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Photography at the root of other arts--come see for yourself!

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    Although photography is, I believe, an art form in its own right, there are times when it is the basis, or parent, of other forms of artistic expression.  

   During photography's infancy, artists used photographs to only record a scene, which was later drawn or painted by an artist. There are many people who I know who do that now because they want to capture a particular scene and cannot do so quickly enough using pen and ink or paint. This method allows the artist to compose or stage a scene carefully then record it and work on the finished product at their leisure.

    There are also paint and pen and ink artists who are inspired by photographs and use the composition and the color of a particular rendering, or several renderings, as the basis for a finished painting.

     This coming spring, I will be participating in a show in which a well-known paint and pen and ink artist who is a friend of mine will be featuring about a dozen works that have as their basis my photographs.  The show will also feature a few works where I give my interpretation of works that she has done.  The works will be hung together, so that the viewer can see where the idea for the final work came from and the difference between the original and the interpreted work.

     The name of the show is "Seeing Double:  Two Visions, Many Expression.  Art work by Frank Parisi and Karen Pomeroy." The show will be at the Grunin Center for the Arts at Ocean County College in Toms River, New Jersey, and it will run from May 1st to May 26th.  There will be a reception on Sunday, May 7th, from 1 to 3 pm, to which you and all members of the public are invited.

    Allow me to add that at the same time I will be working with another artist on a similar project.  Jean Wetta, a very accomplished and well-regarded artist, will be using several of my photographs of A-Cat sailboats as the basis for an oil painting she has been commission to paint by a patron to serve as a auction item to raise money for the John F. Peto Studio and Museum here in Island Heights.  The auction has been held the last few years on July 3th in conjunction with a regatta of competing A-Cats.  It is always a fun occasion and I'm certain that the finished work will be centerpiece of the auction.  Jean has promised me a sneak preview of the work, which I am looking forward to.  I will pass along more details about the auction as I hear about them.

    I like the idea of artists working together on a project.  I think there can be a creative synergy, where each feeds off the ideas of and gets energy from the other. If you agree or are just curious about the results, please mark on your calendar the dates of my joint show with Karen and plan on coming to the reception on May 7th.  You will not be disappointed!





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