countries--but nicer.

Colorful houses in the city of TrinidadTrinidad B & Bs.

      The houses in the city of Trinidad, in the south of Cuba, are similar in color, but very different from those in Vinales.  Trinidad is a larger and older city.  The city has many buildings that date back to the early Spanish colonists and are quite grand.  Perhaps because it is a city, the B & Bs here are adjacent to each other.  Many also feature beautiful iron grillwork (as seen in the blue building), some of which is very elegant and intricate.  We were told that the grills were installed initally to protect the homes and were used defensively to ward off pirates and robbers.  The amazing thing about many of the buildings here is that the plain facades often hide beautiful interiors, many with almost all the conviences of any modern American home include large kitchens and widescreen TVs.  Needless to say, these were also extremely comfortable places to say.

Streetscape, HavanaA typical street in Havana, with people going about their business as usual.

      Havana is an entirely different world.  I could spend hours talking about the buildings in that city.  The image above shows a typical street scene, but it also shows much more.  If you look closely at the buildings, it is obvious that the people who build them spared no expense. With so much carved detail in so many buildings, it is clear that the people who built them were rich.  There is nothing like them in any Caribbean country I have visted.  This speaks to the fact that at one time, Cuba was one of the riches countries in the world per capita, due to sugar, tobacco, and gambling. This changed dramtically for reasons I need not go into, but the result is an architectural treasure trove of every style of building imaginable that has been largely frozen in time.  Many of the buildings are badly dilapidated, evidence of the difficult economic times the country went through in the last 50 years. Yet, money is starting to flow back in as capitalism is starting to take root and, for some buildings, the results are stunning. 

The Cuban National Theatre is being be-built and it is stunning.The Cuban National Theatre.Re-rising from the dust.

    The above is the Cuban National Theatre building.  Apparently, it was dark and dilapidated for many years, but it is being re-built and it is stunning.  The carving and the detail in the stonework would be the envy of any city anywhere and any country anywhere.  It is an example of the modernization and changes going on in the country today.

       Indeed, buildings in Cuba are undergoing a rapid facelift.  So if you want to see Havana and the rest of the country before it changes, I suggest you book a flight there ASAP. 




(Frank Parisi Photography) B & B, Caribbean Cuba Cuban National Theatre building, Havana Spanish colonists, Vinales architecture carving city of Trinidad,, facelift gaming grillwork pirates stonework sugar tobacco Mon, 02 Mar 2015 02:40:26 GMT
Cuba--land of beautiful faces  


 Its great when one can set a goal and achieve it.  I went to Cuba with the idea that I would not be photographing scenery primarily, as I did in Ireland, or that I would be photographing wildlife primarily, as I did in Antarctica.  Before I left New Jersey, I decided my primary subjects this time would be people and buildings.  Let me talk about the people first.  

Maria and her grandson, with dog.Maria and her grandson, with dog.Sharing time together.


    I have found that while viewers love sunsets, pictures of people come in a very close second.  When capturing images of people, it helps immeasurably to have people with attractive and interesting faces, and the Cuban people have both in abundance.  Everywhere I went I found great faces. It is a county of beautiful women and handsome men.  Some of the faces I saw were worn and brown, some were fresh and young; some were old; some were young---all had their own inner beauty.  There was a wealth of character, color, handsomeness and experience in both the men and the women--enough to delight any photographer, even one who does not specialize in portraits or people.


Enjoying life and caring for an old chirch.Caretaker.This old gentleman was the caretaker of an abandoned church in the city of Trinadad. He had gone to the church as a young man, but after the revolution, it fell into disrepair. It is closed now, but he still works cleaning up around it and says he loves his job. "It keeps me young."



      As you look though the images on this blog and on my site, I think you will agree. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture every great face I saw, but I did capture enough that are memorable that I feel my plan was justified and rewarded.  I hope you agree.

Enraptured in the moment in dance.Student dancer.Students at a dance school near La Playa and the Bay of Pigs.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Cuba Jersey New beautiful faces handsome handsomeness people portraits Fri, 27 Feb 2015 02:42:34 GMT
Cuba--Wow! Pro-revolutionary propaganda is alive and well in Cuba.Che is still everywhere in CubaHasta la revolution!        My recent trip to Cuba was extraordinary.  It is impossible to summarize in a few words, or images, the many sights and impressions of the country I have captured in my brain and photographs.  It is amazing, colorful, memorable, startling, and sad in some respects.  The people were uniformly wonderful, even to an obvious American tourist with a big camera. They were gracious and polite and proud, to a person. I felt no fear or hostility--quite the opposite.  In think of this trip, I planned to concentrate in images of the people.  I did this to a large extent, but my camera was pulled away to also capture the landscape, the architecture, the street scenes in Havana, and, of course, the georgeous old American cars.  I have posted a sample of on this site a dozen or so of my images from the trip.  In time, I plan to post many more, so stop back soon to see more of glimpses of this amazing country.

A typical street scene in Havana.Havana street scene.Life, as lived in Havana.

(Frank Parisi Photography) American tourist, Che Cuba Havana classic 1950s' American cars, proud people, safe street life, Fri, 20 Feb 2015 03:05:49 GMT
The Shore in Winter-subtle beauty. The Shore in WinterQuiet winter surfA quiet winter morning at the beach at Seaside Park, New Jersey

This morning I had to take my car to the shop.  Since it is located in Seaside Park, I used the ocassion to strech my legs and walk with my camera to the beach, which was only a few blocks away.  In the summer, this area is jamed with people, all looking for a nice tan and to enjoy a warm, refreshing day near the ocean.

 Today the temperture was 30 degrees, and the beach and boardwalk were gray and deserted. Despite the somber tones, I think the whole scene was a thing of beauty.  Winter at the ocean--or the Shore as it is called here--is a special season. Today the water was as calm as a lake, but the sand was frozen, and firm--great for walking to look for interesting shells or driftwood.  The birds were out, herring gulls mostly, with large flocks of migratory birds just offshore. The plant life was mostly barren, but in that barreness I saw shapes, colors, and tidbits of beauty which are usually overlooked or obscured when the plants are in leaf. To my photographer's eye, patterns emerged from the sand, plants and animals stand out starkly and in their most natural states, and man-made structures fit nicely or stand jarringly against nature's subtle beauty.

The subtle colors of the beach in winter.untitledThe beach dunes in winter, with snow and snow fence.


