The little guys vs. the big guns, while on vacation....

July 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A have recently returned from a vacation charter cruise in the British Virgin Islands and, uncharacteristically, I did not bring one of my big Nikon cameras.  I decided long before I went that my wife and I were going to travel light--no checked luggage--and no heavy cameras.  I was really concerned about lugging them around airports, but more importantly, have them exposed to a marine environment for seven days.  This did not mean that I did not take a camera, however.

I do not regret my decision because, In fact, I had two cameras at my disposal and I used them all the time.  Just because I did not bring my big guns, this did not mean that I did not take any photographs. I had my wife's Nikon Coolpix, which was great on the water and under, and I had my iPhone SE.  Both took very good pictures--within limits.  The setting on the Coolpix were difficult to adjust, especially while underwater.  The iPhone was great, except for when I want to use the telephoto zoom.  That's when the low pixel count really showed. The Coolpix had limited photo editing tools, while the iPhone had great ones I used all the time. I did see a number of people carrying DSLRs--in situations which I though exposed them to harm or seawater.  When I did I was certain I made the right choice.

 There other thing was that this was, to my mind, more of a vacation than a photographic expedition.  When I went to Ireland, Cuba, or Antartica, I was there to take pictures first and enjoy the views second.  This time, I was there to enjoy the sailing and the scenery first, and take pictures secondarily.  Still, I did take a lot of shots--a few hundred at least. Some of these were more "arty" and expressionistic.  But most of these are what you would call vacation shots--pictures of people we went with, the boat we were on, what we ate (the food was fabulous), and where we went.  Few of these pictures are, to my mind, pictures I would print and offer for sale.  Granted, there were times I wish I had one of my Nikons.  The textures and scenes were  fabulous, the colors amazing and the places we stopped were clearly memorable.  The images of food on the boat was also worth capturing. Still, I am not sorry to have left the big boys home--this time.  

There may be a time, perhaps soon, when we do the trip again and I bring out the big guns.  If so, I'm sure it will be just a beautiful then and it was last week.


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