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My Christmas Wish List...

December 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


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       As noted last week, I have already received my gift from Santa. Still, the little boy in me still has a wish list for the holidays.  Among photographers, this is often a common syndrome and it is known as GAS--no, not the stuff you get after eating certain foods--it stands for Gear Acquisition Syndrome.  Photography can be a very gear/gadget intensive occupation--there is always a new lens, piece of equipment, or program to buy that a photographer may think will make his work better, no matter what time of year it may be. Sometimes it becomes an obsession until the itch is satisfied....or until the next shinny object comes along!

          I do have a few such items on my list.  These include: 1) a Gary Fong Lightsphere--a great flash diffuser for use when you need to enhance interior light or for fill outside, and for portraits and candids; 2) a "nifty-fifty", that is a 50 mm 1.8 Nikkor lens, which is great for all kinds of shots, especially portraits and closer work; and 3) a larger vehicle for toting my stuff to the art shows and fairs I attend.  I am not sure which one yet, though I have a few in mind.  I am still looking and doing research, but I have some time so that item may be on next year's list as well.  Other than these things, I am happy to say that I pretty much have all the gear I really need to do the work I do.  

           If I really had to list the things I wish for, they would, in reality, not be such tangible items. I would be more interested in experiences and opportunities than more material object.  First, and foremost, I wish for continued good health.  Without it, photography would be difficult at best and not occurring at worst.  Next, I wish for opportunities to travel, to photograph new places and things.  A trip to Iceland or Morocco or Asia, especially China,  would be very cool, as would a trip west to see places I may have visited before, but without my camera.  Next, I would wish for more opportunities to show my work in galleries and other tangible venues, other than online.  These opportunities are definitely out there--it is just finding the time and finding the energy to make the effort that is necessary. Last but not least, more people to appreciate my work. I like it when people like my work.  I also like it when they purchase some of it for their home or office.  I have been very fortunate in this respect, so far, and I hope it continues.  I must say that although I have not added up all the numbers,  I do believe that 2016 will be my best sales year yet.  I hope 2017 is just as good, if not better.

        That's all for now--holiday chores call.  Hope you, dear reader, get at least a few things on your list as well!  Cheers!





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