 Many would find the view depressing--no sun, few people, cold tempertures--but I confess that I found my short walk thrilling. As I have said before, I am mostly a warm-weather person. But I must confess that todays's cold walk near the ocean was almost as much fun as those warm walks I enjoy in July.  Hmmm....perhaps my trip to Antarctica has had more of a lasting impact on me than I realized!

untitledThe remains of a snow fence at the beach, Seaside Park, New Jersey.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Antarctica New Jersey, Seaside Park, Winter boardwalk herring gulls, migratory birds, winter at the Shore, Sun, 01 Feb 2015 20:31:06 GMT
A few remarks about an essential piece of photo equipment When I noted  a few days ago the equipment I was planning to take with me to Cuba, I forgot one essential item.  It is the most popular camera in the world--a cellphone.  I am definately not a photo-purist.  Although I have a good amount of expensive and sophisticated Nikon photo equipment, I would rank my Iphone as one of my most important photographic devices.  Why? Because I am a subscriber to the maximum that the best camera is the one you have with you when you need to capture an image ASAP.  I have my cellphone camera with me at all times,  I can whip it quickly out and grab a shot in a few seconds.  I can think of several instances where I got a great shot because I had the phone, and not the Nikon, readily available (see below).

The captures the Iphone makes are actually quite good--and the sensor is larger than the one in my first Nikon camera--a d50.  The editing software in the latest release is excellent and there are a number of very good free photo editing apps available from the Apple Store.  It is noteworthy that National Geographic, in addition to its many photo workshops for DSLR shooters, also offers classes in how to take great images with a cellphone.  It may also be argued that the cellphone has become the standard and the DSLR is the outlier.  Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites are much more "friendly" to cellphone photos than those taken with a DSLR.  Also, the cellphone is on the tip of the cultural phenomena know as the "Selfie."  

There is a downside to all this, of course.  As cellphones have become ubiquitious, jobs for and appreciation of photographers have declined, especially in all major print publications including, most recently "Sports Illustrated."  Photographers may not like cellphones but they are here to stay, and are get better all the time.  For me, I know I am taking my cellphone with me to Cuba, as I did when I went to Antarctica.  I plan on having it ready to get that great shot that I might have missed trying to get my Nikon ready to fire.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Antarctica Apple Store, Cellphone camera, Cuba DSLR Facebook Instagram Iphone National Geographic, Nikon Social Media Sports Illustrated, d50 equipment photo editing, Fri, 30 Jan 2015 02:54:47 GMT
Cuba Despite spending a week in Antarctica recently and loving it, I am not a cold weather person. Give me a hot, sunny day anytime over a snow storm.  So on this night when a major blizzard is starting to howl outside of my study window, I am consoling myself with thoughts of the warm country I will be visiting in fewer than two weeks--Cuba!!

Once again I will be traveling with Strabo Tours, and my photography mentor and friend Nancy Ori, as well as several of the people I went to Ireland with several years ago. I am so looking forward to this trip--not only because Cuba will be warm and I can get back into shorts and polo shirts, but because it appears to be such an interesting and mysterious place.  It is also, by all accounts, a photographer's paradise--especially for a street photographer.  Unlike Ireland where scenery dominates, or Antarctica where wildlife and ice are the stars, in Cuba the stars are people, architecture, and old cars. From the pictures I have seen, I think there will be an endless number of great images to capture, such as old vs. young, new buildings vs. old, young people vs. older people, and the great American yacht-like cars I remember from childhood. It will also be awesome to photograph a county that has changed little in the last 50 years--but promises to change greatly very soon.

Cuba, the old and the new.Cuba: old cars, old buildings, new visitorsA typical street scene in Havana, the capital of Cuba.

To capture these images I will be taking a bit less gear than when I went to Antarctica--no binoculars, tripod, tele-converter, Speed Light flash or heavy clothing. I will take my Nikon "Trinity" of lens (14-24, 24-70 and 70 to 200), two Nikon bodies and my filter assortment. Even with the recent thaw between the US and Cuban governments, communication is still spotty, so I don't expect to be in touch with anyone until I return--which should be different.  But I do promise that when I return I will offer an assortment of what I hope will be memorable images of a fascinating land and its people during an amazing period of change.


(Frank Parisi Photography) Antarctica, Cuba Nancy Ori, Nikon Nikon Trinity, Speedlight Strabo Tours, change old cars, street photography, Tue, 27 Jan 2015 02:38:46 GMT
Antarctica: The final images I am pleased to note that I have finished--more or less--the processing of my images from Antarctica.  It was a labor of love--but it was work. There were so many images I loved, but I have put what I think are the best of the best on this site for you to enjoy and purchase, if you wish. I loved the scenery and the wildlife--especially the albatross, as noted before and, of course, the ice.  I still think it is all about the ice.  

I admit I have also developed a fondness for the penguins.  I must have been living in a hole because I never realized that so many people are so crazy about penguins!  They have been among the most popular images I have posted on Facebook.  They were certainly notable, especially--the noise from a big group of them and their...ehm...aroma.  Yet it is, without doubt, their comical way of acting and peering into the camera that captivates most people.  I spent a fair amount of time during the trip just sitting on the ice and watching them, and they reciprocated by either coming up to me to try to figure out what I was, or by ignoring me! In either case, their inquisitiveness and antics, some of which were quite endearing, certainly made many memorable images that are now here for all to enjoy.

Doin' "the penguin shuffle."Doing "the penguin shuffle."Two Gentoo penguins tap dancing down the ice.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Antarctica Facebook Gentoo penguins, albatross fondness ice killer whales, penguins Fri, 23 Jan 2015 01:08:04 GMT
Website Changes


If you are reading this, you must have noticed that I have made several significant changes to this website.  I'm pleased with its new look.  I think it is cleaner, less confusing, and easier to navigate. The goal is to give the viewer an easier visual experience while maintaining all the great images. This blog tab should also have been easier to find with the new layout.

 What do YOU think?  I always appreciate feedback.  Thanks in advance.


(Frank Parisi Photography) Frank Parisi Photography, cleaner easier to navigate, feedback gargoyle, layout website Tue, 20 Jan 2015 02:16:53 GMT
New equipment on hand to better serve YOU.      While printing a favorite print of mine for the Virginia Perle Art Studio in Toms River this afternoon,  I realized that in my discussion about new equipment the other day, I forgot to mention that I recently made a purchase that you might find very handy.  

The Island Heights Yacht Club, October 30, 2012.The Island Heights Yacht Club, October 30, 2012.

      I now have a professional, Epson high-speed color printer that is capable of producing prints of many different sizes quickly and easily--everything from a 4 x 6 to a 11 x 14 print, black and white, or color.  Now when you need a print quickly, I can have it for you the same day as requested! If you want it matted or framed too, that takes a bit longer, but still doable within a reasonable time.  So, please do not hesitate to call, write, or stop by if there is an image of mine that you need ASAP, if not sooner!  I am always happy to help out a friend or a client if I can.  Thanks for looking.


