Growth as an artist

March 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

  The Boardwalk, Asbury Park.The Boardwalk, Asbury Park.  

    I have been thinking a lot lately about how some artists change their styles and interests over time.  For example, Picasso did not paint the same way when he was in this 60s as when he was in his 20s. Giuseppe Verdi also changed and his music got richer between the time of his first hit opera "Nabucco" and his later works much as "Otello" and "Falstaff." Bob Dylan underwent several transformations, from a folksinger, to a rockstar, to a county music devotee. Growth as an artist is also as true for photographers as it is for writers or any other creative.

    There are probably many reasons for this.  Growing maturity and wisdom is part of it, as is greater mastery of one's craft, which comes with constant work and practice.  Also playing a part is more exposure to emerging artistic trends and techniques over time. Part of it also is, I think that the artist gets bored doing the same thing or addressing the same subject. This may not be true for every artist, but there are many who master one style and then move on to something new, something fresh to explore and master. The new work is always informed and shaped by the old, and the result can be something entirely new for the artist and for his or her genre. Many artists are restless by nature, never complexity happy with their work, always looking for a new way to express a thought or emotion in their soul, and changes of style are a way to satisfy this demon--at least for a while.

   I must admit that I sometimes have similar urges.  Believe me, I love the water, and photographing sailboats and sunsets.  Yet there are times when I am drawn to the work of other artists, work that looks at different subjects or approaches familiar subjects using new techniques or ways of seeing.  I don't often  display resultant photographs on social media or on this website, but they do satisfy a creative urge I sometimes feel.  

   After much thought, I have decided to offer the public more of these photographs, on this site and on FaceBook and Instagram.  I believe doing so will show more of my range and interests as an artist,  and be of interest to the viewer.  I will be putting up a new gallery on this site in a few weeks and offering more, different work on FaceBook and Instagram during the next few days.  I believe it will help to satisfy more of my creative urges and be informative and satisfying to you, my audience as well. Let me know what you think!  





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