Art All Night, Belmar Art Walk, etc...T'is the season for art shows!!

May 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


May brings not only nicer weather--but it also brings more outside art shows and fairs!

Yesterday I was at a great one in Belmar--the Belmar Art Walk, sponsored by the businesses along Main Street in Belmar and the Belmar Arts Center (BAC),  which I joined recently.  Although yesterday was not May yet (ok, a day off), it was a beautiful Spring day, cool with lots of sunshine. I got to the art walk about noon after first stopping by the Spring Fair at Cargo Gardens.  There the vibe was definitely Spring, with lots of flowers, bushes and shrubs for sale together with some wonderful art, including metal yard art, photography, sculpture, glass, and painting.  In Belmar, the focus was on a variety of artistic mediums and a good number of photographers were present. A number of live bands were also present. As you might expect, there were many beach and ocean-oriented art works, together with images captured in New Jersey and nearby. There were a number of large and canvas works--more so than I see in the Toms River area.  I will be giving serious consideration to joining the fun at Belmar next year.

One show I will be entering after thinking about for several years is Art All Night in Trenton.  It is a 24-hour art extravaganza, now in its 10th year, which is free to enter and free for all to visit.  It is at the historic Roebling Wire Works exhibition space in downtown Trenton, near the Sun Bank Arena (the same place where the popular Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market occurs). It will feature all kinds of art, from painting to sculpture, to music, to preference art--you name it, its there.  The show runs from 3 pm on Saturday, June 18 to 3 pm on Sunday, June 19. I will will be entering one image, "Mariana," featured above because artists are allowed only one entry each.  Exhibitors do not need to be there for the entire evening, but the place really gets going after dark, when the most performances and music starts really cranking--or so I am told. There are also many food trucks--a big thing now in New Jersey.  Attendees are of all ages and from all walks of life, so it certainly sounds interesting to me, to say the least!!  Everyone who I know who has attended AAN in the past has loved exhibiting and attending. I will offer my take in a future blog post.

I'll close here by noting that today, May 1st, marks the beginning of a busy photography month for me, with several shows and trips planned. I am looking forward to getting out more and giving my shutter finger more exercise than usual!  Stay tuned.



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