(Frank Parisi Photography) Epson Toms River Virginia Perle Art Gallery, handy high speed, printer prints professional Sun, 18 Jan 2015 01:19:05 GMT
Photography competitions--the good and the bad.      Like many photographers, I enter a lot of competitions, some local, some international.  Participating in such events is, in my opinion, a doubled edged sword at best.  They are great when your work is accepted and gets wide exposure--even better when you win a prize and some money.  They are not great when you pay an entrance fee and don't get accepted. I have had both experiences, as has every photographer I know.  There are photographers who say that art should not be a competition, but a learning experience and that competition tends only to divide artists, not bring them together.  There are other artists who believe that competition is good because it spurs you to do better work, not get complacent, and that it enables you to find out what "works" in a piece, and what is too obscure or just off. I like the idea of collaboration, of exchanging ideas, comparing techniques and points of view, sharing information about a particular camera or how to get the best out of an image. Wise men say that sharing our knowledge is the only way we achieve true immortality.

     But I also like to win, to have other photographers I respect find my work exceptional, worth of merit, even praise. Research suggests that we get a tiny shot of dopamine when we post something on Facebook and get a bunch of "likes."  I suspect that is why people do it.  Having your work accepted to a show and winning a prize is an even bigger shot of dopamine.

     If you are on the fence, I suggest you enter a competition--at least just once. There are thousands of them, including many online for free, such as those at Digital Photography Review. Don't give up if you don't get selected or win a prize the first time. Keep trying. Don't let your pride get the better of you.  See what was accepted and work on getting better.  You just may learn something useful and get an extra shot of dopamine as well.

Autumn, County Mayo, Ireland--a prize winner.Autumn, County Mayo, IrelandAn example of a photography of mine that was awarded a prize in a competition in 2014.



(Frank Parisi Photography) Digital Photography Review, Facebook collaboration dopamine exchanging ideas, immortality photography competition, Fri, 16 Jan 2015 02:54:28 GMT
Sometimes we need a little help....... Every photographer likes to think that he or she can take great pictures without a bit of help after the shutter is clicked--a process known as post processing or simply post.  Granted, the better the original, the less post processing needed afterwards. Granted too that we should strive to get the shot correct to begin with rather than rely on a bit of manipulation afterwards.  But sometimes, that is just not possible. In the heat of shooting a moving image, such as in sports, wildlife capture or a street scene, it can be very difficult to get the image just right--perfectly exposed, sharply in focus, not too much noise, and with no need to crop.

When I returned to photography several years ago, I knew almost nothing about post processing.  I thought what you saw was what you got because when I began shooting with film more than 40 years ago, that was pretty much the rule unless you did your own developing.  After many so-so shots and a few lessons from Nancy Ori, I entered the world of Photoshop. What an amazing world it is!  Post processing not only allows the photographer to correct little oopses, it also allows the photographer to be more of an artist--to try different effects, a variety of colors and filters, to add or subtract elements from an image and to add color of black and white selectively to an image.  Many of the effects that once required special training or equipment are now possible from your desktop computer--or your pad or phone.  A friend of mine, John Delany, creates amazing digital images based on photographs he takes with his Android phone and the results are stunning!

There are certainly photographers who shun such techniques and argue for pure photography--images that are stunning "right out of the camera." This can be achieved sometimes or it can be a goal, but it may also be a path of frustration and disappointment that few photographers have the ability or patience to follow.  Instead, I believe it is instructive to look at the example set by some of the founders of modern photography, such as Edward Weston or Ansel Adams.  If you study Adams' life you find that he was not shy about admitting to making changes in an original work.  In fact, he was a genius in the darkroom. One has only to look at the difference between two copies of one of his most iconic work "Moon rise, Hernandez, New Mexico." The original is somewhat monochromatic scene of light and shadow.  The familiar one is a startling study of strong blacks and whites, with the moon rising against a jet black sky. (See the picture below.)  The image was achieved primarily through darkroom technique, specifically dodging and burning.  According to Nancy Ori, who was a student of his, Adams was not reluctant to make the changes to a print he deemed necessary to get the image he wanted, saying "sometimes man has to fix nature's little imperfections."  If Ansel Adams was OK with making a few changes to achieve an intended result, who am I to disagree?




(Frank Parisi Photography) Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Hernandez, New Mexico, Nancy Ori, Paul Strand, Photoshop dodging and burning, post processing, Tue, 13 Jan 2015 03:02:27 GMT
Winter: A great time for new gear and trying different types of photography I noted a few days ago that winter is a great time to use your camera and shoot what you see. Let me add that winter, especially right after the holidays, is also a great time to try out new photography gear. It is likely that you received new equipment as a gift or a gift card to a photo center like B & H. Before the pressure of grabbing the camera to do "keeper" shots mounts, now is a good time to get that gizmo or try out that new lens, filter, camera, tripod, etc., before you need it to get a spectacular sunset or kids playing in the snow. No one ever has to see your mistakes, nor will you have to explain why a shot was poorly focused or badly composed.  Just learn the lesson, delete it and keep going!

Though you may be stuck inside due to the cold, that doesn't need to stop you from taking pictures of things around the house--the dog, the cat, a forlorn houseplant, a prized knickknack, a winter scene out a window, or a spouse (if permitted). It's also a great time to try different kinds of photography, like black and white, if you only take color photos, or to do food or cut flower shots.  It is easy to set up a simple light box or backdrop with a white sheet, some cardboard or foam-core board, and natural or incandescent light and start shooting using that new tripod and macro lens.  Use the time to learn how to use the equipment to its best advantage, and for those feeling a bit blah or burned out, to get the inspiration and different way of seeing that new equipment or a new Photoshop technique can bring. 

I'm among those who got new equipment over the holidays--in my case a new camera body (a Nikon D800E--it's a treasure!). Some equipment comes with a learning curve and the long cold days of winter is a good time--if any exists--to cozy up before the fire with an instruction manual or YouTube video that tells exactly how to get the best out of your gear. YouTube is an amazing source of information for just about any gizmo you acquire--and its free!


The green heart of a white Christmas amaryllis.Green heartThe green heart of a white Christmas amaryllis.


With some practice, persistence, and tinkering, the results may surprise you. You may capture an image you really like and want to add to your portfolio.  Stranger things have happened!

