Winter is the grayest time of the year, except that.....

January 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


  Iceboats at dawnIceboats at dawn is also the time of year with some of the most brilliant sunsets and sunrises.  I am not certain why that is; perhaps it has to do with the clarity of the air, or the angle of the sun, or the position of the clouds.  As the photographs in my newest gallery show, the colors seem to be more intense in winter than any other time of the year--and there is a wider range of colors, some are subdued, some striking.  At least it seems so.  This may not be true, but it gives me something to like about winter--and lord know that #winterisnotmyfavoriteseason! At least February is short, then its March and Spring is almost here.....YES!!


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