"Unusual Aperture"--Check it out!

May 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A crack in the riverA crack in the river Bally's, Atlantic CityBally's, Atlantic City Dolls in a box, Alameda, August 2015Dolls in a box, Alameda, August 2015 Ghostly gullGhostly gull Symphony in blue and goldSymphony in blue and gold SpecterSpecter


A week ago I created a new page on my regular Facebook site called Unusual Aperture. You can find it on Google, but the address is: m.facebook.com/unusualaperture/.  On it I will be presenting images that are a bit different than my customary work, images that have an unusual mood,  color, or angle.  Some will be straight images that I captured and post with little enhancement, some will be converted to black and white, or more heavily manipulated.

 When I told my daughter, who is a talented graphic designer, about my idea for the page, she said: "Feeling a bit schizophrenic dad?"  The answer is no, of course.  I just want to explore a different side of the photographic art. I think every artist, if I may call myself that, has a side that is just beneath the surface of their usual work that they find appealing.  Without question,  I love the color and sharpness of photography.  It marks my best work, IMHO. Still, I appreciate different images, images that are mysterious, strange and a bit eerie. I see these when I take my more popular and commercial work, but I rarely post them.  Now, with the page I will post on a regular basis, some in color, some in black and white.

If you get the chance and have the inclination, please stop by my page at: https://m.facebook.com/unusualaperture and let me know what you think.

I don't have a separate website yet, though I have the domain names. Whether this expands depends on the reaction I get to it and the press of other photographic business. In other words, stay tuned!    


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