(Frank Parisi Photography) B & H, Nikon D800e, Photoshop, YouTube amaryllis black and white, blog camera camera equipment, filter food photography, gizmo macro lens, portfolio winter Sat, 10 Jan 2015 02:30:39 GMT
Shooting in winter--its not so bad. Winter at the Island Heights Yacht Club.Winter at the yacht club.Bright sun and blowing snow create at winter scene at the Island Heights Yacht Club. Many people associate photography with bright summer sunshine, family get-togethers, and here at the Shore, documenting time spent on the water or a beach. But now it's winter, and the sun in often in short supply, the beach is cold, and the water too cold to enjoy--unless you are a polar bear.

This is still a great time to use your camera to shoot what you see. If it is snowing, there are  many scenes that make a great image with a bit of white. The vegetation is not green, but bear branches or dead leaves can make an effective image. There is also a fair amount of wildlife around--the gulls are always here, as are migratory birds such as bufflehead ducks, and the foxes in Island Beach State Park (but don't feed them).  This year and last we have also had visits from the great "Snowy Owl"-- an awesome raptor. And, of course, truly magnificent sunrises and sunsets, due to the low angle of the sun and the almost continuous presence of clouds. If the weather stays cold for a while and the rivers and bays freeze, we sometimes get very lucky and have iceboats screaming across the frozen water. Fun!

These things will be my main subjects for the next few weeks, as they have been in past years.  To see what winter scenes I have captured, just check the galleries on this site. Enjoy, stay warm and thanks in advance for looking!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Island Beach State Park, Snowy Owl, bufflehead ducks, foxs ice boats, polar bear, shooting the Shore, winter Wed, 07 Jan 2015 21:53:06 GMT
In Antarctica, "...its all about the ice."    I have spent the last few days of going through my photos from Antarctica (I took about 4,000 of them--no joke). This evening I added about two dozen to my "Antarctica" gallery on this site, so if you enjoyed the others, please check these out as well. 
    As you look at them, you will see a number of penguins, of course, but there are also many of ice in its many varied forms. According to experienced members of the crew, it is the ice more than anything else that entrances people--the strange shapes it takes, it's color, reflecting the water and the sky, and it's slow (glacial) movement, the weird, abstract snaps it sometimes assumes as a result of years of wear by wind and water. Before I went to Antarctica, I would have thought that idea was pretty strange--how can you be entranced by something so white and cold? Now I get it. I also appreciate how old most of the ice is in a glacier--hundreds of not thousands of years, because the amount of precipitation in Antarctica is less than most deserts. One Antarctica hand told me that after a while in Antarctica "it's all about the ice." After viewing the images on my gallery, perhaps you will think so too.


The beauty of Antarctic ice.Glacial ice, shaped by water and wind and lit by the sun.Here is an example of one of the infinite number of colors and shapes that ice can take in Antarctica.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Antarctica desert glaciers ice penguins precipitation in Antarctica, Tue, 06 Jan 2015 01:37:33 GMT
Antarctica This Friday, I start my big trip to the White Continent--Antarctica. I will be going with National Geographic on the ship "Explorer," leaving from the tip of South America, the Tierra Del Fuego. We will be traveling to the area known as the Palmer or Antarctic Peninsula, which is directly below SA and to the left on the attached map. It will be the start of summer there, with lots of sunlight and an average temperature in the high 20s. We will be moving around for about a week, stopping in any number of bays and inlets, and capturing images of whales, penguins, seals, birds, and spectacular scenery. I am bringing several cameras, and lens, and hope to get some great shots to share when I get back. Meanwhile,  I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Antarctica, National Geographic, South America, Thanksgiving, The White Continent Tierra Del Fuego, Tue, 06 Jan 2015 01:35:18 GMT
Uncaptured sunrises over Barnegat Bay... January sunrise over Barnegat BayOne of those rare days when the weather cooperates, the sunrise is beautiful and I have my camera with me.      Most visitors to my website know that I love sunsets.  My "Sunset" gallery has more images--and more visitors--than any other gallery. Also, my sunset posts on Facebook get the most "Like"s of anything I post.  I guess there is just something about the intensity of the colors that people find attractive, inspiring, peaceful, or just nice to look at.  I am very fortunate to live near the water (the Toms River), so it is easy for me to get a few shots, at least on the weekends this time of year.

      I have been less successful with sunrises.  If it is during the week and I have to get to work, I don't have time, usually, to get a few snaps. Weekends are different, because I get up the same time to walk with a friend to get some exercise. If the timing and weather is right, I sometimes get lucky.

     The attached image is from yesterday, taken near the Island Heights Post Office, which overlooks Barnegat Bay.  Nothing, in my opinion, beats the image of sun over water, be it in the morning or afternoon. The technique, photographically, for capturing sunrises is  basically the same as capturing sunsets.  A high ISO (but not so high as to get visible noise), relatively slow shutter speed, and as small an aperture as you can, all shot in RAW.  A tripod helps, but I rarely think to take one in the morning.  Some photographers like to put White Balance on "Cloudy," but I don't bother.  I can always make adjustments in post-processing if necessary.

     Anyway, enjoy the image. Today was cloudy and the forecast for tomorrow is rain, so I may need to wait another week or so before I get "lucky."


(Frank Parisi Photography) Barnegat Bay, Facebook, ISO Island Heights, RAW Toms River, White Balance, aperture, sunrises, Sat, 03 Jan 2015 18:01:26 GMT
Happy New Year!!    I have spent this first day of 2015 getting off on what I believe is the right foot--by taking photographs and working on ways to lead people to my site. Now I am blogging.

   It has been a clear and bright day here at the Jersey Shore, so I took advantage of the weather to grab a few pictures of gulls as I waited to photograph a few friends taking a New Year's Day polar plunge (burrrr!). I live near the Toms River, so gulls are often an favorite capture--especially when people are feeding them as happened today.

   I have also spent part of today signing up for a Pinterest account, after much prompting by my dear wife and kids. My hope it brings more people to this blog and to the site to enjoy, and possibly buy, my photos.  If you are a Pinterest user and get a chance to stop by and pin some of my photos please do, and thanks in advance!

Hope your new year is all that you want it to be.



(Frank Parisi Photography) 2015, Happy New Year, Pinterest, The Jersey Shore, blogging, gulls, Thu, 01 Jan 2015 22:15:00 GMT
2014, and a better 2015 Wow, what a year its been!

I hope you have enjoyed my shows and these periodic mailings and, even more, that you have enjoyed the images on this website. It will be hard to top Antarctica, but I am planning a busy 2015. I have two big trips planned, one to the Caribbean and one to South America (more about them in future blogs), a solo show at Ocean County College in the fall, and participation in a bunch of local shows, including "New Jersey Isn't Boring" this Spring. One of my resolutions is to make this website even better, with more regular blog posts and a revamp of the images on the site, so stay tuned.

