Guest Blog: How to Market Your Unusual Photographs by Katie Conroy

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How to Market Your Unusual Photographs

By Katie Conroy


Perhaps you were inspired by architectural name art photography or you simply have friends trying to convince you that your subject of choice would sell. Whatever the reason, you’re thinking about turning your photography hobby into a business. Keep reading for a few quick tips on how to get started.


Understand your inspiration.


We are all inspired by something. For Frank Parisi, it’s sailboats. Other photographers might be fascinated by insects, cemeteries, or abandoned places. Before you decide to turn your photography into a business, you’ll want to understand your inspiration and how other people might also want to display the things you’ve seen on their walls.


Know the obligation. 


Something that many people don’t realize about turning a hobby into a business is that it’s no longer just a hobby. We usually make art as a respite from our professional or personal lives. But, be prepared to treat your passion as a business. Although you may still enjoy it, you must decide if you are willing to have to live up to expectations so that you can continue to make a living.


Get comfortable marketing yourself.


It’s one thing to show off our prized shots to our friends and family. Turning photography into a business is a whole other beast altogether. Get comfortable marketing yourself, which means acknowledging your strengths, having a website, pricing your services, and passing out business cards. For the business cards, customize these with your own images, and don’t forget to use a color scheme and font that best shows your logo and branding. Business cards are great for photographers because they offer a glimpse of your art and style.


Make time for yourself.


Even once you begin selling your talents to others, take some time to shoot just for you. This might mean blocking off one day a month just so you can enjoy the freedom to get creative without the pressures of knowing you have to later sell the end product. The Parsnips and Pastries blog suggests finding time by delegating tasks to others or simply giving yourself five minutes every day dedicated just to you.



Find a mentor.


Even if you’ve been a business professional for decades, look for a mentor that can help you get your new entrepreneurial endeavor off the ground. Foundr explains that a mentor is simply someone that has more experience in a particular industry than you. Ideally, you’ll also have some experience they can learn from, and the two of you can form a mutually beneficial relationship.


Get licensed, certified, and insured.


No matter what type of business you plan to run (even if it’s a side gig), do so professionally. This means getting licensed and, if applicable, gaining professional credentials, such as a certification or industry membership. You’ll also want to get business insurance, which Next Insurance explains might include general liability, commercial property, commercial auto, or other type of policy.


Turning your photography hobby into a business that helps pay the bills is a big step as an artist. You must keep in mind that your art is no longer simply yours but must meet the demands of others as well. To get started, first learn to appreciate how your subjects might be viewed by others, and don’t forget to continue to sneak a few snapshots just for you. Ultimately, becoming an entrepreneur is a great way to supplement your family’s income or to replace a 9-5 altogether. But, don’t get so involved with earning that you forget to enjoy yourself throughout the process.


Frank Parisi is a great example of how to turn your passion into a payday. By gaining a reputation in his niche, Frank’s customers trust his judgment, so he can still enjoy taking photographs of sailboats and the people on them.




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