Frank Parisi Photography | Sailing in Black and White--A Preview.....

Sailing in Black and White--A Preview.....

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As the long-time readers of this blog know, I like black and white photography.  On occasion I have been known to get into a black and white phase in my work where many of my photographs use that mode.  There is just something about it I find so compelling, so dramatic, and so artistic.  I have long liked it for portraits, where the distraction of color is eliminated and the concentration is on the composition and the person.  I saw a quote recently on this that I really like: "Color photographs show the colors of the clothing a person is wearing. Black and white shows the soul of the person."  I agree.

I have decided recently to use black and white more for my sailing photographs.  Yes, I already have many such photos on this site, but I am going to give black and white a greater emphasis and concentration.  There are many photographers who capture images of sailboats in color--and some are really excellent.  Far fewer do it in black and white consistently, unless they are looking for a special effect or to evoke a special mood. I am going to do it more consistently and see what happens--whether I continue to enjoy it, whether it captures what I want to capture, and whether people are interested in purchasing it.   

In this change of focus, I am guided by some of the masters of sailing photography. Perhaps the greatest is Stanley Rosenfeld.  He started capturing images of great sailing yachts with his dad Morris in the great age of sail, when yacht were huge with great expanses of canvas and gargantuan crews. The work that Morris and Stanley did capturing America's Cup yachts up to the 1980s is truly outstanding.  Very few photographers have followed in their wake. I intend to do so.

 Attached are a few of my recent works.  A gallery on this site entitled "Sailing in Black and White" is in progress with more great images. Your views, reviews, and thoughts are welcomed and appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


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