As the year ends, let me thank you for looking and your patronage, and most of all, for your support. Without it, I would not have the encouragement and motivation I need to capture the images you enjoy.  Have a healthy and prosperous 2015!

(Frank Parisi Photography) 2014, 2015, Antarctica Caribbean, Ocean County College, Solo show, South America, blogs, Wed, 31 Dec 2014 17:17:14 GMT
I know it is a bit early, but..... ......The holidays are coming up fast, and if you want one of my great pictures as a gift for a special person in your life--or for yourself--please let me know ASAP.  Please note that I will be away--far away--right after Thanksgiving for two weeks (I will be in Antarctica: details soon). So unless you order soon, I may not be able to guarantee delivery by 12/25.  

    Thanks for thinking of my work. If you have any questions, call me at 732-232-9417 or send me an email at [email protected].


(Frank Parisi Photography) Frank Parisi Photography Holiday gift ideas, Mon, 03 Nov 2014 16:24:39 GMT
My shows are ending soon. Just a reminder that if you want to see the two shows that are featuring my work, you need to do so very soon.  My solo show at the Manchester branch of the Ocean County Library comes down on Tuesday morning October 28th, and the show at Ocean County College comes down on Thursday, October 30th.  It has been fun to do the shows and I will be doing others.  I will have a big solo show at OCC next October.  Till then, I will be busy traveling, taking pictures, and posting here and on Facebook. Stay tuned!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Frank Parisi, Ocean County College, Ocean County Library Fri, 24 Oct 2014 01:11:52 GMT
Saturday. This coming Saturday, October 18th, I will be at the Harvest Fest on Washington Street in Toms River.  I hope to see you there!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Harvest Fest, October 18, 2014 Toms River, Fri, 17 Oct 2014 01:55:01 GMT
Tomorrow is the day.... ....for the formal reception for the show at Ocean County College. I hope to see you there!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Down the Shore, Ocean County College, superstorm Sandy Sat, 11 Oct 2014 16:17:15 GMT
Don't forget... Just a reminder that I will be involved two shows starting this week and continuing through October.

   One, "Down the Shore, Painting and Photographs of the Jersey Shore Before and After Sandy," will be a joint show at the Grunin Center for the Arts at Ocean County College. Seven artists will be featured, including me, working in a wide range of mediums and styles. I will be presenting some realistic photos of the before and after of Sandy, many of which have not been shown previously. The show opens October 3rd, but there will be a formal reception on Sunday, October 12 from noon to 2 pm.  Please come as my guest!!


   The other, "Wind, Water, Light"will be a solo show at the Manchester Branch of the Ocean County Library, on Colonial Drive in Manchester.  It will feature a variety of images, some in color, some in black and white, which feature combinations of wind, water and light. Some will be old favorites, but many will works not show publicly before now. The show will be open to the public during regular library hours.


      I hope you get a chance to go to one or both shows.  If you do go, let me know what you think. I always enjoy hearing from you!!


(Frank Parisi Photography) Branch County Down the Shore, Frank Parisi, Library" Manchester Ocean Ocean county College, Sandy, Wind, Water Light, of the Mon, 29 Sep 2014 23:11:39 GMT
A few thoughts on photography, by a few great masters of the craft. Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.
 Imogen Cunningham

Look, I’m not an intellectual – I just take pictures.
- Helmut Newton

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.
-  Ansel Adams


(Frank Parisi Photography) Ansel Adams, Helmut Newton, Imogen Cunningham, On Photography Wed, 17 Sep 2014 01:33:17 GMT
And now for my next act....... I mentioned a while back that I would be participating in two shows in October.  I have given a lot of play to the show "Down the Shore" at the Grunin Center at Ocean County College.  I hope to see you at the reception on the 12th from noon to 2 pm.  It will be worth your stopping by.

The other will be a solo show at the Ocean County Library, Manchester Branch.  The title of the show is "Wind, Water, Light" and it goes up on September 30th and runs for the month.  It is a collection of color or black and white images depicting representations of the three elements of wind, water and light.  Each photograph is a visual representation of the interaction of these elements, sometimes only two, sometimes all three. I think you will enjoy it.  If you do go, let me know what you think.  I always enjoy hearing from you!

"Mary Ann" charging ahead"Mary Ann" charging ahead

(Frank Parisi Photography) Ocean County Library, Manchester, Wind, Water and Light black and white, color, Wed, 10 Sep 2014 00:25:18 GMT
A new gallery.... I have added a new gallery to the dozen or so galleries I have here on the site.  It is entitled "Recent Work," and it contains images I have captured within the past two months.  The idea is to give friends an opportunity to see what I have been doing most recently, before it is added to an existing gallery.  Some of the images have been on Facebook or entered into on-line competitions such as "Capture Jersey Shore," but some of the images have not been shown previously.  Anyway, they are here for your pleasure or purchase--so enjoy!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Frank Parisi Gallery, Recent Work, Thu, 28 Aug 2014 21:20:11 GMT
Let's do a show....or two!!    October is going to be a busy month for me as I will be participating in two shows at the same time!  

   One will be a solo show at the Manchester Branch of the Ocean County Library.  I will have more info on that in a week or so.

   The other is entitled "Down the Shore: Paintings and Photography of the Jersey Shore--Before and After Sandy."  It will run from October 3 to October 30 at the Jay and Linda Grunin Center for the Arts at Ocean County College, 1 College Drive, in Toms River.  There will be a reception on Sunday, October 12 from noon to 2 pm. A total of 7 visual artists will be presenting works in various mediums.  I will have between 10 and 15 photographs on display, some in color, some in black and white, giving my impression of the before and after of Superstorm Sandy. You are welcome to join me for the reception!  If you can't make it on the 12th, stop by anytime that month and see the show.  It will be excellent.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Down the Shore, Jay and Linda Grunin Center for the Arts Ocean County College, Sandy, Sat, 02 Aug 2014 14:48:25 GMT
I was wrong. The show is NOT over.  Due to popular demand (and a request by the dear gallery owner), the show will continue to the end of the month. So, stop in and see what you thought you missed! 

(Frank Parisi Photography) Frank Parisi, Rhapsody, Virginia Perle Gallery Wed, 16 Jul 2014 01:42:15 GMT
The show may be over... ....but the images endure.  All of the photographs that were featured in my recent show at the Virginia Perle Art Gallery are now included in the title  slideshow on this site, and they are available for your viewing pleasure or for purchase as prints, matted or framed or as cards. Have a question? Shoot me an e-mail.  Thanks again for looking!!


(Frank Parisi Photography) Black and White Frank Parisi, Virginia Perle Art Gallery, Thu, 26 Jun 2014 01:35:29 GMT
THE END IS NEAR......... ....for my show "Rhapsody" at the Virginia Perle Gallery, that is.  It ends forever this coming Saturday, June 21st.  The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 4 pm.  After then, who knows?  See it while you still can!


