March has arrived......

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....and with it comes nicer weather, longer days, and St. Patrick's Day. I am not much of a drinker, nor am I Irish, but St. Pat's Day is a favorite holiday of mine, probably because it is so festive, with good food and wonderful camaraderie. And the music is absolutely wonderful!! So lively and tuneful at times, and at times, so haunting, and at other times, so funny!  I was fortunately to be able to go on a photographic trip to western Ireland a few years ago, to county Mayo to be exact, and it was completely delightful.  I love the land, the people, and going to the pubs for a pint and listening to outstanding live music. I learned to love the smell of peat burning in a fireplace and the taste of real oatmeal simmered in a pot for hours, so different from the instant stuff cooked in minutes. I also came to appreciate the charms of a "gentle" day of rain or mist, and that sadly, there are no leprechauns, except for the replicas for tourists!  Preparing the Ireland Gallery here brought it all back--or almost.  Maybe I'll get lucky again and go back one of these days.


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