Welcome. Relax, pull up a comfortable chair, have a drink, and enjoy the view.  Friends are always welcomed to talk about what is on their mind.  Stay as long as you like. If you enjoy the show, please stop by again soon. 

Shooting with Friends--Try it! You Might Like It!

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For many photographers, their craft is a solitary undertaking.  They enjoy the chance to get away from family, friends, or responsibilities for a morning or afternoon, and go and do something they love without interruption. Then there is also the time spent in post-processing images, a task that pretty much demands undivided attention for acceptable results to be achieved.

While I will admit to enjoying taking a stroll with just my camera and my creativity, I must admit that I get more enjoyment from going with another photographer or a group of photographers to shoot. I am fortunate to have stumbled across several such groups here in central New Jersey.  Of these, the best so far is a group out of Asbury Park named the Black Glass Gallery (www.blackglassgallery.com). No, it is not really a gallery like we usually think of one-a building or studio—Rather it is a collection of very talented photographers with many different backgrounds, in a variety of stages in life and ages, united by a deep love of photography and friendship with each other.  

Since I joined the group last March, we have gone to a number of fascinating places, including the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, PA, Luna Parc in northern New Jersey, and Sandy Hook Lighthouse. There were many more meet ups, usually one a weekend I wish I could have joined in but could not due to prior commitments. The group is composed of approximately 150 photographers with all levels of proficiency, from rank beginner with a cell phone to professional with a Hassablad. Not everyone is on every trip, which is good, because that way one gets a chance to chat and swap camera info with different members. I am always picking up great shooting tips because everyone is eager to share their knowledge about and enthusiasm for photography.

One of the amazing things is how after a shoot, when images are posted on social media, how every photographer sees the same things a bit differently, either from angle, or color, or after post-processing.  Each photographer has his or her own style or approach to what they see, so there are almost no duplicates.  Some people like close-ups, some further-back shots. Some people concentrate on the details, some like to juice things up in post-processing. Amazing and invigorating! I am not hesitant to say I have been inspired and energized by the work I have seen and the people I have met. In fact, the experience has been one of the best, photographically speaking, of 2017! I can't wait for more meetups with the group this year and beyond!

"TOGETHER" Reception this Saturday, October 28th, at Belmar Arts

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                      Into the sun, together.Into the sun, together.


        "TOGETHER", a show I have co-curated with Belmar Arts Trustee Jim Aberle, will have its reception at the Boat House this coming Saturday, October 28th, between 5 and 7 pm at the Belmar Arts Center.  The idea behind this show is to display the work of people working "together" on a common project, or to produce variations on the same image, or to present several items that go "together."  I may be biased because I am so involved, but I think this is a great show!  The ideas submitted are truly ingenious and clever--very imaginative--in short, excellent art.

    For example, there are several works that combine the words or poetry of one person and the visual art of another.  An example of this is the piece submitted by my good friend Bill Ross, which features a poem and his incredible, meticulous drawing.  A fun piece is composed of brightly-colored items found on the beach at Belmar and offer a sad commentary on our disposal society and the plastic items people leave on the beach in summer.  My work is included and it features the above photograph and two variations on the same subject in very different mediums--very inventive!

   The prizes will continue the theme of "together", as the audience will actually be asked to select the winners.  Ballots are now available for any visitor to the gallery to vote for their favorite piece.  There will be no cash awarded, just bragging rights. But in order to avoid ballot stuffing, only one ballot per visitor will be permitted.  The results will be tallied up on Saturday and the winners will be announced at the reception!  

   I hope to see you Saturday.  If you cannot make it, the show will continue until November 18th.  But voting ends on Saturday, so if you want to make your choice count, stop by the gallery by October 28th.  I hope to see you then!! 

Me and the Toms River Harvest Festival--This Saturday, October 21st!!

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       I will be participating in the Toms River Harvest Festival in Downtown Toms River again this year.  It will take place on Saturday, October 21st, between 11:30 am and 5 pm, on Washington Street, near the Toms River Branch of the Ocean County Library. I will be offering my fine art photographs in cards, matted prints and framed prints of all sizes--ready and priced right for you to get a jump on your holiday shopping (It is never too soon to start)!!  I hope to see you--yes, I mean YOU--there!

...and here is the amazing design with the designer and the photographer!

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I attended the reception today for the Floralia show at the Guild for Creative Art today and was very pleasantly surprised.  I was surprised and delighted when I received an e-mail informing me that one of my photographs, "Dark Sails," which is on display at the Guild, would be the subject of a floral interpretation.  I went to the show not knowing what to expect.  I was again surprised and delighted when I saw the results.  The designer, Marina Kerber, did an outstanding job--her design was very abstract and very clever.  She artistically combined metal sculpture, orchids and other flowers, and painted leafs in a piece that actually echoed my photograph!  It was a pleasure meeting her today and explaining how I made the image she used for her work. The floral show continues for a few more days, while the art will remain hung until the end of the month.  It is well worth your time to see my work, plus the six or eight other works that received a wonderfully inventive floral interpretation.  I am in awe of the creativity of Marina and all of the other designers!! Stop by and you will be too!

"Dark Sails," and Floralia at the Guild For Creative Art

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I am surprised and delighted that "Dark Sails," one of the works I entered in the Guild for Creative Art's current Juried Show, was selected by Marina Kerber, a floral designer for the New Jersey Chapter 22 of Floralia, to base her design on for the Floralia show at the Guild.