(Frank Parisi Photography) Black and White Frank Parisi, Rhapsody, Virginia Perle Art Gallery, Mon, 16 Jun 2014 23:52:49 GMT
Father's Day will be here soon..... June 15th is Father's Day and what better present for dad than a nice photograph of something a sailboat! 

 There are certainly plenty  (of photograph of them) on this site to chose from, in every size and color. Consider that if you pick one from the "Chasing Roosters" gallery, you will be not only be selecting a great gift, but you will also be helping out the BBYRA. The organization has done so much to promote the sport in this area and a portion of the proceeds of each picture  sold from that gallery will be donated to the BBYRA. So here is you opportunity to give dad something he would like and help a great organization. How can you beat that!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Chasing Roosters Fathers Day, sailboats, Wed, 04 Jun 2014 18:43:03 GMT
"Chasing Roosters" Today is the publication date of  "Chasing Roosters," which is a history of the  Barnegat Bay Yacht Racing Association, written by Gary Jobson. It is a great organization I have been associated with for many years and the book contains over 40 of my best sailing pictures. It is well worth a look! DSC_3783DSC_3783

(Frank Parisi Photography) BBYRA, Chasing Roosters, Gary Jobson Fri, 30 May 2014 14:26:54 GMT
Today's the day.... Today is the opening of my show, "Rhapsody." It contain black and white images of all types and subjects, taken within the last few years.  It has been a long time coming, at least from my perspective. I hope visitors enjoy seeing the images as much as I enjoyed creating them. I hope to see you there today.  If not today, you have until June 14. Enjoy!


(Frank Parisi Photography) Sun, 18 May 2014 13:24:00 GMT
Reminder: "Rhapsody" Opens this Sunday, May 18th...

Just a reminder....the show opens this Sunday, May 18th, starting at 1 pm at the Virginia Perle Art Gallery, Toms River.  There will be refreshments, lots of people, selfies with Buster and me, and many black and white images that you are sure to love.  I hope to see you then.  If we haven't met (formally), just come up and say hi. I'll be the one in the Hawaiian shirt.  If you can't make it Sunday, no problem.  The show continues till June 14th.  The gallery is open Wednesdays through Saturday, noon to 4 pm. Questions?  E-mail me at [email protected]. For further info about the gallery, call 732-244-4300.  Cheers!!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Black and white photography Frank Parisi, Rhapsody, Toms River, Virginia Perle Art Gallery, Fri, 16 May 2014 14:58:31 GMT
It's coming..... Black and White show, that is!   The name of the show is Rapsody and it is a show of approximately 50 of my best black and white shots from New Jersey, New York, Ireland and all over, with lots of sailing shots.  The opening reception is on Sunday, May 18th, starting at 1 pm and running until 4 at the Virginia Perle Art Gallery in Toms River, New Jersey.  The show runs until June 14th.  The gallery is open Wednesdays through Saturday from noon to 4 pm.  I hope to see you there!!


(Frank Parisi Photography) Rhapsody, Toms River, Virginia Perle Sat, 03 May 2014 01:18:12 GMT
Music? Fourth of July!Fourth of July!


As you may have noticed, I have added a soundtrack to my webpage.   What do you think? Love it?  Hate it?  Like the idea, hate the selection?  Drop me a line and let me know.  Thanks!!


(Frank Parisi Photography) Music Tue, 25 Mar 2014 01:49:51 GMT
Erin Go Bragh! In honor of St. Patrick's day, I am featuring on the site some of my best pictures of Ireland. I took them last September when I was in County Mayo mostly, with side trips to Claire and Galway.  It is a beautiful county, with wonderful people and great food--and beer. Take a few minutes to stop by and enjoy the show!!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Claire, County Mayo, Erin Go Bragh, Galway, St. Patrick Fri, 07 Mar 2014 01:50:47 GMT
Yea me!! The image below won an Award of Merit at the 2014 "Eyesights" open juried photography show sponsored by the Guild of Creative Art in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.  The show, which started on Sunday, March 2, runs to April 1 of this year and include many excellent works in color and black and white.  The image, which is entitled "Autumn, Loon Lough Lake, County Mayo, Ireland, was taken on my trip to Ireland last September.  It is one of three of my images at the show.  I was honored to have my work selected to be in the show and was very pleased to win an Award of Merit. This year marked the third I tried to enter the show, but only the first time I was successful.  I guess I am getting better!! 


Autumn, Loon Laugh Lake, County Mayo, Ireland


(Frank Parisi Photography) County Mayo, Eyesights' open juried show, Guild of Creative Art Ireland, Loon Laugh Lake, Shrewsbury, NJ, Thu, 06 Mar 2014 01:33:19 GMT
My favorite holiday......  



Orange sherbert sunsetOrange sherbert sunset



An incredible post-Thanksgiving sunset from 2011



(Frank Parisi Photography) Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, sunset Thu, 28 Nov 2013 13:20:14 GMT
Cell phone cameras are here to stay....       Several times this week, I found myself looking at a great image--but not having one of my DSLRs nearby.  So, I did what is increasingly becoming common--I used my cell phone camera. The results have been surprising, as can be seen from the image below (full disclosure--I did touch it up a bit and crop it using Photoshop).  The quality has certainly gotten better over the years.  The cell phone actually takes a darn good picture--unless you want to blow it up to larger than a 6 by 4 (which one of my colleagues at work requested, but I had to decline after an explanation). Still, if one has to choose between not taking the image and using a cell phone and getting the shot, I say use the cell phone.  It will not be too long before the sensor in my phone will be larger than the one in my DSLR.  Indeed, it was not too many years ago that the best digital camera you could buy had fewer megapixels than my phone does now. Indeed, my Iphone 5 has an 8 megapixel sensor made by Sony--larger than the 6.1 megapixel sensor in the first Nikon I used, which was a d50.  Still, the old  photographer's adage about always having one's camera with one is certainly as true today as it ever was.  Now, increasingly, however, for many people, including me, that camera is a cell phone.


(Frank Parisi Photography) Iphone, Nikon d50, cell phone cameras, megapixel, Mon, 11 Nov 2013 02:43:48 GMT
Looking "Seasonal" My seasonal gallery is now operational, so you are welcomed to come and browse.  The images have been specially configured for downloading, so if you want to use one for a holiday card, you can download the image and have it processed commercially.  There are also cards with my images on the site, if you prefer that. I hope that you find something you like and that will help you spread the cheer.

