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10,500 visitors--WOW!

January 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment



         While doing routine maintenance on this site the other day, I happened across the counter of the number of visitors who have stopped by during the three years it has been up.  I was shocked at the number: 10,500+  WOW! That was certainly a surprise.

         Google Analytics gives me a rough idea how many people visit the site in a month and where they are from.  No surprise that most are from the United States and New Jersey, in particular--duh!!  This is to be expected given my subject matter.  There were also a large number from New York and California, and from Florida.  What did surprise me, however, were the number of visitors from other countries.  Sometimes European countries like Britain and Italy, sometimes South American countries like Brazil, and Asian countries like China and Japan.  The largest number of visitors by far were from Russia--who would have guessed that?

          Because I have had only a few comments left on the site (and most were polite and positive), I am left to wonder what most visitors though of what they saw.  Google Analytics claims that most are new visitors, but between 25 to 50 percent are returning visitors.  Huh. Apparently, the most popular gallery for visitors is the one devoted to Island Heights, my place of residence. Are Russians really that interested in a small town on the Jersey Shore?  Perhaps.  It is a great place to visit!

           Whomever it is that is visiting, be they from New York, China, or Russia, they are all welcome, of course.  I am glad enough like what they see to come back for a second, third or forth visit.

            So dear reader, if you think of it next time you stop by, drop me a line and tell me who you are and what you like (or dislike) about the site. It will be useful information as I try to increase that number significant over the next three years and thereafter.  In the meantime, as I always say, thanks for stopping by! 


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