Sunsets, sunrises, and afterglows....

January 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

If you have not visited my sunset gallery recently, you should do so now.  I have totally revamped it, added new images, replaced a few klunkers, and rearranged everything.  It also has a new name, to better reflect its content.  It is now called "Sunsets, sunrises and afterglows."

It is no secret that I love the colors at the beginning and the end of the day.  In fact, I have more images in this gallery than any other! Visitors must like them too because it has the second highest number of visitors.  The images are from sunsets, sunrises and afterglows captured at the different places I have visited in recent years, including Antartica, Ireland, Bolivia, San Francisco, and Cuba. 

Most of the images are from the Jersey Shore, including my hometown of Island Heights.  There are several reasons for this.  First, because this is where I live and the Toms River is steps from my house.  Second, because I am situated on the north shore of a wide river that flows from west to east, I have ample opportunities to capture sunsets throughout the year.  The sun is, of course, always moving, being higher and lower in the sky depending on the time of year.  I am also not far from the Atlantic Ocean--maybe five miles as the crow flies and that has a decisive effect on the weather.

I think that the result is that every sunset and sunrise is unique.  The colors are different from one day to the next, perhaps because of the cloud patterns, the amount of moisture in the air, the angle of the sun, and the temperature of the air.  

Fire in the Sky-2.Fire in the Sky-2. Red sky in morning, sailor take warning...Red sky in morning, sailor take warning...

So if you are as much of a fan of sunsets and sunrises as I am, please stop by soon. You will enjoy the show!!


PS:  Just a reminder:  My solo show "Great Faces: Informal Portraits from Near and Far" ones up at the Ocean County Artists Guild next Sunday.  The reception is from 1 to 4, but the show continues for the rest of the month.  There are no sunsets or sunrises, but 30 great portraits for your enjoyment.


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