Frank Parisi Photography | "TOGETHER" Reception this Saturday, October 28th, at Belmar Arts

"TOGETHER" Reception this Saturday, October 28th, at Belmar Arts

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                      Into the sun, together.Into the sun, together.


        "TOGETHER", a show I have co-curated with Belmar Arts Trustee Jim Aberle, will have its reception at the Boat House this coming Saturday, October 28th, between 5 and 7 pm at the Belmar Arts Center.  The idea behind this show is to display the work of people working "together" on a common project, or to produce variations on the same image, or to present several items that go "together."  I may be biased because I am so involved, but I think this is a great show!  The ideas submitted are truly ingenious and clever--very imaginative--in short, excellent art.

    For example, there are several works that combine the words or poetry of one person and the visual art of another.  An example of this is the piece submitted by my good friend Bill Ross, which features a poem and his incredible, meticulous drawing.  A fun piece is composed of brightly-colored items found on the beach at Belmar and offer a sad commentary on our disposal society and the plastic items people leave on the beach in summer.  My work is included and it features the above photograph and two variations on the same subject in very different mediums--very inventive!

   The prizes will continue the theme of "together", as the audience will actually be asked to select the winners.  Ballots are now available for any visitor to the gallery to vote for their favorite piece.  There will be no cash awarded, just bragging rights. But in order to avoid ballot stuffing, only one ballot per visitor will be permitted.  The results will be tallied up on Saturday and the winners will be announced at the reception!  

   I hope to see you Saturday.  If you cannot make it, the show will continue until November 18th.  But voting ends on Saturday, so if you want to make your choice count, stop by the gallery by October 28th.  I hope to see you then!! 


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