Two sides of Ellis Island--festivities and restorations

May 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Last Sunday I missed posting on this blog because I spent the day on Ellis Island, the National Historic Site in New York Harbor that welcomed immigrants to America between the 1880s and 1920s--including all four of my grandparents. It is an amazing and fascinating place for all current Americans to visit to remind them of their roots, to see fabulous views of the New York skyline and, for those interested, to see parts of the island that are being restored.  

I went specifically for this latter part, and it was excellent. But before I mention that, let me note that my visit coincided with the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Festival.  It was an exciting mix of colorful and talent dancers, performers and musicians, welcomed by great dancing dragons and lions. The festival took part on the part of the island that has been restored, mostly in the Great Hall, which was the main processing area for most immigrants.  It was wonderful to experience that notable space filled with beautiful color and performances, all taking place before the backdrop of the iconic New York skyline.

The part of the island I came to see was the other part, where the hospital and outbuildings are in the process of a slow restoration.  I was on a special photographer's tour, with only a few people, so there was plenty of time of socialize and take pictures.  The opportunities for capturing images were memorable, especially if you like the genre of photographing old rundown and corroding rooms and furniture. The tour was only two hours, but a photographer could have easily spent many more hours wandering and capturing images.  Perhaps I will have to plan to go back soon.

In the meantime, I do not have any more great photographic expeditions planned, but I will be offering something new and very different on my FaceBook page and perhaps on this site, starting very soon.  More about that next time......



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