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Ah Spring!!

With the nicer weather, my creative instincts are starting to gin up to full throttle and I am getting involved in a bunch of new projects and making plans to visit a bunch of places close to home that I have not visited before.

Of the former, somethings have been noted already and more will be forthcoming. Promise.

Of the latter, there are several of note.  Yesterday I went to the ArtExpo New York 2016 with several friends from TRAC.  It is a huge international exposition of contemporary art held at Pier 93 in Manhattan (see images above).  The place is huge, and full of an fascinating array of visual arts of all kinds, from photography, to sculpture, to glass art, to painting and drawing, of course.  Individuals with incredible talent had their art for display and sale and all of the major galleries were present.  It was a feast for the senses.  The photography was unbelievable.  Much of it was printed on glass, metal or acrylic, and all of it was HUGE!! I got a bunch of ideas for more abstract treatments that I will be trying out as time permits in the months ahead.  Stay tuned. 

Within the next month I will be undertaking many more experiences with my camera--or at least photography related.  In addition to the Artists and Azeleas here in Island Heights and the Market Fair at the Ocean County Artists Guild in May, I will be checking out the Market Fair at Calgo Garden in Howell, New Jersey, and the Belmar Art Walk the same day (April 30th).  The week after that I am going on a special charter cruise to watch the America's Cup Regatta on the Hudson River in New York City. It will be my first viewing of an America's Cup race--very exciting.  I am even renting a special telephoto lens to make sure I get good shots of the action.  Then on May 15, I am going on a special photographer's tour of the unrenovated part of Ellis Island that is not usually open to the public.  It is of the hospital and its grounds and it covers about half of the island.  The tour is small--20 people--and it will proceed with hardhats, rain or shine.  I am looking forward to some truly outstanding images from that trip as well.

As always, I will keep you posted on my travels, so stop back to my blog again soon!!



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