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   If you have gotten to this point on my site, you must have noticed my collection of bird photographs showing on the initial slideshow.

   Although I have taken many photographs of our feathered friends over the years, only recently have I collected the best of them into a gallery, now available for your enjoyment.  I don't consider myself a wildlife or bird photographer--that latter genre is my brother Joe's speciality. I have taken bird photographs once in a while, when I am visiting my brother in Florida (a great place for such photography) or in winter when photographic subjects are fewer.  It is a specialized area, with certain conventions (i.e., never clip a wing when cropping, make certain the eyes are sharp, get the birds in flight, not at a feeder, etc.). What I like is that you must also shoot very quickly and always be ready for a shot.  In this way, bird photography is a lot like sports photography--you must always be prepared to shoot at a moment's notice, or in anticipation of action, with all your settings and focus perfect and ready.  It is something I have come to appreciate more and enjoy more, but I still have much to learn. I plan to add more photos to the gallery as I take more and better shots.  

   Meantime, enjoy and please let me know if there are any photographs in particular that you enjoy.  


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