Poinsettia closeupPoinsettia closeup

(Frank Parisi Photography) Christmas, Holiday season, poinsettia, Sun, 27 Oct 2013 20:56:57 GMT
Its getting to be the season.... Yes, summer is over and frost is predicted for tonight.  That can only mean one thing--its getting to be the holiday season.  With that in mind, we all need to start thinking about gifts for loved ones.  And what better gift can there be than a beautiful photograph of something memorable, like a sunset, or a sailboat. or a great black and white image.  Here at my website are hundreds of great images--no doubt you can find one for that special someone in your life, or for your family or friends! Order it and you are done (or almost). In the next few days I will be adding a new gallery entitled "Seasons," which will feature images of the holiday season here at the Jersey Shore and elsewhere in the area.  Many would make great seasonal cards (hint, hint), so if you want one for that purpose, just let me know. 

Simple sprig of ChristmasSimple sprig of Christmas

(Frank Parisi Photography) Christmas Christmas cards Jersey Shore, holiday season, presents for loved ones, sailboats, Wed, 23 Oct 2013 00:16:55 GMT
What you see, and capture in a photograph, is what you are. Dancing fire There is only you and your camera.  The limitations of photography are in yourself, for what you see is what you are.

Ernest Hass (as quoted by Clyde Butcher on a recent FB post)


(Frank Parisi Photography) Clyde Butcher, Ernest Hass, What you see is what you are Tue, 22 Oct 2013 01:07:59 GMT
An Art of Observation
To me, photography is an art of observation.  It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place... I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.----Elliott Erwitt
(Frank Parisi Photography) An Art of Observation, Elliot Erwitt, The way you see things, Thu, 05 Sep 2013 00:52:56 GMT
On knowing and not knowing The thing that's important to know is that you never know. You're always sort of feeling your way.
Diane Arbus, Diane Arbus Revelations

(Frank Parisi Photography) Diane Arbus, knowing and not knowing Sat, 17 Aug 2013 14:20:17 GMT
On the professional vs amateur photographer Let me here call attention to one of the most universally popular mistakes that have to do with photography - that of classing supposedly excellent work as professional, and using the term amateur to convey the idea of immature productions and to excuse atrociously poor photographs. As a matter of fact nearly all the greatest work is being, and has always been done, by those who are following photography for the love of it, and not merely for financial reasons. As the name implies, an amateur is one who works for love; and viewed in this light the incorrectness of the popular classification is readily apparent. - Alfred Stieglitz - in 1899

Send the Quote in Email
(Frank Parisi Photography) Alfred Stieglitz, amateur photographers, professional photographers, Sat, 10 Aug 2013 21:40:00 GMT
On photography and seeing Photography helps people to see.

Berenice Abbott


(Frank Parisi Photography) Bernice Abbot, Photography, seeing Tue, 06 Aug 2013 02:02:21 GMT
Photography as an "art medium" The use of the term "art medium" is, to say the least, misleading, for it is the artist that creates a work of art not the medium. It is the artist in photography that gives form to content by a distillation of ideas, thought, experience, insight and understanding. - Edward Steichen

(Frank Parisi Photography) Edward Steichen art medium Thu, 25 Jul 2013 18:50:04 GMT
On looking and thinking and photography... Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.
- Yousuf Karsh

(Frank Parisi Photography) Looking and thinking Yousuf Karsh heart and mind Tue, 23 Jul 2013 00:19:09 GMT
On photography, by a master. "Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual." - Edward Weston  ]]> (Frank Parisi Photography) Edward Weston Tue, 02 Jul 2013 01:08:31 GMT A master photographer comments on his craft. "But as for me, I enjoy shooting a picture. Being present. It’s a way of saying, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” It’s like the last three words of Joyce’s “Ulysses,” which is one of the most tremendous works which have ever been written. It’s “Yes, yes, yes.” And photography is like that. It’s yes, yes, yes. And there are no maybes. All the maybes should go to the trash, because it’s an instant, it’s a moment, it’s there! And it’s respect of it and tremendous enjoyment to say, “Yes!” Even if it’s something you hate. Yes! It’s an affirmation."

Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1971

(Frank Parisi Photography) Cartier-Bresson Yes! Yes! Yes! Fri, 28 Jun 2013 02:08:07 GMT
Sailing Photography  


    Of all the photos I have taken, perhaps my favorites are of sailboats.  Those people who know me know that I have been sailing off and on since I was about 10 years old and that I have participated in many aspects of the sport--from competitive racing, to offshore cruising, to just drifting around Barnegat Bay. Today I have put up a new gallery that combines two of my favorite things in life--sailing and photography. Specifically, this gallery shows the Ocean County College team in action, which I have been following with my camera for a few years now. It is also a team that I, as a member of the Island Heights Sailing Foundation, have helped to support financially as well. I believe these images capture some of the color and excitement of competitive sailing, of which college sailing is in a class of its own. For the photographers out there, I would say that getting good images is harder than it looks--you need to be close to the action and you need to shoot fast, with much shutter priority and at high speeds. Glare off the water can also be a problem, so it is always good to use a polarizing filter. It also pays to be agile and to maintain a keen sense of where the water is at all times--camera equipment is not made to get drenched and replacements can be very expensive!

    Anyway, I am planning to add additional galleries in which sailing is featured, so stay tuned. Enjoy.

