The amazing world of social media and photography.

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I may be old enough to qualify for a few senior citizen discounts, but I am not too old to learn a new trick or two, especially when it comes to photography.

This past week, I took a class on social media marketing from my friend Julie Kiss-Harms, a very talent glass artist and owner of "Designs with Juls" who really knows the ins and outs of getting one's name and one's art out before the public--especially the public involved with social media.  For people older than 50, that means the Internet, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Flicker, Twitter, etc. Those younger than 50 know a lot about this area already. Apparently, for an artist, it is all about images and getting images of one's art before as many eyes as possible. People no longer read--they only want to see images.  That fact may be lamentable to some, but I get it.  As the saying goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!!

Facebook is the biggest and most famous social media site in the world, so I don't need to say much by way of introduction.  I have been on it for years and have kept touch with a lot of current friends and acquaintances and accumulated many, many more.  It has many different parts, so it is possible to have a personal page, a business page, and to be involved in forums in areas of particular personal interest.  I do that, and all of the forums I am a member of have to do with either photography or sailing. If you are also on FaceBook, please stop by my page, checkout my entries and say "hi!"

I have had an Instagram account since August, and I must say it is a fascinating and a bit bewildering. I get likes from all over the world for the images I post--which I find both odd and cool at the same time.  If you would like to see my images and sign up for my feed, you can find me at FRANKPPHOTO. I also use the hashtags #frankpphoto and #frankparisiphotography.  Hashtags are interesting.  They are an indexing system, so every photograph taken by anyone on a particular subject--let's say #sunsets--are put under that hashtag for others on Instagram to view and enjoy.  Amazing, really!

There are thousands of other sites, but I will mention just two others.  One is LinkedIn.  It is really a professional and business networking site that offers the ability to network online with people that you know or that are in your area of interest. You list your interests and accomplishments, and the feed contains articles on business and of interest to people in your network. I have been on that for a few years and have a few hundred connections.  Does it help my business?  I have no idea, but I don't think it hurts.  The other one, also mentioned by Julie, is Google Plus.  Like Facebook, it has personal pages and business pages and it has a feed of images and articles on topics that you indicate you are interested in.  It has the work of a lot of excellent photographers, and some articles I find interesting.  I signed up yesterday to have my own page for Frank Parisi Photography.  Stay tuned.

Anyway, I have written more than enough about a medium based on images.  Now it is your turn to check out the "brave new world" of social media that is out there, if you have not done so already.




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