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  Watching the sunset.Watching the sunset. Mirror image.Mirror image.


I never cease to be amazed at how many viewers like to look at my sunsets.  As you know, I have two gallery devoted to the beginning and the end of the day--one devoted to winter and the other more general.  Both attract more online visitors than just about all of my other galleries.  When I launched my latest sunset/sunrise gallery, I got more viewers thanI had in a long time.  I even made a few sales (thank you, wonderful people! know who you are). 

I guess it must be because the colors generated by the sun span the full range of the spectrum from black to white, from red to green, from blue to yellow, with an infinity of colors and hues in between. People also find that time of the day dramatic sometimes, peaceful sometimes, beautify and angry sometimes--in other words it generates as many emotions as it generates colors. 

I am very fortunate to live near the Toms River.  The sun setting or rising over the water always intensifies the colors and the depth of the event.  There is almost always a reflection and usually an additional point of visual interest, such as a boat, a tree, a bird, or a structure. The depth of the sun is also especially noticeable.  In mid-summer, the sun sets at the point furthest up the river (to the west) viewable from here in Island Heights, and the sun sets as close as possible to the middle of the eastern horizon, where it goes down behind Seaside Park (at least as seen from Island Heights). This provides a sunset where the sun seems to be going down into the river, and thus makes for glorious and memorable sunsets.  In winter, because the sun is always moving, it sets just to the west of the Island Heights Yacht Club and rises behind the highest hill in town.  The angle of the sun also varies due to the season, and that, of course, effects the light produced by a sunset or sunrise.

Whatever the reason, sunsets sunrises are the favorite time of day for many people.  Sunset certainly is one of my favorite times to pull out my camera and go for a walk near water! 


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