(Frank Parisi Photography) 420 Island Heights Sailing Foundation OCC Ocean County College college sailing Sat, 16 Mar 2013 21:47:34 GMT
Island Heights My latest gallery is a bit of a departure from my previous ones.  While others display what I consider some of my best images under a particular heading, the new one sets out more of a pictorial description of a physical location.  The location is Island Heights, the town were I live. I have included an assortment of images from different locations in town and during different seasons.  For those of you who do no not know it, Island Heights is a relatively unknown community of about 1,700 people on the Toms River, full of genuine Victorian houses and architecture. (For more on its history, see  It is also a noted hub for small boat recreational sailing and racing for children and adults. Of course, because it is an island (mostly when there are extreme high tides or severe storms, such as Sandy), it is also a superb location for sunrise and sunset photographs, among my specialties.  I believe that all of these characteristics are reflected in the gallery. Of course, this is a personal and admittedly idiosyncratic view of the town--there are some images not included. I have not, for example, included many images of people, though it is a fairly tight-knit community of individuals, many with roots going back to the town's founding in the late 1870s.  Still, the images that are here highlight my strongest interests--water, sailing, and the play of light on different locations and at different times of the day.  I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed assembling it.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Island Heights Toms River genuine Victorian architecture sailing Sat, 23 Feb 2013 18:20:12 GMT
Where have I been? In case you were wondering, I have been busy with many things photographic, though not all directly related to this website.  I have been busy entering competitons (there are a million of them), taking some photographs, preparing a new gallery for this site, and setting up new digs in my house--basically an office for my photography. As a result of the latter, I have been without Internet for a few days and have been unable to communicate with the greater world to a great extent.  Anyway, I am back. The gallery should be up in a few days and will contain an assortment of photographs taken during different seasons in the town where I live.  It is called Island Heights and if you have looked through the photos posted here, you have seen some of the images of it I have captured.  More are on their way. Hope you enjoy them. As always, if you have a question or comment, please don't hesitate to leave a comment.  Thanks.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Heights Island Fri, 22 Feb 2013 02:06:17 GMT
Sunrise, sunset capture (a primer).... It is obvious that I have a particular affinity for sunsets and sunrises.  You may wonder if there is a trick or technique to getting a good image.  A few things are obvious and essential.  First, you need a good vantage point.  My preferred place is over water, so as to catch the reflection. A lake, a river or any body of water can be a good setting, especially if there is something else to frame the image, like a building or a boat.  Also, I have found that, technically speaking, you need to do at least three things:  you should shoot in RAW, use a tripod or monopod (and a remote triggering device), and you should underexpose a bit.  I would not suggest putting the ISO up too high--that will lead to a grainy image. You should also avoid shooting directly in the sun unless you underexpose significantly. Another trick is to wait until the sun is completely down for a sunset or for a sunrise, just before the sun hits the horizon.  That is often when the colors are at their most intense. Finally, keep in mind that you have to work relatively quickly--the sun is always moving and the colors are constantly changing.  It is not like shooting a sporting event, obviously, but you can not be a laggard.  Speaking of laggards, also remember that sometime you have to get up very early or stay up kinda late, and often it is really cold. You also have to be lucky, as in much of photography, being at the right place at the right time.  But if things turn out just right, you may get a few images you really love,  Good luck!!

(Frank Parisi Photography) sunrise sunset Sat, 19 Jan 2013 23:02:12 GMT
Change. I am definately a person who believes that change is good. Some fear it, some don't care, and some embrace it.  I am definately the latter. You may have noticed that I have made some changes to this site with respect to the initial layout and the slide show.  I have received some professional suggestions from my daughter on how to improve my presence on this site and I have incorporated most.  I hope you like them.  If not, just wait.  Things will change again after a while! 

(Frank Parisi Photography) Sun, 13 Jan 2013 16:14:11 GMT
Busy, busy, busy.... The new year has begun with a bang and at a hectic pace. I have been doing several things at once..working on this website, promoting my business on Facebook and LinkedIn, and going back to work. A nasty winter cold slowed me down for a few days, but I am back to work, literally. I am working on several new galleries at on Island Heights, one on Barnegat Bay, and another on flowers.  Several more are in the planning stages. There is always work to do on these, such as adding photos, editing, etc.  it is fun, but I have to remember to allocate time to take pictures, which is still my favorite part of being a photographer. As soon as a gallery is done, I will send out a notice to all of my friends, so you will be hearing from me soon...unless the weather is too nice for me to stay inside and edit photographs!!!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Thu, 10 Jan 2013 14:52:42 GMT
Out with the old... The last day of the year is, for many of us, a time for reflections and resolutions.  We have mixed feelings about the good and bad of the preceeding 364 days and hope, and perhaps foreboding, for the next 365. I, for one, share a bit of each, but I am generally optimistic about the future.  I don't really make resolutions, but I do intent to give more time to photography and to capture more and better images.  The next year will bring opportunities and disapointments.  I hope to make the best of each and perhaps get a few more worthy photographs to grace these digital pages.  I hope your New Year brings you everything that you believe you deserve.  Happy New Year!! 

(Frank Parisi Photography) Mon, 31 Dec 2012 18:53:11 GMT
Boxing Day It has been a good Christmas for photography for me.  I have several new lens (the so-called Nikon Trinity: 14-24, 24-70, 70-200) and a Speedlight SB-800 flash.  I am now in the process of trying then all and learning how to use the flash, which has been fun.  Having never done much with a flash before, other than flashfills and using the flash that is part of the camera, learing how to use the Speedlight is almost like learning a new language, only more rewarding.  I am happy with the results so far and hope to post here soon. I believe I now have a good number of choices for the Christmas card for next year...hmmmm, perhaps a holiday gallery here would be interesting..;-))  Hope your holiday was a good one.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Wed, 26 Dec 2012 16:25:02 GMT
Christmas! Merry Christmas!  I offer my best wishes to all for a great holiday, and a happy and prosperous new year. I am now officially a Zenfolio customer, having signed up for the Premium package.  It makes my photos look great and I may even sell a few.  I have signed up to sell a total of 117 products, which is about half of all of those offered (no apron or keychains--I can't believe someone wants an apron with one my pictures on it.) I am gratified by the response I have received from the people who have viewed the sight. Now all I have to do is add a few more galleries and do some marketing (easier said than done)!!  Anyway, we are on our way out to join in the holiday cheer with friends.  I hope you enjoy this time of year as well.  Merry Christmas!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Mon, 24 Dec 2012 23:41:27 GMT
Saturday I have not posted for a while as this is a very busy time of the year, as everyone knows.  I continue to be pleased by my experience here at Zenfolio and honored by the nice comments from friends and mentors.  I have added a bunch of black and white images, both realistic and abstract, and will now send the site out to a wider public for their critique before I give Zenfolio my final committment. This will probably be my last gallery for a while as assembling the next ones will be a lot more work. It has been a laborous but necessary process to collect, fix and display my images here. Doing so is not one of my favorite tasks but having a website has forced me to do so, for which, in a strange way, I am thankful.

(Frank Parisi Photography) Sat, 22 Dec 2012 17:47:40 GMT
Proceeding along... Today is my second day on Zenfolio and so far, so good.  I have sent a preview page to a few people whose opinion I respect and so far the response has been very positive.  They have made some good suggestions, which I have incorporated into the site this evening. They are giving me credit for great work, when actually the credit should go to Zenfolio.  The set-up has been much easier than I expected and the results have been super.  It all makes my work look better than I thought it looked! I am going to add some more content and then post it for comment on one of the Facebook photogroups I belong to. Let's see if my good luck holds out! 

(Frank Parisi Photography) Tue, 18 Dec 2012 00:57:50 GMT
Thumbnails. Welcome.  This is my first online site for my photographs, other than Facebook, and my first blog.  Hope you like the photos.  All comments welcomed and encouraged.  Don't worry anything you say will not be used against you, or forgotten!

(Frank Parisi Photography) Sun, 16 Dec 2012 19:48:11 GMT