Got GAS or flagging inspiration? How I managed to avoid the inevitable....

June 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


A problem some photographers face at times is flagging inspiration.  Taking similar photographs of the same subject or in the same area can get dull.  A good photographer should be able to make every shot interesting, but at times that can be difficult or too much of a bother. As a result, that expensive camera gear may just sit while your skills erode.

The suggestion that one often hears on the blogs is to either find a new place to shoot, which is obvious, or to get a new piece of equipment, which may not be obvious.  This seems to work for many people--until, after a while, the enthusiasm begins to lag once again.

I have found this to be a bit of a problem, but I manage to get around it, mostly by taking the occasional trip or changing what I photograph.  Thus, in the past year, I have branched out into food photography, copying paintings, and more photography of birds.

This last interest has led me to evaluate my existing equipment and, after some consideration and checking on my bank account, I decided to upgrade my Nikon d7000 DX, which I used for action photography, to a camera that is perfectly suited for bird photography and sports--a Nikon d4.  This is a professional camera in every sense, it is built to last and perform under the harshest conditions, and not surprisingly, it one of Nikon's flagships.  I got it refurbished at an outstanding price. It is a 16 mp full frame, so the images have a lot of detail and they can be cropped and keep the detail. It also shoots at 11 frames per second (fps)--so on burst mode it sounds like a machine gun!!  You can see the results for yourself.  All of the images displayed here today were taken recently with the d4.  It is a very versatile machine--but its greatness lay in its ability to stop action.  It is perfect for birds in flight, but can also capture the occasional sunset  quite nicely.  I am looking forward to using it soon for capturing sailing shots.

I don't believe I have succumbed to a GAS attack (i.e., gear acquisition syndrome), which often plagues photographers and others too.  I am happy with what I have.  But I do admit I now have my eye on a few telephotos--like the 1.4 teleconverter and the 200-500 Nikon telephoto, which I used to shoot the America's Cup yachts...hmmm....maybe there is something to this GAS problem after all.....


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