The set up is Friday, October 13th, and the reception is Sunday October 15th, between 2 and 4 pm.  It is a very cool event--with great food and drink, and open to the public free of charge.  I hope you can join me for this unique show.



Sailfest 2017 and Frank Parisi Photography

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The great annual street fair know as Sailfest will be this coming Saturday, September 9th and I will, once again, be there will a great collection of photographs for your viewing and buying pleasure!  The action gets under way at 10 am and runs till 6 pm and, as in past years, it will be on River Avenue in beautiful Island Heights.  The long range forecast is for great weather, so plan on coming to town and enjoying the bands, the great food, and the crafts, of course!  I hope to see you then!!

An opportunity to see what I have been up to....

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     I am pleased to announce that about a dozen of my photographs taken at a fabulous Black Glass Gallery Meet Up at Steel Stacks, in Bethlehem, PA (a few of which are presented here), will be part of the decor, and for sale at the newly expanded Sunrise Clothing Shop, in Downtown Toms River, run by my buddy the incredibly talented artist Travis Applegate. The shop features new, used, and vintage clothing, and lots of other cool stuff. The official re-opening, which will be at 53 Main Street, Toms River, is this coming Saturday, July 8th between 9 am and 9 pm. Travis has a full day of activities planned, including music, poetry, and wine after 6 pm. Please stop by and say hello and enjoy the show!! If you can't make the opening, don't worry.  The shop is open daily (except Sundays) and my photographs will be on display and for sale until after Labor Day.  I hope to see you on Saturday!!

Create vs. Capture

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   Perhaps more than any other artists, photographers have a clear choice on how to make their art.  Although there are obviously many ways to make art, here I want to look at two that are most applicable to photographers.


 One method is creative photography. Using this technique, a photographer can create the image that he or she whats to photograph, arranging the elements in a way that reflects a particular vision or to reproduce an image seen or imagined previously. Fashion, portrait, product, and especially food photographers, fall into this category.  The goal of the photographers engaged in these genres is to make their images as attractive, intriguing, and appealing as possible so as to get the viewer to love and want to purchase--or eat--what they see.

         Evening sail.Evening sail.     

   The other method is capture photography, in which the shooter has little or no idea what image they will see and find appealing before clicking the shutter.  This type of photography often waits for an image to present itself and the photographer seizes the opportunity to capture it forever.  Street, landscape and astrophotography, wildlife, and especially sports photographers fall into this category. Such photographers strive to be at the right place, at the right time, to "capture" an image that appeals to the photographer's inner sense of interest, beauty, harmony, or attractiveness.

   An exception to this dichotomy is wedding photography, because such photography combines elements of each method.  Indeed, at times the wedding photographer must direct the bride and groom and wedding party on where to stand, where to face, when to smile, and when to look serious.  Yet there are also times when a wedding photographer must be prepared to capture spontaneous action, and people and expressions that are fleeting, such as the scene at the reception after the ceremony.


 I am, without question, a capture photographer.  I like to take photographs of things as I see them, or objects or people that are in motion.  I will take a boat under full sail or in a race any day over a bowl of fruit or a portrait.  Although I have done some work as a creative photographer, I have to work to get a decent image.  It does not come naturally.  For me, capturing a moment in time, such as a bird in flight, is infinitely preferable to arranging the lighting on a plate of pasta or telling a person to look left or to stand one way or another.

     Although I am certain there are photographers who can use each method equally well, and a good photographer must try all methods and techniques, I would guess that ultimately every photographer finds the technique, either creative or capture, that enables their talents to shine!






Thank you for "Seeing Double"

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  Just a quick note to let you know that the opening for my joint show with Karen Pomeroy, entitled "Seeing Double," was a big success.  We had about 50 visitors between 1 and 3 pm at the Grunin Center of the Arts, at Ocean County College, and all seemed to enjoy the show.  Several people who I saw since then said they saw the show afterward and that they enjoyed it very much.  Karen and I even managed to sell a few pieces, which is always gratifying.

    The visitors seemed to be intrigued and amazed by the premise of the show and the result:  that two artists could work separately, but come up with works that address each other.  Several years ago, Karen asked me if I minded if she used some of my photos as models.  I said yes, of course.  Since then she has combed my website and picked photos that piqued her fancy and re-interpreted them in her own unique style, using oils, watercolors, or acrylics.  Some of the works are very close in tone and composition; some are very different from each other.  When it came time to hang the show, the similarities and differences became obvious--but the great thing is that they all seem to work together.  Some are abstractions from very realistic originals, but all are recognizable and enjoyable to the viewer--which is what an artist wants.

    If you missed the opening, you still have until the end of the month--Friday, May 26th to be exact--to take it.  We were asked if this will be a traveling show, but there is no plan to move it elsewhere at this time.  That said, I will be involved in curating a show based on this same idea at the Belmar Arts Center in October.  Stay tuned for details!!

Invitation to "Seeing Double" now at Ocean County College!

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      This is a reminder that my joint show with Karen Pomeroy, entitled "Seeing Double" is now on display at the Grunin Center for the Arts at Ocean County College, in Toms River.  The "official" opening and reception with Karen and I in attendance, will be this coming Sunday, May 7th, from 1 to 3 pm.  Tasty snacks and refreshments will be provided, together with some wonderful art!  Please join Karen and I if you can.  If you cannot, fret not!  The show continues until Friday, May 26th.  The Grunin Center is open from 10 to 5 pm every day and evenings when there are performances at the theater.  I hope to see you Sunday!